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  • John madden on Matthew 26
    How often have we like peter denied christ.not so much in words but in our actions and the way we live..Cross carrying is not popular today.but if any man come after me he must deny himself and pick up his own cross...
  • K4 on Matthew 26
  • Miracle on Matthew 26:6
    I want to know with biblical proof where and which time did Simon the leper got his healing? Please
  • Alemu on Matthew 26:39
    Gethesemane and Calvary are intertwined. As Jesus came to us to do the will of God as the second Adam, his humanity was weak though His Spirit was ready to take the impending cup to save all human beings. He knows very well that the wage of sin is death and eternal separation from Heavenly Father. He was praying earnestly honouring the will of His Father to accomplish His will either by approving this cup to pass away if there is another option or to do His will as He is ready to take it. This shows his complete faith and dependence on His Father during poignant agony. His humanity was like ours and he was under severe pain and fear as any one of us can feel. But The Last Adam was obedient to by His free choice as Isaac obeyed His father Abraham.
  • Mindy on Matthew 26:52
    If it says , "with the sword ", could that mean that we will ultimately perish in the second death if we are violent? So what I mean is,swords will rust away, and if we are to perish "with " the sword, will we rot away in hell? There is a big difference between by and with lol. I am confused! Someone please help, do we know what the original word was? Thanks in advance!
  • Rosie Lee Son Walt Boy on Matthew 26:39
    Gods grace will see you thru anything that we go thru in this life..... He knows how much we can bare.
  • Dawn on Matthew 26:29
    The kingdom of God is here now!!!!! Hallelujah: The deaf hear, the blind see, the lame man is walking.....
  • GREGORY PRINCE on Matthew 26
  • Lilian on Matthew 26
    Jesus fullfilled the scriptures because of his perfect obedience to the Father, and he was condemed to death for our sins and to destroy the works of the defeated devil. There are no more pain, curse and worries as Jesus made everything new. Jesus loves us so much and we are now live because of Jesus forgivness. We must keep thanking Jesus for his precious blood that shed for us. We must live and follow like Jesus this is the purpose of our life now. We must accept Jesus words and his teaching and obey them until rapture. Jesus is faithful to his promises that he will never ever leave us nor forsake us. Jesus already prepared his own people a salvation into our Father 's mansion. Be Born Again in Spirit every
  • MockingBird on Matthew 26:41
    I am either going to serve my flesh or I am going to serve Spirit of living God within me. Unless I pray I will be yielding to my flesh : It is not a sin to be tempted : It is sin to submit to it. I also will not be tempted with a thing that I do not like. A temptation is when I really like doing that !!!!! Praise God : God makes a way of escape through Jesus Christ : he was tempted with what I face and overcame : so also I overcome !!!! Yes : Amen !!!!
  • Ray ortiz on Matthew 26:41
    The more you feed the spirit with the Word of God, the harder it is to fall. How we feed our minds will reflect on our walk with the Lord. Always praying for others that are going thru tribulations.
  • Blessed on Matthew 26
    Everyday every hour JESUS I praying with us when we sleep JESUS is praying. We must always remember the spirit is willing and the flesh is weak, JESUS DEFEATED THE DEVIL. We are more than conquerors in CHRIST JESUS. We abstain from envy, strife, quarrelling, and prayer to the FATHER acknowledge GOD in all our ways and he shall direct our path.
  • Lionel Campbell on Matthew 26
    We should love our brother and sisters as we love our father God,open up let him in and watch the power he possesses, you would be amazed if you 're familiar with his blessings its not luck if you want it, he have it,just open up
  • Debra Smith on Matthew 26
    Jesus knew who was going to betray him. For Jesus knows everything and all. Let him in your life and watch him turn your life around. .
  • Nolan on Matthew 26
    Shall we compare our love to Jesus love l do not think so. For we have sin and falling short of the glory of God. So we can only have faith in that we may love one another as he loves us.
  • Jane Onyenwe on Matthew 26
    I give GOD praise for His great sacrifice just for me to have salvation today...
  • Abel mumba on Matthew 26:53
    For he had strong faith in God and ask me to carry on where I am able to see God divine power..send me with you good news.
  • Createams on Matthew 26
    39 Here Jesus expresses his understanding of what it is to be human O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me To truly be King you must know what it is to be hungry. Consider Solomon who had 700 hundred wives and 300 hundred concubines, all of King Solomon s wisdom and wealth and yet in the end he bow his knee before idols not having one day in all of his life to know what it is to be hungry. This is part of what makes Jesus KING the son of God. Jesus not only knows of your sorrows he came into the world to experience those sorrows for himself.
  • THOMAS.V.JOSE on Matthew 26
    VERSE 41.Here JESUS is clearly indicating about the flesh body and the spirit soul .Your body has a brain personal inteligence or reasoning power your sense organs which are part of your body will continuously tell your brain which is enjoyable and which is hard. JESUS has taught us to shed the worldly pleasure and to achieve this you should continuously pray to the 'HEAVENLY FATHER ' to protect you from worldly pleasure or temptations.
