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  • Teri
    what i like about this chapter is that Jesus knows all about me, he knows when i will fail him, he never fails. His lovingkindness is his response to all who are weak.
  • Teri
    Val, thanks for being real. the Lord has had to teach me His ways too...
  • Joseph
    glory glory glory to the lord almighty amen
  • Val Johnson
    When I was a young married mother I would lust after the things my friend had because she was more wealthy Than I was I had to repent and God set me up in Music which was my desire any way.God know's what we need all along.Now I anderstand.And I thank him for loving Me.
  • Lady A
    Trusting GOD and believing GOD is what I seek all the days of my life if it wasn't for the LORD on my side I don't where I would be help me JESUS
  • Hazel Carty
    Matthew 27:40 make me think of unbelivers saying if thou be the son of God save your self and come down from the across, thank you Lord Jesus for bearing the cross for me I am save by your blood,
  • BSP
    Verse 46~Jesus was able to successfully stand and face his troubles because he offered earnest prayer to Jehovah God. We need to do the same.
  • A disciple
    "Then one of the twelve, called Judas Iscariot, went unto the chief priests, and said unto them, What will ye give me, and I will deliver him unto you?" Even if called as One Of The Twelve, the Light continually exposing our nature must cause us to either repent and seek His mercy and healing, or harden us into a selfish traitor. Jesus received Judas as a friend, but Judas forsook that friendship.
  • BSP
    Verse 30: on one of the important nights in history, we see that Jesus and his apostles sung songs of praise.
  • Dixie Ludwig
    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
  • A disciple
    "Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall also this, that this woman hath done, be told for a memorial of her." While sitting among the true disciples, and beholding how the righteous and wise really love the Lord; what liars and hypocrites the hater's of the Lord are, with their self righteous indignation! But God honors the poor in spirit!
  • Wayne
    Matt. 16:16-17, Peter answered, thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. My Father has showed this unto you.
  • Wayne
    Gen.1:26,Let US make man in OUR image, after OUR likeness. Father, Son, Holy Ghost, Christ's very own words.
  • Irene123
    Knowing what I know now about God's word, the KJV Bible - that it IS God-breathed, inviable, and not the ideas of man about what and who he thinks God is: I would NEVER say there was a 'mistake' in it, of spelling or what is said. I have for myself, proven the inerrancy of God's Word. It all, O.T. and N.T., works together as ONE story - just as God is one, not three.
  • Irene123
    V. 13 - and it is so true: in every reputable Bible this Mary is known to millions past and present.
  • Irene123
    Simon the leper v.6 - we all know at this point that Simon was healed; otherwise he couldn't be living with his family. Nor would the woman with the alabaster box have entered the house. He's called 'the leper to distinguish him from other Simons, i.e. Simon Peter, Simon Cyrene, etc.
  • Bruce
    bewrayeth,old English.
    John 6:44 no man can come to Christ,except The Father draw him---have you felt a tug in your heart? 1John 1:9 Forgiving? Baptized with the Holy Ghost:Matthew 3:11. You will know 2nd Corinthians 5:17. A Heavy weight is going. I didn't know I had. Peace is wonderful. Sleep is great. Best thing that ever happened in my life!
  • Donald L Breeden
    Matthew 26:73 betrayeth is misspelled
  • Jacquelyne Booher
    As we observe the things going on in this world we are horrified as each incident surrounds us and we just have to think that we need to be waiting and watching for the imminent return of Christ. after while He will tell us to "go on and take our rest", for there won't be any need to watch. While we are trying to stop the madness, I can only imagine Christ as He must see this bitter cup.
  • Joshua
    Now when Jesus was in Bethany, in the house of Simon the leper, There came unto him a woman having an alabaster box of very precious ointment, and poured it on his head, as he sat at meat. For in that she hath poured this ointment on my body, she did it for my burial.
  • Shirley A. Snead
    when I'm in the flesh I'm on a dead end road with no way out. I'm stuck and lost with no help, until I repent and call on Jesus to set me free from a life of sexual immorality. I need the Holy Spirit's power and help daily because my flesh is weak. I have learn not to trust myself and no one else but the Holy Spirit. We must constantly watch and pray. fight the good fight of faith.
  • TheTruth
    I would like to share a couple of tips on this subject that can help those and well as this helps me everytime. I know it's hard at times to draw away all these unwanted thoughts but I found ways to avoid acting on these unwanted thoughts, always put your mind focus on the things of GOD by surrounding yourself with good Christian songs, and choose your favorite verse from the bible and say them when these thoughts come to mind. talk to GOD in prayer instead and ask him to draw them away as a.s.a.p. and last very important read your bible ask Jesus for understanding if you do not understand for he is are instructor. Here are a couple of Verses that will help you to avoid into any unwanted temptation. Philippians 4:6-8 2 Corinthians 10:4-5 Colossians 3:5 Romans 12:2. May GOD bless you. my favorite verse 1 John 4:4
  • Bro. William
    "If thou be the Christ, come down from the cross!" Mockers. They will not believe though Christ rose from the dead by his Spirit. "Because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold, evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived." Now is the world judged because of sin. "sharp arrows from the mighty with coals of juniper"
  • Muniandy
    Why Jesus should die for human sin and if he is God why can't he make every human being to be peaceful and good without sin.
  • Stanjett
    He gave us free will. If not we would be as slaves forced to do his every word. He didn't want zombies following him.
  • John madden
    How often have we like peter denied christ.not so much in words but in our actions and the way we live..Cross carrying is not popular today.but if any man come after me he must deny himself and pick up his own cross...
  • K4
  • Miracle for verse 6
    I want to know with biblical proof where and which time did Simon the leper got his healing? Please
  • Alemu for verse 39
    Gethesemane and Calvary are intertwined. As Jesus came to us to do the will of God as the second Adam, his humanity was weak though His Spirit was ready to take the impending cup to save all human beings. He knows very well that the wage of sin is death and eternal separation from Heavenly Father. He was praying earnestly honouring the will of His Father to accomplish His will either by approving this cup to pass away if there is another option or to do His will as He is ready to take it. This shows his complete faith and dependence on His Father during poignant agony. His humanity was like ours and he was under severe pain and fear as any one of us can feel. But The Last Adam was obedient to by His free choice as Isaac obeyed His father Abraham.
  • Mindy for verse 52
    If it says , "with the sword ", could that mean that we will ultimately perish in the second death if we are violent? So what I mean is,swords will rust away, and if we are to perish "with " the sword, will we rot away in hell? There is a big difference between by and with lol. I am confused! Someone please help, do we know what the original word was? Thanks in advance!

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