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  • Apollos on Matthew 27
    I fail to see what that has to do with the "my God, My God" discussion.
  • Aaron on Matthew 27
    "Apollo" if you read hebrews 11 it clearly states "all these haveing died in faith not receiveing the promise" why would the saints have to resurrect if they did not have to go to the upper room to recieve the baptism of the holy spirit?
  • Apollos on Matthew 27
    "I feel like" is a flimsy thread to hang our exegesis on.
  • Aaron on Matthew 27
    I feel like the saints that rose are the ones who died " in faith" not haveing recieved the promise the" Holy Ghost" after raiseing from the dead they are prob some of the ones that went to the upper room to receive that baptism of the Holy Spirit!
  • Apollos on Matthew 27
    He was clearly drawing the onlookers attention to Psalm 22. If you read it, it is a clear prophecy of the crucifixion- even the words that were being said by the mockers.
  • on Matthew 27:46
    jesus was man and he was god as man he cried out to the father who was tte spirit.he had to reconsile man backto god in the flesh on the cross
  • I think it proves that Jesus wasn't a God !

    If he were a god so why was he shouting My God My God since he was the God ?!! Calling himself !

  • Richard warburton on Matthew 27
    Oh, give great thought to the four, whom have written their commentaries on the Gospel of Matthew's account of the death of our Savior.
    Their grammar, sentence structures, spelling, and witnessing of THEIR accounts, surely must present superior thought and understanding, to Matthew Henry's lifetime of work. This work ONLY assembling one of the most powerful works and clarification of the Gospels, for OVER FOUR HUNDRED YEARS.
    Yes, I will abandon both Matthew's, and now depend upon the brilliance of these four, and all the COMMENTORS whom must be so proud, and humble, to freely give of their thoughts as replacements of Abraham, Joshua, Mark, Luke, et all. And even the death of Jesus himself, both Matthew's got wrong! God will continue to bless you, according to your deeds. Hallelulla for, "Eli,Eli", as the real scriptures continue to be fullfilled.
  • Thomas on Matthew 27:52
    Where these saints in their glorified bodies? And is their any reference that they ascended in heaven after Jesus?
  • Les Noll on Matthew 27
    We must believe that Jesus died for us It has been pointed out the way to salvation from Geneses to Revelation We can only have salvation by believing in him and that he died for you don,t take this as rebuke but I say in love you must be born again
    I wish to give further insight to Mathew 26:53,54. Here Jesus was declaring to Pilate that He voluntarily surrender himself not that he cannot deliver himself. If he had wanted to use his power he could call down angeles to fight and deliver him. Verse 54 explains that if he should do that the scripture will not be fulfill.

    I believe that your understanding of these verse will be broadened if you read the following scriptures: Isaih 53:1-10; Phillipian 2:5-10
  • Zinnia on Matthew 27:46
    This verse is contracdictory to MATTHEW 26:53-54, where Jesus have already said that if he urges to God, He will save him by sending angels, and he wouldn't urge to God so that the prophesy about him in previous scriptures was to be fulfilled. Then how it can be supposed that Jesus said "Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani?" that he was asking Why God had left/forsaken him???

    Beside if we read Matthew 27:11-26, we see that Governor Pilate was not willing to condemn Jesus to death. As he was a governor and holding power and right to give decision, he had every option not to condemn Jesus to death.I believe that JESUS WAS NOT CRUCIFIED, IT WAS ANOTHER PERSON WHO WAS CRUCIFIED INSTEAD OF HIM. And when that person felt severe pain of crucifixion he cried loudly saying "Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani?"

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