  • THOMAS.V.JOSE on Matthew 26
    verse 29.Here JESUS is making a promise not to drink wine until the new kingdom comes,that is JESUS is giving us hope that in the new kingdom whoever gets the eternal life will have a body which can have food or live peacefuly without any fear because JESUS is asking us to shed all our worldly enjoyment of our body in this world.IF YOU LIVE ONLY IN YOUR SOUL LEAVING YOUR BODILY ENJOYMENT YOU COULD ATTAIN ETERNAL LIFE WHICH JESUS WILL JOIN YOU.
  • Oladele kehinde on Matthew 26:24
    the verse is interesting
  • Rev. Autrey on Matthew 26
    Jesus said in Matthew 26, verse 29, 'I tell you, I will not drink from this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father 's kingdom. ' This verse has confused the Church for many years. Who is the Father? Is he another God, more superior and powerful than Jesus. Many think that he is. But the answer is, the Father is God 's other personality, the way God makes his decisions. Within the mind of God, conversation is always taking place. The Father talkes to the Son and the Holy Spirit, and vice versa. This is what Jesus meant when he said to Nicodemus, 'I assure you, I am telling you what WE know and have seen, and yet you won 't believe US. ' The WE and the US are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. These three constantly talk to each other within God. This is how God makes his decisions. But when God speaks to us, it is always as Jesus, the Son. This is what we see talking place in this verse and all through the Gospels. So by saying 'In My Father 's Kingdom, ' Jesus was saying that within God, God 's other personality made the final decision. Again, this is how God speaks to us. 'Hi, I d like to say good day to you. I am Jesus. The Father sends his greetings, too. ' And when we ask Jesus to show us the Father, he says, 'When you see me, you see the Father who sent me. The Father and I are the same God. ' Then Jesus says, 'By the way, The Holy Spirit says hi, too. The Holy Spirit is also God. ' Al praises to the Almighty God!
  • Andrew on Matthew 26
    Judas the betrayer, asked Jesus as the other apostles, IS it I? not thinking that he will receive a direct answer, IT IS YOU.
  • Nkosinathi Ngulube on Matthew 26:17
    Just to continue from my earlier translation which submitted itself before l was is then 72 hours, an agreeable 3 day period the Lord predicted as per Jonah,from 6pm end ofWednesday beginning of thursday to 6pm Saturday end of sabbath beginning of sunday ,thus if we erroneously believe on a friday crucifixion, Jesus being buried as evening approached to sunday early morning, then 3 days,72 hours, do not tarry, unless it is sunday evening.Praise God!
  • Nkosinathi Ngulube on Matthew 26:17
    Just to continue from my earlier translation which submitted itself before l was is then 72 hours, an agreeable 3 day period the Lord predicted as per Jonah,from 6pm end ofWednesday beginning of thursday to 6pm Saturday end of sabbath beginning of sunday ,thus if we erroneously believe on a friday crucifixion, Jesus being buried as evening approached to sunday early morning, then 3 days,72 hours, do not tarry, unless it is sunday evening.Praise God!
  • Nkosinathi Ngulube on Matthew 26:17
    The Passover was originally observed the previous evening, just after sunset, as in God 's calendar a day is 6pm to 6pm.So Jesus observed it the correct way which fell on a Wednesday and not the jewish way.The following day, Thursday, a high sabbath, beginning at 6pm, Jesus was crucified prior and died about 3pm.Everyone left to prepare for the passover meal the jewish passover .Jesus could not be left hanging on the cross, thus Joseph understood that our Lord be buried before evening ,before 6pm, before end Wednesday which, according to our roman calendar is thursday.Jesus is buried then before 6pm God 's wednesday, our thursday and thus is in the grave for three days, Thursday, Friday and resurrects on the Sabbath, saturday.Since they knew how to keep the sabbath, understandably, 6pm to 6pm, that means 6pm on that Saturday is the beginning of Sunday. So the Lord over sabbath surely resurrects then.The early sunday morning can thus be referred to as the 6pm satu
  • Nkosinathi Ngulube on Matthew 26:12
    This is the Holy Spirit working throu ' Mary
  • Nkosinathi Ngulube on Matthew 26:7
    Our Lord smelt so so good, And this signified His glorious kingship to face death with a victorious persona.There was no use for the Marys to go to the tomb later to spice His body.This woman was led by the Spirit of God to do this rememberable deeds.This goes on to show that our repentance is essential so that God can use us in His Vineyard. This woman was regarded the very least in the Kingdom yet God used her losses for the gain of the whole world that Christ died for.Let it be noted that this very deed potrayed the ressurrection, for it were for death alone, she would not have poured it all out but applied it and kept the rest to sell.The reaction that she recieved from her fellowman shows how we are quick to speak and slow to listen and that brings about judgement, which we are not to partake in.This woman displayed love in its truest form, the love that Christ taught!
  • Nkosinathi Ngulube on Matthew 26:6
    I love to believe that this is the same Simon that Jesus healed after coming down from the the sermon at mount of olives
  • There were twelve disciples that was chosen and one of them was not right, but yet had to be chosen to betray JESUS that the scriptures had to be fulfilled, this also tells us to be careful of the people that come into our life because some people are not in our life for the right reason, we have to watch and pray at all times.

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