Matthew Chapter 21 Discussion

  • Herbert Ball on Matthew 21:31
    I like to have a list of the Children that God Ordain Very young [ Like Jerimiah before birth]
  • Nero on Matthew 21:22
    I love you Jesus!
  • 2ChromeEyes on Matthew 21:19
    Amen, Tony. That's exactly what I understood.
  • Foolish Pathetic Man on Matthew 21:44
    I begin to write to see if I can find Christ and If I can find our father, for I can't begin to know anything other then that Christ

    was crucified and that we deserve nothing but the punishment of Hell for our sins. And in the worst of our sins, the man that is broken before the lord,

    and begs for forgiveness and wishing to turn away from his filthiness has been saved from God with his Glory, and God does not love or forgive us

    because we deserve it, or that it is a payment due, but he does it out of his Glory alone. Bringing forth how dependent anything we hope to achieve is in

    his will, and his will alone.

    My heart is broken with how stupid I am, and my heart is broken with the sins that I have committed in either action or in thought. Where I thought my thoughts

    were whole and justified, just how muddy and deceptive they were. When my mind is on Jesus, his words, and his actions, and my lacking's there is a great

    sadness that I wish to escape, but by his grace I am saved. For the glory of God let these words go somewhere, and if they do I will not be silent of my writings.

    Men's wisdom lacks, because men think they are the center of it all for their consciousness. The carnal wise man does not begin to understand the price that Jesus paid.

    The pain he went through, the wrath of God and the glory of him forgiving the wicked that are on the rock. But let it be known that Jesus said "And whosoever

    shall fall on this stone shall be broken: but on whomsoever it shall fall, it will grind him to powder." No 5 minute confession and a swift decisive prayer is

    a breaking one's self upon that rock, and our wicked existence without God disciplining our disobedience takes no effort. But the brick that the builders rejected,

