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  • Sam May on Matthew 27:53
    After being seen by meany,I believe they rose with the Christ because do not think they went back to there grave
  • James James on Matthew 27:52
    JESUS raised Lazarus Before his death on the cross. It's speak elsewhere In GOD'S WORD there dead know not anything for the memory of them are Gone neither do they praise nor give God's glory for they are asleep in the grave. The thief on the cross JESUS said to day thou wilt be with me in paradise I believe that he went that day. And on the day of JESUS crucifixion the earthpquake the dead holy people in Christ that arose i believe they to accended up with JESUS when he left this earth. As it's written upon Death the body returns to dust the spirit return to GOD himself the dead know not anything for the memories of them are gone all Will be raised in the last day
  • Matthew 27:32 Shows that Jesus did not carry the cross at all.
  • Allan josiah on Matthew 27

  • Jacob on Matthew 27:52
    This is the fulfillment of the Spring Feasts. This was Yeshua offering the first fruits to the Father, just as the high priests did each year as a rehearsal. The Fall Feast (the harvest of the wheat) will be fulfilled upon his return.
  • Princess sophia on Matthew 27:6
    That prices is human but i think God's price is Christ & His love for humanity
  • Larry on Matthew 27:53
    I was reading Matthew 27:53 about those who were raised from the grave and when that happen.
  • Virtuous One on Matthew 27:9
    Nothing written in the Holy Bible is a mistake/error. Ask God to reveal an understanding to you when reading his Word.

    *****Since Jeremiah refers to a God-appointed purchase of a field, the reference to Jeremiah at Matthew 27:9-10 is certainly intentional and not a scribal error. The text of Matthew 27:9-10 says "that which was spoken", not "that which was written", so there is no need to look for the exact quotation in the book of Jeremiah. Jeremiah spoke the prophecy but did not write it. Zechariah then wrote Jeremiah's oral prophecy while omitting the reference to a field because that detail had already been described in Jeremiah 32:6-10.
  • Florise on Matthew 27:46
    Yes it was Jesus who died on the cross. It was He who cried out, My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me". When He was in the garden of Gethsemane praying during his passion, and asked His Father (God) if it were possible, to remove this cup from me--had he stopped his prayer there, there would have been no crucifixion, but then He added: but not as I will - thy will be done - I will drink it up. And so He did. Jesus had the Father's presence with Him at all times; His baptism by John when God himself spoke from heaven on Jesus' behalf, on the mount of transfiguration when God had to tell the disciples that Jesus was his beloved son, don't build temples to other men, just hear Him (Jesus). But now here on the cross, God was affected in such a way that darkness filled the earth to the point that it was reported that you could feel the darkness with the palms of your hands. Jesus was very God, yet he was very man. Jesus became sin for our sake, and every sin committed in past present or future, was borne that day by this man Jesus. SIN cannot tarry in the sight of God, even the sins placed on the Jesus sacrifice. Man had to die for man, but it took a God-man to be able to go this distance, and Jesus was the only one who could do this. It was the man Jesus who cried out, that day, but it was the God Jesus who allowed to keep him up there. It was not the nails that held him - but the love that He had for us. Just as sure as the grave could not hold Him, nor could the cross. When the angels removed the stone away from the tomb; It was not to allow Jesus to get out, but it allowed mankind to be able to get in. What kind of love is this! When we could not get to God, God sent God Jesus to us, and I'm so very glad that He did.
  • Mehwish on Matthew 27:46
    Jesus is God and but he was crucified on the cross, he cried, because he was human that time. If Jesus did not sacrifice himself for us then he would never get the place where he is now. God cannot be dead due to some pain. But he died because he was on human form. When he died, then after he got the seat with Father.
  • Ninnie on Matthew 27:52
    I believe that the graves were opened, meaning us who are living but are living in spiritual darkness will have our spirit awakened. Coming out of a symbolic death. Satan is death. The Saints will rise from among us alive in this current time. The Saints will be awakened from their stoop.
  • Joe Henderson on Matthew 27:52
  • Timothy Wayne George on Matthew 27
    It was because of blasphemy that the chief priest was accusing Jesus before Pilate. Just as Peter said, when Jesus asked whom do the people call me? Peter responded thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. Jesus told Peter flesh and blood hath not revealed this unto you, but my Spirit. Judas was convinced that he had betrayed innocent blood, but he was lost when he committed suicide. When Jesus comes in the Second Advent, the Jews will look upon Him whom they have pierced, and say blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD.
  • Steve on Matthew 27:4
    What were they accusing Jesus of when they came to arrest him? Wasn't it because of who he said he was? Thus when Judas said he had betrayed innocent blood, wasn't he then saying Jesus was who he said he was?
  • Jay on Matthew 27
    On verse 26 - Barabbas (means son of the father) was released instead of Jesus. In John 18:40, Barabbas is called a robber; Luke 23:25, Barabbas is called a murderer and sedition (rebellion against authority); Mark 15:15, Barabbas is accused of insurrection. But Pilate like most politicians, had a poll taken of the most likely voters, and wanting to please the people, released Barabbas; a known murderer, robber, and rebellion against authority over a known innocent man (not much has changed in 2000 years in politics). As for the 2 thieves on the cross along with Jesus, one thief repented and went to be with Jesus in paradise and the other went to hell because he repented not ( Luke 23:39-43). Question? Do you know the difference between paradise and the 3rd heaven? And which one is where those that die in Christ go now?
  • Olubiyi Titus on Matthew 27:50
    Matthew 27:50 could be referred to as the cry of agony that marks the victory of CHRIST over every situation in life, on earth, underneath the earth and in the heavens above. That cry breaks through every barrier of hardship, shakes the unshakeable, cracked every hardship in the lives of the saints, set free everybody held in bondage of the powers of darkness and raised back to life every deadness in the saints. Hallelujah!
  • PENELOPE on Matthew 27
  • Susan Dalton on Matthew 27:3
    "Then Judas, which had betrayed him, when he saw that he was condemned, repented himself..." ( Matthew 27:3)

    There was a man who began to speak, and as he continued, it was perceived that what he was saying was to speak of Jesus in jest. As he continued to speak, the spirit in the room became noticeably different. He began to speak with awareness to this, hesitantly, with reserve and calculation; yet, like he wanted to continue, but felt he should not. He somehow finished without proceding beyond that spirit that was there, but with a spirit that was still joined to what he was saying.

