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  • GiGi - in Reply on Matthew 23
    Dear Bob,

    I understand what Jesus said about calling men Rabbi or Father. These titles were given to men and people looked to them for spiritual guidance. But I think that the point is more so that we are to look for our Heavenly Father and seek wisdom from the Holy Spirit instead of looking to these men just because they have such titles. We need to be discerning about who we choose to help us in our Christian walk.

    I don't think that it is wrong for children to call their biological father "daddy" or "Dad" or "Father". Nor call one who is instructing us "Teacher" or "Rabbi". As a Kindergarten teacher I was called "teacher" often everyday when children needed help.

    I think Jesus was mostly speaking about placing any human person (Rabbi, Father, teacher, mentor) in place of God and His Word or as an authority above God and His Word. The Rabbis of Jesus' day thought of themselves this way, even thinking that they were on a level to instruct God.
  • Bob Whosoever [John 3:16] on Matthew 23
    I wonder more and more about men (not their character neccessarily) with the title 'father' or 'Rabbi' since The Lord said not to be called either. this is not meant to be a 'gotcha' statement, as it is recorded in the Gospel here [vs 6 >12]. If our Lord Yeshua's word's are open to debate/challenge/controversy/doubt, what's next? {written in God's Word(s) [KJV]} in these 'LATTER' of the last days "..perilous times.." [as of today 10/26/2022] on planet earth?


    kol tuv etc ....... Christian & (Messianic) Jewish Miscopah & MARANATHA, very, very, very soon!
  • T. Levis - in Reply on Matthew 23
    Zechariah 1:1,

    I believe you may be mistaken, not the Word of GOD

    In my study I looked up the "Court"

    The Court : Exodus 27, in the tabernacle, Exodus 40:20-33, the House: 1Kings 6:16-36, 1Kings 8:64, 2 Chronicles 4:6-22, Solomon made,

    2Chronicles 24:18-27, Court, before captivity into Babylon, note Isaiah was prophesing of it, in 2 Chronicles,

    Zechariah, Zacharias, etc. 2Chronicles 29:1, 2Kings 14:29, 2Kings 18:2 2Kings 15:8,11, even Luke 1:5,12,13,18,21,40,59,67,

    There seems to be several men with same name, but Jesus specified "the son of Barachias" Zechariah 1:1, note: Luke 11:50-51, Matthew 23:31-39, 'between the temple & the alter '

    Zechariah son of Berechaih was alive prophesing during the 2nd year of Darius, Zechariah 1:1, seemingly During: Daniel 6:1, Daniel 9:1, Daniel 11:1, the time of rebuilding, Ezra 4:24, Ezra 5:7, Ezra 6:13, Haggai 1:15, Haggai 2:10, Nehemiah 12:22,

    Please note Zechariah 7:1, the house of The LORD was rebuilt & Zechariah approached their sin, Zechariah 7, he even speaks of the 70 years of captivity: Zechariah 7:5,

    Hopefully these are helpful
  • Glenn on Matthew 23
    In Matthew 23:35 the Lord Jesus states that Zacharias son of Barachias was slain between the temple and the altar. II Chronicles 24:20-22 states it was a different Zacharias, son of Jehoiada the priest. Which part of the Bible is incorrect?
  • Bob 'whosoever' on Matthew 23
    Wish I knew of a legitimate explanation for vs 8 & 9 [Rabbi &/or father], except it is what it is!

    I believe most all KJV bible readers have also wondered about those two verses at one time or other! Amen? AMEN!

    Maybe my Tree Of Life Bible Version will have a comment/explanation.

    Shalom & kol tuv i.e. be well etc ... MARANATHA!
  • Lily on Matthew 23

    Seems they like to blow their own horn .
  • Heidi on Matthew 23:37
    Matthew 23:37

    Instead of grabbing Jerusalem by the nape of the neck and working him over, God cries, and with tears rolling down His cheeks, longs to see all people saved. This verse shows the closeness of Jerusalem to God's heart. If we all loved Jerusalem as much as Christ does (which is impossible, although we can try) we may be in a better national spiritual condition.
  • Steve - in Reply on Matthew 23:9
    I fully disagree . RCC is fully corrupt . And apostles doctrine never taught this God dishonoring doctrine .

