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  • Sigmund Ivarsson on Matthew 22
    The chosen ones are not the ones who try to qualify to be chosen. Nothing a person can do can change that he is chosen in spite of himself. Someone else made the choice. God has chosen certain people from before the beginning of times. He chose his prophets before they were born. Before they even had a chance to advertise themselves in his eyes. The chosen ones inherit the kingdom of God. The other ones just sit outside and watch.
  • Albert stratton on Matthew 22:37
    one of the things that i'm learning and practicing, is to keep it simple. Jesus is teaching that he commands believers to love Him with our whole heart, soul and mind. This means that we believe he is God, that we trust Him and that we will obey. We also understand that we're in a process (santification).
  • Nana Ama on Matthew 22:37
    To love the Lord thy God, is to obey and do what he desires of you, because if you love someone you do everything the person says or everything the person ask you to, so we should read the bible and do what the bible says. Thank you
  • Yusuf on Matthew 22:14
    the chosen ones are those who thirst for righteousness and strike to maintan holiness,God chose David because he was always asking for forgivness of his sins, but God hardened pharoa's heart because he was stubborn,so he was not chosen,u can decide to be a chosen or not,but God do not want any soul to perish!
  • Anthony Smith on Matthew 22:45
    There are several occasions when people seeking Jesus would call out to Him and call him Son of David. Many remembered the prophesy given to David a descendant of his would always sit on the throne. Jesus fulfills that completely. However, the point Jesus Christ makes here establishes his Lordship over David. David referred to God as his Lord, thus, Jesus Christ being God in flesh would be the one to whom David referred in song, prayers, and conversation.
  • SUNDAY CHUKWUEMEKA on Matthew 22:37
    The verse is simply requiring us to abstain from sin s with all our hearts, all our souls and all our minds.
  • Shulamitefire on Matthew 22
    Burning blessings of Jesus' Beauty in your being and intimate blessings of affection from His Holy Heart...
  • Michael on Matthew 22
    i have leant in vrs 29 that if you do not know the scriptures, we make alot of mistakes. so am going to learn the blble the more. pls God help me.
  • MYRNYO on Matthew 22
  • Kerry Campbell on Matthew 22:20
    This is not merely about taxes and duties to civil society, no it goes far deeper.

    What he was saying concerned intrinsic values and justice. Who, (at least on an earthly level) makes the system of value intrinsic to coinage work? Whom makes it possible? The one whose image is stamped on the coin- he gives the value- he validates this otherwise relatively worthless piece of metal the value which is accorded to it. Without which it really is just a valueless conglomeration of refined terrestrial stardust. Caesar gave the value to it- therefore render what is just and true to Caesar as the legitimating power of it, the one from whom, and through whom it derives its value.

    Now ask yourself where your value comes from? Ask yourself why humanity should have intrinsic value, and why that sleeeping infant is of infinite value?

    Whose image do you bear?

    Whose image do you bear?