    Jesus Christ, that is the stone one must fall upon by his grace and glory, his words, his very deliverance by wisdom no heart had lived and uttered in perfection.
  • Elder CaSandra Johnson - in Reply on Matthew 21:44
    This is what is wrong with us in Dec.10, 2020 the people r still falling, for they have not accepted the "Stone" which is Jesus Christ. Until the Holy Spirit fall upon them they will b falling. But what is so awesome God loves u in-spite of ur disobedience. For God see n knows all things therefore He has written ur life down in the 'Book of Life' b4 u were born, n u r turning ur pages daily.B aware of ur choices while u walk through this Valley of Shadow of Death, which is Satan Hell hole, a trap for God's people. No matter what ur trails n tribulations r, for they will come against u 'good r bad' but don't u never 'Lose ur faith in God'.Let it b a learning lesson to make u strong n increase the faith that God has given u.Everything He has given to His son Jesus, He has given to u, for u r a heir of Jesus Christ.Give thanks to God.Believe it Received it n Achieve it. Give God the glory thanking Him for grace n mercy which have set me free. No more shackles on me. I'll pray that u will let God break all ur chains n set u free!B blessed
  • Mark on Matthew 21
    I just wanna say pray for needing a house bad I may have to be out of where im at around Christmas I have been working on this for 2 years now.i now the lord is there and it will come but im really starting to get a little worried.just keep me in ur prayers please! my question is how do you get it to read it to you out loud and is there a daily quote on this app?Thanks to whoever may be listening please pray for me a house soon!
  • Alex on Matthew 21:16
    My comments about the babes and sucklings, MAT 21 KJV. it implies a birth of Christ being born in us. Thats y he always refers to himself as the SON OF MAN,He is gonna multiply himself in humanity via his seed thus the babes and sucklings that results from our hearing his Words etc.Thats y the WORLD WILL GO INTO TRAVAIL AND BIRTH PAINS. Hearing his words results in a spritual pregnancy, Because i have spoken these words seeds sorrows have filled your hearts when a woman in travail she has SORROWS but her Sorrows ARE TURNED INTO JOY AFTER THE CHILD COMES, THE CHILD BEING A BABY CHRIST,The H.G. Thats y he says i will see you again he is the babe,Whosoever receives one such CHILD in MY NAME receives ME. In MY NAME implies he is the father of the child, The child being the H.G.. Even in the natural we name our children after the Father, The name implies who the father is. thats y ISAIAH CALLS HIM EVERLASTING FATHER.The H.G comes out of his loins, his seeds his words, his breath etc. Thus he is truly the father of the H.G. WHICH ARE THE BABES AND SUCKLINGS. Thats y he refers to the H.G. as the Promise. Christ has to be multiplied as the stars of heaven,Thats y the woman is in travail and birth pains. Unless ya receive the kingdom of God as a lil child you will in NO wise enter there in ( THE BABES AND SUCKLINGS ) After the woman give birth John refers to the child as Salvation and the kingdom of God has now come. Thus no real salvation or a kingdom till the WOMAN GIVES BIRTH. We be the WOMAN . We are gona birth the children remember Jesus said the good seed are the children of the Kingdom which are spirits that which is born of the spirit is spirit thats the H.G the children of the Kingdom we are the mother, who is my mother? Them that hear the word that good seed and keeps it then comes a birth of Christ in US, WE ARE JUST A JOINT HEIR THE REAL HEIR IS THE CHILD, THE H.G. We are just the ground where that good seed is gona be sown. Thank God for th babes and sucklings
  • Doris P James on Matthew 21
    We must be vigilant and full of faith. That is where the increase is.
  • Rowland on Matthew 21:13
    John 1 4,3 from Adam and Eve Noia and lot and den of Thieves God has given us one last time to repent and come back to him by providing us with the best country on earth for we are in the last days just look what they are doing in Washington DC Tearing down destroying everything that God has given us yes I am a born again child of God yes I do sin daily and I repeat daily for doing wrong God have mercy on me a sinner
  • Rodger butcher on Matthew 21:13
    If Jesus says not to buy or sell in your house of worship then why do most or a lot of churches do and will be judged for braking one of God's law if they keep doing it and don't asked to be forgiving.
  • Adam - in Reply on Matthew 21:13
    Hi Roger, doing sales and marketing and cheating in a church was what made Jesus more angry than any other time recorded in the Bible. So, it's a big deal and in my opinion church leaders who choose to charge $ for coffee, books, shirts, concerts, and have ATMs in the church will be dealt with severely. It is a severe lack of judgment on their part to do the one thing that made Jesus so angry in the Bible. The audacity for someone to do exactly what Jesus hated and didn't want is like slapping Him in the face, in my opinion. But today you will find thousands of churches doing exactly that. Satan even works among the churches to deceive Christians.
  • Chris - in Reply on Matthew 21:13
    So true Adam. Our excuse would be that this type of 'ministry' (whether coffee or books) is justified as it's not being done 'in the sanctuary' but outside of it & for other people's convenience & for necessity sake. How will the Lord find His Church at His Coming.