    Jesus was born of God and there fore his Son and RCC never had the spiritual understanding.
  • Chris - in Reply on Matthew 23:9
    Steve, I think we've broached this matter before in our discussions. Whilst I believe in the complete Unity of God & that God is One, but from Him, we are taught from the Scriptures, proceed the Word & the Spirit. Though the original comment by Roy was one of 'fatherhood', I believe that the Word sent from God to become Man, expresses God's Fatherhood to His Son Jesus Christ. However, since the Unity of God has never been broken, the Son even at the Father's right Hand, remains wholly within the Unity of God & the full expression of His Person.

    Of Jesus in the OT is written: Isaiah 9:6, Psalm 45:6,7 (cf Hebrews 1:8), Psalm 110:1, Daniel 7:13,14.

    In the NT: John 1:1-14, Philippians 2:5-8, Titus 2:13 (cf John 20:28), 1 John 5:20 & many more.

    So I don't believe it was the RCC or the Nicene Council that introduced the understanding of the Godhead, but what we see & learn from the Scriptures. But to say that Jesus is presently the Almighty God, without the presence of the Father in Heaven is wrong, as other Scriptures attest to it. The apostles & early Church believed in the deity of Christ & so we take it from there & hold onto it, even though our human understanding is limited & weak to understand the personality of God & His revelation to us.
  • Steve - in Reply on Matthew 23:9
    Yet many hold to trinity doctrines of the RCC that are part and parcel of the same false religion, you later said God is only father and you are correct as Jesus called him father and God . No man even Jesus never claimed the position of God .

    There is one Lord God and Jesus acknowledged that yet RCC and many others can not comprehend this . Jesus is born of God comes from God , Son of God and Mary . But not the LORD GOD . No man can claim this as you said and neither did Jesus .
  • Chris - in Reply on Matthew 23:9
    Indeed. Even as the Roman Catholics have their priests & 'fathers' as they also refer to the Pope as 'Holy father' or 'Sancta Papa'. We can never ascribe to any man such a position & relationship as that we have to Almighty God, our Heavenly Father.

    When Jesus spoke about this matter, it seemed that the Jewish leaders/teachers used that title, supposing that "the teacher formed the man" therefore giving them that right or authority. However, the Source of all life & Truth is from God & is God, so there can be no man that deserves such an honour. Yet as you correctly say, that Jesus' warning is not directed to our natural fathers, who can be called such because of our biological relationship to them.
  • Roy Garcia on Matthew 23:9

