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  • Eddie Lopez on Matthew 23:23
    Most Christians seem to live unto themselves, taking care of themselves and their families this is only self preservation. Likewise, they pay their tithes and will say that they "have their relationship with God, " and that is enough. They forget the more important part of the law taking care of others, showing mercy and standing up for justice when it 's needed.
  • Phil on Matthew 23:10
    I often feel that Pasters in Leadership advocate direction comes through them to the members of the body,..Paul explains well the different roles in 1 Cor 12 21.24
  • Phil on Matthew 23:10
    I often feel that Pasters in Leadership advocate assume that they are the Head direction comes through them to the members of the body,..Paul explains well the different roles in 1 Cor 12 21.24
  • Denita on Matthew 23:18
    Is it right to hold your hands up to heaven in swear in a courtroom
  • Denita on Matthew 23:14
    didn 't understand what this mean,could some more light be shine on this verse
  • Al Fumero on Matthew 23:39
    Jesus clearly shows us how religion kills the spirituality of true faith. which creates the true relationship with GOD through Jesus. It is not the actions of man, but the faith and oneness with the holy spirit wish creats true love and faith, all else is hypocrisy,
  • Nkosinathi on Matthew 23:25
    Beauty or cleanliness brews from the inside out.This donning of "sabbath or sunday faces and clothes " is pretentious Christianity that is referred to here
  • Nkosinathi on Matthew 23:15
    As such most denominations convert "born agains " to keep the traditions of their doctrine more than living the true gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ
  • Nkosinathi Ngulube on Matthew 23:9
    Servants are not greater than their master, And humbleness is thus required when a servant rises to the closer ranks of the master.
  • Ar on Matthew 23
    Re Matthew ch 23 vs 13 to 30 Only the Son of God could speak with such AUTHORITY . also I noticed with the same Authority HE spoke in John chapter 10 vs 7 to 10. I cannot even imagine how great Authority HE will return to establish the KINGDOM OF GOD .Alleluyah!
  • Richard on Matthew 23
    Jesus rails at a church of unjust stewards, I think especially at the fact for those that are entering to go into the kingdom through Jesus and they the Pharisees shut the door. It is the ultimate appeal of Father God to his children to seek repentance before it is too late. Straining out a knat while your commission of sin after sin is unbelievable!. Opulence, decadance, greed and graft Shortly Jesus would enter into the Temple of Jerusalem and also declare " my Father 's house is to be called a house of prayer and you have turned it into a den of thieves " ' not to be outdone the scribes and Pharisees turn it quickly from a den of thieves into a den of murderers. Matthew chapter 23 is an absolute declaration of corruption. We the Brethren the flock look to those who are to lead us in the words of life,the words of God, the words of truth that Jesus of Nazareth provides. It is disturbing that all the innocent blood shed upon the earth will fall upon this generation at that time. Jesus heals and saves those who are willing to hear His Word the words of God the Father even the leaders of the religion of "unjust stewards ". Jesus Christ has come in the flesh thank you my Father God in heaven and earth, amen .
  • Mike on Matthew 23:9
    what about the commandment HONOR THY FATHER MOTHER. how do all you Evangelicals explain that ? dont say that was the OT because Jesus said obey the commandments
  • Drew on Matthew 23:15
    spelling errors have been made in the verse given
  • Allan on Matthew 23:9
  • Kent on Matthew 23:9
    Very good words.
  • Brianna on Matthew 23:9
    Crystal Clear. Important to note though, that this is Father, in a religious context. The word father was applied many times in the Bible to someone's fleshly relative.

    It is so strange that this is blatantly expressed in the Bible yet certain churches just outright IGNORE this command.
  • John zambesi on Matthew 23
    the4th most important in the bible,1st being born again,2rd spreading the word-being3 baptiseI
  • Roger on Matthew 23:9
    Tradition is wrong a lot of times especially concerning acknowledging my dad as Father. I realize the truth and make a change immediately in regard to my dad and my son.
  • Trudy on Matthew 23:9
    I believe the word is truth. In Matthew 23:9. We are to show our obedience to our Father as He is our only Father. On earth its our Dad or Daddy. To give our dad the nameof Father would to me dishonor The Heavenly Father. We would be giving our dad on earth more honor then we are surpose to. I don't remember calling my dad Father it never felt right.
  • PEGGY on Matthew 23:9
    I feel we have really gotten too far from the Bible in turn, not reading it so we don't take it as God's law. we see somethings as little nothings, and it is a shame because there is nothing little about a command from God. we want his glory.
  • Demetrius on Matthew 23:27
    I think of the people that are made up to appear to be beautiful, but their hearts are dirty. It's like a false image, stick around and the truth will come out. God Bless.
  • Wendie on Matthew 23:9
    I find really fascinating that people prefer traditions over scripture. The Bible is always clear on its teachings and yet, because of traditions long held by 'ancestors', people are quite happy to ignore the teachings of the Bible and go on believing that they are worshipers of God. How can you worship God if you ignore what he says and obey men? Call me crazy, but I think that would make you a worshiper of men. Really fascinating....
  • Emmanuel on Matthew 23:9
    Very strong especially the Catholic church to consider!
  • Brownavon7 on Matthew 23:9
    Very strong especially against the Catholic church!!! Will Father God forgive them?
  • Jay on Matthew 23
    Verse 15:
    1. Scribes and Pharisees = false religious leaders;
    2. Hypocrites = actor or someone trying to be something he/she is not;
    3. Proselyte = convert to false religious sect;
    4. False religious leaders and denominations (churches) send their missionaries around the world to spread and convert unbelievers to their false religion and end up making that person twice as difficult to accept biblical truth and in most cases damn their souls to hell.
  • StarJesusChrist on Matthew 23:19
    Matthew 23:19= You blind men! Which is greater: the gift, or the altar that makes the gift sacred?NIV
    =You blind= in John 9:39-41- ''39=Jesus said, for judgment I have come into the world, so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind.'' 40=Some Pharisees who were with Him heard Him say this and asked, 'what? are we blind too?' 41=Jesus said,'If you were blind, you would not be guilty of sin; but now that you claim you can see, your guilt remains.''and also in John 5:39-40.
    Which is greater, the gift or the altar that makes the gift sacred?= which one is bigger the giver or the or receiver. In 1Corinthians 12:4-11= which one is master the gifts or the one who gives.
    John 17:17= ''Sanctify them by the truth; Your Word is truth.'' - which one is mighter the Sactifier or those who sactified.
  • Joann on Matthew 23:32
    where in the bible does it say pick up the serpent and follow me
  • DESIREE on Matthew 23
  • JAM on Matthew 23
    Good reinforced exposure of Scribes and Pharisees.

    However, it is disappointing to see Rara substi-tute Christ's Title with an "X" as heathens do.
  • Rara on Matthew 23
    I visit a church during the holidays to see a xmas concert. I can not believe what I heard from the pastors, the jokes that was made, disrespect of the elders,the songs. I left there feeling a sense of sadness because at lot of young people were there and depending on these leaders of the church to guide them, it is good to know they who teach the Word of GOD in this manner will have to answer to HIM.

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