    Why is human life sacred? Because we bear the image of our maker.
  • FRAGILE INNOCENT AVESTA on Matthew 22:38
    It really touches heart.
  • Philile on Matthew 22
    This verse encourages us to love each other, just as Jesus our Christ loves us.
  • Stephane ponou on Matthew 22:14
    I believe that everybody is called to be chosen. Only those who respond to the calling become the chosen ones.
  • Phil on Matthew 22:14
    Ekeneani's comment is most worthy to consider as a wonderful translation of the 'Parable of the Marriage/Wedding.' Since we are mere mortals, we must read, and read again what our Lord is saying in His words. Amen!
  • Omopekunayotunde on Matthew 22
    I so much love Matthew.
  • Svein Magnus on Matthew 22:14
    "The chosen ones are those who choose to accept." I don't think this is right, it's a great miss. It's not those who choose to accept, it is those God choose for accepting on his terms. Those who understand the spirit, hearing and hearing, seeing and seeing...if you know what I mean. Salvation is important when you stand in front of God...Not when the preacher say:"You are saved..."
  • Jay on Matthew 22
    Many are called and few are chosen, I wonder if people ever read the verses before and after a verse, to find the understanding of the context. God through the holy spirit John 6:44, calls many (all) humans to believe on the lord Jesus Christ, for the saving of their souls Romans 10:9-13, but few are chosen (acceptance of the call), to believe on the truth and be converted (born again), John 3:3, as little children.
  • Ekeneani on Matthew 22:14
    In verses 1-14 The provision made for perishing souls in the gospel, is represented by a royal feast made by a king, with eastern liberality, on the marriage of his son. Our merciful God has not only provided food, but a royal feast, for the perishing souls of his rebellious creatures. There is enough and to spare, of everything that can add to our present comfort and everlasting happiness, in the salvation of his Son Jesus Christ. The guests first invited were the Jews. When the prophets of the Old Testament prevailed not, nor John the Baptist, nor Christ himself, who told them the kingdom of God was at hand, the apostles and ministers of the gospel were sent, after Christ's resurrection, to tell them it was come, and to persuade them to accept the offer. The reason why sinners come not to Christ and salvation by him, is, not because they cannot, but because they will not. Making light of Christ, and of the great salvation wrought out by him, is the damning sin of the world. They were careless. Multitudes perish for ever through mere carelessness, who show no direct aversion, but are careless as to their souls. Also the business and profit of worldly employments hinder many in closing with the Saviour. Both farmers and merchants must be diligent; but whatever we have of the world in our hands, our care must be to keep it out of our hearts, lest it come between us and Christ. The utter ruin coming upon the Jewish church and nation, is here represented. Persecution of Christ's faithful ministers fills up the measure of guilt of any people. The offer of Christ and salvation to the Gentiles was not expected; it was such a surprise as it would be to wayfaring men, to be invited to a royal wedding-feast. The design of the gospel is to gather souls to Christ; all the children of God scattered abroad, John 10:16; 11:52. The case of hypocrites is represented by the guest that had not on a wedding-garment. It concerns all to prepare for the scrutiny; and those, and those only, who put on the Lord Jesus, who have a Christian temper of mind, who live by faith in Christ, and to whom he is all in all, have the wedding-garment. The imputed righteousness of Christ, and the sanctification of the Spirit, are both alike necessary. No man has the wedding-garment by nature, or can form it for himself. The day is coming, when hypocrites will be called to account for all their presumptuous intruding into gospel ordinances, and usurpation of gospel privileges. Take him away. Those that walk unworthy of Christianity, forfeit all the happiness they presumptuously claimed. Our Saviour here passes out of the parable into that which it teaches. Hypocrites go by the light of the gospel itself down to utter darkness. Many are called to the wedding-feast, that is, to salvation, but few have the wedding-garment, the righteousness of Christ, the sanctification of the Spirit. Then let us examine ourselves whether we are in the faith, and seek to be approved by the King.
  • Kim on Matthew 22
    Without God we are nothing!!!!
  • Thannela Devadas on Matthew 22:13
    Kings anger is for the person who is without wedding cloths. The kings question is how did you get in side. It seems that he did not enter into the feast through main door. John 10:1 , Jesus is the door. Second issue is that the person is without wedding cloths. I delight greatly in the LORD; my soul rejoices in my God. For "he has clothed me with garments of salvation and arrayed me in a robe of righteousness, ..." ISA 61:10.
    Rev Dr T. Devadas M. Th.,
  • Todd on Matthew 22
    If we read chapter 21 straight through to the close of 23. We see Jesus teaching in Parable form. Jesus teaches the dangers we face when following the traditions of the church. Throughout the Gospels, leaders of the temple challenged Jesus' work and parables. And whenever they did this, Jesus laid out His directive in such a way they couldn't debate the answer they received. "For many are called, but few are chosen" was meant for the temple/church leaders then and now. Those who believe they were called to preach read the wrong message. It actually said "Go plough" and learn what God's Word teaches. Plough deep, investigate what God actually said before standing up to voice opinion. Jesus never spoke by opinion nor did He accept that form of teaching or discussion. God chose His Election and they are separate from us, we that believe as John 3:16 states are saved, we go to heaven and we are to repent daily. John 3:16 is not a liscence to sin. Selah
  • Bane on Matthew 22
    "For many are called, and few are chosen". This verse makes me uneasy, because it is like we have a passive role no matter what we do. The composition of words CALLED, CHOSEN means that somebody else, i.e. God, decides who deserved the heavenly kingdom.
    In a matter of fact, when you put it this way, it is true. Our comprehension of what is good or bad is not a Gods one. He is a creator and ultimate judge. We are here to try hard and to believe, but we can never be certain.
    God bless us all.
  • Jay Jay on Matthew 22
    Many are called but few are chosen. Chosen are those who FAITHFUL till the end! Praise God.
  • Jedidiah on Matthew 22:14
    how about 'Many are called but few accept.'?
  • Paul on Matthew 22:38
    I increasingly think that we should just stop at the "first and great commandment" and the "second [that] is like unto it". Children of Abraham unite, because that is what the Lord our God has commanded us to do.
  • Jael on Matthew 22
    The fact is that Jesus tell us that very few do make it to salvation in the kingdom of God 
    It's very easy to follow the crowd especially when it's  a crowd of church goers all reassuring each other. If you hear Jesus calling you that means you are a lost sheep! It will take you the rest of your life to resolve the psychological and philosophical issues that place you in that category. But resolve all of them you must !