    Referring to spiritual father not carnal.
  • Rick Colombe on Matthew 23
    Well said Beverly Barnes as to the "rapture" NOT being biblical. Thank you for being a voice of reason and truth.
  • Apostle Allan on Matthew 23:39
    Matthew 23:39
    "For I say unto you, Ye shall not see me henceforth, till ye shall say, Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord. In other words when you (See )Jesus then you can(say ) or have something to say. When you get the revelation then you have something to say. Peoples opinions are neither right or wrong until, you put it against a Standard or The Truth. God/Jesus/ Holy Spirit alone is Truth, The Way, The Life , The Answer. When God reveals Himself and His Will that is what should come out of us and that's what God wants to fulfill. So let God be True and everyone a liar, but confess that Jesus is the Christ .
  • Michael Chittick on Matthew 23
    You are right Joe for sure. Thank you for your feedback. Amen! Bless you in your studies.
  • Joe - in Reply on Matthew 23
    Mike - I have no issue with your reasons 1 or 2. However, I have a big issue with theologians or scholars who do this. Their job and their only job is properly explain scriptures so that everyone can understand. They can preach, they can write books, they can hold bible study classes .... While there are translation errors, these need to be carefully studied so as not to change the basic and intended message as you point out in Rev 22:19.
  • Correcting Translation Error - in Reply on Matthew 23
    True Mike as you shared not all changes in Scripture are to deceive but those that are as you warned Rev22 will be their Destiny their Choice not Gods its not His Will anyone Perishes, Hopefully they will repent and put right the wrong they have done. There is also Translation error even in the KJV so I would value your thoughts on these two verses because they Contridict... Lk11:4 and Jas1:13-14.
  • Mike on Matthew 23
    Donna, There are quite few reasons why the newer Bible translations have left out many scriptures in both O.T. and N.T. 1 Some theologians think that if they change the King James Version of the the Bible to modern day English more people read the Bible. 2 Some scholars also believe that the Greek and Hebrew translation have no president today, because the average believer does not care. 3 But they also forget what about Revelation 22:19 This is only my opinion.
  • Gods Truth Never Changes - in Reply on Matthew 23
    Hi Donna, Cult Bibles delete Scriptures and add words or change them. When reading Translations First Check the Scriptures below in the KJV to see if they match or if the Scriptures have been Deleted, Changed or added to if so reject them their not GodsTruth. There are more but these Ones will Confirm error for you... Matthew23:14 -John1:1- Romans8:1-1John5:7 - If you want more check the Internet.
  • Donna K Miller on Matthew 23
    question as to why Mathew 23:14 is left out of certain bible readings
  • Charley on Matthew 23
    the rapture is biblical we are not going to have a utopia on this earth read matthew 24, 2nd thess1-7-9, matthew 25-1-13. jesus christ is comming for his bornagain blood washed saints then all hell will break loose. the question is how many will be left behind. we need to be sure we are really saved . read 1st john 3 closely
  • Frank - in Reply on Matthew 23
    Not by that name. But I assure you that the resurrection is real.
  • Stuart T Lyons on Matthew 23
    I believe that Jesus is telling christians that we should live our life,as to where our lives must match our words,and had the pharisees asked god to forgive them,of their hypocrisy,and persecution of christians, i believe that jesus would have forgiven them.
  • Ed Matthews - in Reply on Matthew 23
    1 week Ago Beverly barnes Rapture is not biblical, look up a woman name Mary McDonald, if you would read 1Thess.4: 13 14 verse ask GOD to open up your understanding, hope I was a help to someone Please read the next verse.
  • JOHNSON - in Reply on Matthew 23
    The death of Jesus Christ was the end of the law old era . Christ ended the law, we are no more under the law because Christ fulfilled and abolished the law.
  • Beverly barnes on Matthew 23
    Rapture is not biblical, look up a woman name Mary McDonald, if you would read 1Thess.4: 13 14 verse ask GOD to open up your understanding, hope I was a help to someone
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Matthew 23
    NOWHERE: reminds me of a story I heard long ago about a little girl who was watching her Mother post in a forum something like this one. Her Mother posted: God is NOWHERE. The little girl starting crying. Her Mother asked her why she was crying and she said because you typed God is NOW HERE.
  • Wmcraig - in Reply on Matthew 23
    following my first comment concerning changing the word they to it's true original word HE meaning Moses I will remind you Jesus had not been crucified as the Pascal lamb. The curtain had not been rent twain. The separation still existed until HIS final Breath. Upon the death of Jesus HE took away the curse of sin, death. HE did not end the law. He ended it's ultimate curse Death.
  • Wmcraig - in Reply on Matthew 23
    The original texts Not Strongs, Youngs or other similar books The original textus Receptus says . 3 All therefore whatsoever HE meaning Moses bid you observe, that observe and do but do not ye after their works: for they say, and do not. JESUS HIMSELF instructed them to keep Mosaic laws. The word "they" is a corruption of the truth. Read it and see which way if it makes linguistic since.
  • Marlo on Matthew 23
    Verse 38 - behold your house is left to you desolate.... Key word, desolate not destroyed pointing to the Prophet Daniel 8:13, the final desolation when the leaders accept a false Messiah, the ultimate betrayal. Luke 21:20 gives the briefest outlook of the landscape just before the abomination of desolation which is the angel of the bottomless pit dwelling inside the peacemaker, Satan's tool.

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