  • Naomi - in Reply on Matthew 21:13
    You have got it right.
  • Alex on Matthew 21:46
    comments by Alex on David & Bathsheba. Do we not Hear David and Bathsheba. They were Allegorical of the early church, this relationship betwn David and Bathsheba yielded a Child but the Child was sick and died in its infancy. Bathsheba had a husband Uriah but she was barren under Uriah . God had made a promise to David approx 7 yrs b/f David met bathsheba that a son wd come outta of his loins that wd reign over the house of Israel for ever. The early Church and Christ had a relationship that yielded a Child called Christianity but the child was sick and died in its infancy the kingdom did not come with Christianity instead Jesus said the nite is coming when no man can work. Micah said he wd give them up till the woman is in birth pains rev.12 . At Horeb Moses married Israel to the law saying this is what GOD HAS ENJOINED UNTO YOU ENJOINED MEANS A MARRIAGE Israel was marrried to the law just LIKE bathsheba was married to URIAH. The early church was married to th LAW thats y Paul says you are dead to the law by the body of Christ that you that you should be MARRIED to ANOTHER even to him that was raised from the dead Christ . Batheheba was dead to Uriah by the body of David. thus she TRAVAILED AGAIN.(MY LIL CHILDREN OF WHOM I TRAVAIL IN BIRTH AGAIN ) a 2 nd Child and it was this 2 nd child that was the great king Solomon that wd rule all the nations. But Solomon did not fulfil the prophecy by God of a very special Child coming.He was just symbolic of a special child coming in the LAST DAY A CHILD THAT WD COME OUTTA OF CHRIST LOINS TH H.G. HIS SEED,THE CHILD OF PROMISE that wd rule all nations. Th kingdom comes with the 2 nd Child th H.G. Its always th 2 nd all thru the bible. Wine is symbolic of th Spirit but it was th 2 nd Wine that was the best WINE ON TH 3 RD DAY I/E th church is gonna have to TRAVAIL AGAIN A 2ND TIME FOR THE BEST WINE THE MANCHILD TH H.G. THAT IS GONNA RULE ALL NATION. My lil children of whom i travail in BIRTH AGAIN till Christ is formed in you
  • Charles Etuk on Matthew 21:46
    They and their ancestors have been killing prohets. Why were they afraid? Comment*
  • Timothy Wayne George on Matthew 21:5
    The King James uses language that is different from the nomanclature of today. Ass is a donkey and Jesus fulfilled Zechariah 9:9 when he rode the colt of a donkey. This was the meek and just Savior having salvation who came to save us from our sins. So thank God that the Highest became the lowest that he could die on the Cross and redeem mankind from his sins. Accept this truth and you will be saved, your name will be written in the Lamb's book of life.
  • Stanjett on Matthew 21
    When building walls of a house or some other building, The builder starts with the corner stone. First stone of the foundation, No one starts building a wall from the middle.
  • Teri on Matthew 21
    ML: u got it! To the Jew first, then the gentiles...
  • Teri on Matthew 21
    Casey and Adam, the chief cornerstone is the 1st stone, which speaks of Jesus-who was the first born of many....the church!
  • Stanjett on Matthew 21
    45 And when the chief priests and Pharisees had heard his parables, they perceived that he spake of them. Yes he was.
  • Carl Harmeling on Matthew 21
    I have not come to bring peace but a sword.
  • Carl Harmeling on Matthew 21
    If Jesus threw out the money changers from the temple what will he do to the men (and women) who made themselves millionaires preaching his Gospel?
  • ML Brown on Matthew 21
    In verses 42-43 Jesus was referring to what the Prophet Isaiah said about Jesus in the Old Testament. He was rejected of men especially His own but he would be the Chief Cornerstone whereby men would be redeemed. There rejection of Him would make room for a door to be open to all mankind. That nation is called the Gentiles- all that you see confessing the name Jesus and walking in His character.
  • Obbie Beal on Matthew 21
    33-46 we see Jehovah / GOD entrust property into the hands of stewards /men; these steward's duty is to rightly manage the property thereby the property shall produce a return to both GOD also the stewards; well the stewards got greedy, and decided they would take ownership /full control of the property even if it meant murder; these steward forgot they could never own property that belong GOD..
  • Alex on Matthew 21
    God does not want our Praise simply b/c we need to be Bornagain i.e.we need to birth a new Innerman which is the H.G. As that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit, Our old nature is too tainted with Adams SINS. Thus we must birth a new Innerman, A BABY CHRIST. MANKINDS FRUIT UNTO GOD WHICH IS THE H.G. THATS Y HE IS SAYING OUTTA OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES AND SUCKLING THOU HAS PERFECTED PRAISE GBU
  • Casey on Matthew 21
    Please could you explain in simple terms what verse 42,43 and 44,45,46
  • Frank - in Reply on Matthew 21
    Jesus is the corner stone. The Jews rejected Him. So it was taken from them and given to another. Christians.
  • Mr Andrew Swanton - in Reply on Matthew 21
    Enough said innit
  • Ms. Vonnie on Matthew 21
    I believe that one must have faith in God's promises in order for our prayers to work for us and in us. Because " without faith it is impossible to please God,"
  • Adam on Matthew 21
    The headstone of the corner is the top of a pyramid

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