    Everyone in The church wants to be a leader and no-one wants to be a follower that's why the sheep are all lost. Jesus speaks parables because there is more chance the truth will be preserved : The Bible like all scripture over the years has fallen into The hands of unbelievers; War lords and tyrants have controlled the institutions of faith and forced them to change truth into falsehood and sadly priests and church servants have failed to be as strong as Jesus is. Even something as beautiful as this KJV is full of Satan's poison. Jesus knew this would happen: it's the NATURE of creation to be corrupt afraid and ignorant, it is the PURPOSE of creation to overcome these negative states .
    Institutional members of faiths are very good at small insignificant good deeds. But this means they run away from facing  the horrible truth that humans have  not even begun to face the  reality of SIN as it actually is. That is why there is war famine pestilence and calamity. God doesn't visit these upon us. These occur because humanity ignored and ignores the warning against SIN: it does so because of the sin of Pride: the warnings are conveyed by God's messengers who are envied by The people who are thereby forced to mock the word of God they speak: also as happens in Exodus the people have neither the willpower nor the faith to abandon sin
    Jesus tells the story of the wedding guest without a  proper garment who gets ejected. Everyone else stays: Cosy acceptance for conformists! Then Jesus says " many are called few are chosen" the kingdom of God is not the same as the earthly kingdom, the patterns and structures are, not the character.
  • Jennifer on Matthew 22:37
    The Lord Jesus Christ demands of the listeners "Do this and thou shalt live." On Sunday a speaker said that nobody has ever been able to do this, neither love their neighbour, and we are not to pretend that we do. Only Christ has ever been able to do this! This to me shows the darkness of the speaker, as by saying this then he is portraying the lie that nobody is saved, although he does not see this. God does not command something that we cannot do. But one thing is for sure, and that is unless we are born again of the Spirit of God and have His love shed abroad in our hearts, it would be impossible to do this. Then, yes we do love Him with all our hearts, souls, minds and strength and our neighbour as ourselves, as Gods law is then written in our hearts. This is true love, not a selfish human love, but agape, the love of God! If we love him we will keep his commandments, and they are not grievous. That is because obedience comes from the law which is written in our hearts; the hearts of those who have been regenerated and saved. God is a jealous God and He will not allow any gods before him. All that takes precedence in our hearts and lives are idols. God demands first place and those who only love Him in word and tongue, but their hearts are far from Him are but a sounding brass and a tinkling symbol. To sum up, without the circumcision of the heart there can be no true love for God, neither for ones neighbour, but self will inevitably come first. Blessings.
  • June Morgan on Matthew 22
    Glenda is absolutely correct: We must study our questions out for ourselves. If not, how could one recognize the difference between the Pharisees and the Sadducees?
  • King James Bible on MATTHEW 22:40
    Hang was usually a negative word. When the Lord used hang it made such an impression that he could not answer the Lord back. Deut. 21:22,23
  • Glenda on Matthew 22
    I am rereadingthis chapter.VERSE 18 JESUS knows that they are trying to discredit HIIM. This has not changed through the years. Satin is still using people to try to discredit HIS word. So people do not even know that they are doing so. KEEP PRAYING.

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