    And at least one in the room wanted him to not continue, not for their self, but for his self. They did not want to see him so denude himself before all; all the while, he seeing himself "savoir faire" dressed.

    He repented himself. I do not say he repented; if he was with others he may would continue to tell the story with full zest.

    One can repent themselves, but not unto godly repentance. Only godly repentance worketh unto salvation, which worketh unto life.

    Man can repent a repentance that is not unto godly repentance.
  • ARMANDO VILLARREAL on Matthew 27:52
    In simple words and the most powerful event in the Bibile they went to the Holy city and there many saw them .I have seen so many movies in my life,like Kings Of Kings, The Greatest Story Ever told, and many more Oh!! the latest The Passion.Why do they skip this powerful message in the Bibile.
  • Milton A Curtis on Matthew 27:46
    Eloi, Eloi, Lama Sabachtani. Of corse means, My God My God y hast thou 4 saken me. Now!!! this is a starting of a prayer Jesus would say when he was in the desert.It goes on to say in short. Why art thou so far from helping me and from the words of my roaming? Our fathers trusted in thee; They trusted and thou didist deliver them They cried unto thee and were delivered... But i am a worm, and no man; etc etc. now where is this to be found when these questions are raised. He was no man, he was no Christ, He was no God. Time to get all the books back into the Bible that were left out for what ever reasons the Churchers deemed fit for their own means and end. ??
  • Trent on Matthew 27
    Good comments, thanks all for sharing.
  • Believer of The Word on Matthew 27:52
    I believe that God purpose, was again to try and show man that He is supreme is all things. And this was another 'Lazarus' being raised from the dead experience. These saints again lived for a while, and died as Lazarus.
  • God's Child on Matthew 27:46
    First off, thank you lord for dieing for my sins. When he said my my why hath thou forsaken me... since you all seem to know the bible so well you would also know God hates sin and it stinks in his nostrals and that means that he is no part of sin. So that leads us to the reason why he died on the cross for our sins. he was the payment, he bared your sin, your momma sin, you daddy and your grandma, and every person... All the way from Adam and Eve. How would you have felt if everybody sin and burden was on you. Sin is not just a physical thing, its a mental thing. And im sure if this was you, hanging there on a cross will nails in your hand and you had to fulfill the scripture Ps.22, and God would not hav have anything to do with you just because you were the sacrifice so that man would not be lost. God is the true and living GOD and No MAN will put him down with me saying something. If it was not for him you would not even be able to type this message! He forsaked him becasue he carried your sins... NOW you need to open your mouth and THANK GOD!!!!!!
  • Trent on Matthew 27:38
    All the versions posted on this site call them thieves or robbers, which are synonymous. But the Catholic New American Bible, which is not on this site, does appear to call the thieves 'revolutionaries'.

    So, I wouldn’t make a conclusion that Bibles are being watered down, but to watch out for a few translations such as the New American Bible that may change the meaning.
  • DIRCM on Matthew 27:38
    In the International Version, it states "Two rebels were crucified with him, one on his right and one on his left". In the New American Bible, it states "Two revolutionaries were crucified with him, one on his right and the other on his left." So when did two thieves/robbers become rebels and then revolutionaries. Bibles are becoming watered down. Not a good sign.
  • Karl on Matthew 27:3
    I believe Judas was grief stricken beyond any spiritual measurement, however, verses 4 and 5 are bold. I believe Judas was angry."I have sinned in that I have betrayed the innocent blood." Speaking to chief priests and elders,"he cast down the pieces of silver in the temple." Chapter 10 verse 4,5 "and Judas Iscar'-i-ot, who also betrayed him." "These twelve Jesus sent forth." Judas is one of the twelve on the twelve thrones. It's possible that the translation is wrong either unintentionally or by design. Could it be someone hung him? Throwing money at the feet of the chief priests in the temple would have been a serious condemnation.
  • United32809 on Matthew 27
    what i have gotten out of these passages is that even after the pharisees and chief priests saw the amazing events that happened after Jesus died, they still doubted. and they wanted to make sure the tomb was secure so the disciples couldn't come steal His body and by doing so make the people think that Jesus really did rise from the dead. They still refused to believe that He was truly the Son of God.
  • Jim jacobsmeyer on Matthew 27:46
    eli,eli,lama sabachthani means my god, my god, for this i came. if jesus would have said why hast thou forsaken me, he would have been doubting and to doubt is sin. since, according to the whole rest of the bible, jesus was spotless, he did not say why hast thou forsaken me.
  • Aaron on Matthew 27
    Apollo, i do believe that those saints were some that were in the upper room and in next few days was part of the 3000 that recieved the holy ghost after peters sermon,not everyone that was in the upper room was disciples
  • Apollos on Matthew 27
    Just to be sure that I understand you, Aaron: are you saying that some of the about 120 disciples that were there in the house in Acts 2:1-4, were the resurrected saints from this chapter? I just want to ensure that I know what you mean.

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