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  • Stanjett
    When building walls of a house or some other building, The builder starts with the corner stone. First stone of the foundation, No one starts building a wall from the middle.
  • Teri
    ML: u got it! To the Jew first, then the gentiles...
  • Teri
    Casey and Adam, the chief cornerstone is the 1st stone, which speaks of Jesus-who was the first born of many....the church!
  • Stanjett
    45 And when the chief priests and Pharisees had heard his parables, they perceived that he spake of them. Yes he was.
  • Carl Harmeling
    I have not come to bring peace but a sword.
  • Carl Harmeling
    If Jesus threw out the money changers from the temple what will he do to the men (and women) who made themselves millionaires preaching his Gospel?
  • ML Brown
    In verses 42-43 Jesus was referring to what the Prophet Isaiah said about Jesus in the Old Testament. He was rejected of men especially His own but he would be the Chief Cornerstone whereby men would be redeemed. There rejection of Him would make room for a door to be open to all mankind. That nation is called the Gentiles- all that you see confessing the name Jesus and walking in His character.
  • Obbie Beal
    33-46 we see Jehovah / GOD entrust property into the hands of stewards /men; these steward's duty is to rightly manage the property thereby the property shall produce a return to both GOD also the stewards; well the stewards got greedy, and decided they would take ownership /full control of the property even if it meant murder; these steward forgot they could never own property that belong GOD..
  • Alex
    God does not want our Praise simply b/c we need to be Bornagain i.e.we need to birth a new Innerman which is the H.G. As that which is born of the Spirit is Spirit, Our old nature is too tainted with Adams SINS. Thus we must birth a new Innerman, A BABY CHRIST. MANKINDS FRUIT UNTO GOD WHICH IS THE H.G. THATS Y HE IS SAYING OUTTA OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES AND SUCKLING THOU HAS PERFECTED PRAISE GBU
  • Casey
    Please could you explain in simple terms what verse 42,43 and 44,45,46
  • Frank
    Jesus is the corner stone. The Jews rejected Him. So it was taken from them and given to another. Christians.
  • Mr Andrew Swanton
    Enough said innit
  • Ms. Vonnie
    I believe that one must have faith in God's promises in order for our prayers to work for us and in us. Because " without faith it is impossible to please God,"
  • Adam
    The headstone of the corner is the top of a pyramid
  • Amelia Thaxter
    I believed that whatever you ask the Lord for in faith, and it is align with Gods will and plan for your life, God will grant it onto you.
  • Mari
    The thief on the cross died in the old covenant. Jesus had not risen for the New covenant to begin. For Water baptism: Mark 16:16-17, 1Peter 3:18-21, Romans 6:3-8, kjv. Amen
  • Pat H.
    The symbol of Baptism we confess all of our sins to the Father and we are baptised with water that we have been washed in the blood of Jesus and have been cleansed so when we arise from the baptism we walk with Jesus in our hearts as well as in our actions. Baptism alone does not save you; but our faith in Jesus can!
  • A disciple
    Pam; The reason for repentance from dead works, is to serve the LORD by good works and bear good fruit unto God! If you read the story of the beginning you will see that the human species was alienated and made unfit for God because of sin. So God announced Christ must come to undo the works of the devil and reconcile us to God. If we don't produce good fruit we will be cut down as worthless!
  • Pam barnwell
    It's the blood that's merits. us into heaven, we cannot live good enough, good morel people still has to be saved by the blood of Christ. If we could get there on works, we would still be under law and Christ wouldn't had to die.
  • A disciple
    Lou; are you saying then, that we should just dismiss everything the LORD said about being wise and doing what He says? And what about ALL the writings of the Apostles and Prophets, who spoke in the Name of the LORD, condemning the wicked for NOT keeping God's commandments? Do you think God is afraid that we might think we can save ourselves if we obey Him? "IF YOU LOVE ME, KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS."
  • A disciple
    Lou; Shouldn't your faith be seen in a real conversion and new course in life; and the effect of His saving grace be reflected in your new manner of life? Jesus said many, many times; that if we didn't DO whatsoever He says, and we don't bear fruit; that we would be cut off and die, and NOT be permitted to enter into His kingdom. We keep His commandments and do what He says because we love Him!
  • Lou
    Ricky, and Disciple, you have understanding. There is one thing required for salvation, as stated in John 3:16. We should dismiss any idea that our actions have any part in our salvation, nothing we do is good enough that it should add to what Jesus did. We cannot "help" Christ to save us, we are capable of believing, and the Word builds up our believing (faith)...Jesus is The Living Word of God.
  • A disciple
    Hi Ricky; You just said it perfectly! What about the thief on the cross? He knew that his own punishment was just, but that Jesus had done nothing wrong. He believed that Jesus was the Saviour and the King regardless of what evil men had done to Him. He asked the Lord to remember him when He comes into His kingdom. Faith and asking for mercy was all he had; and so the Lord received him completely!
  • Ricky hastings
    What about the thief on the cross that Christ for give .HE was never baptism
  • Cross
    Dear Insight777: I'm sorry, but do you really mean to say that Jesus taught water baptism removes sin? Because if that's the case, then Jesus Himself is a sinner since he went through water baptism too. Jesus' baptism is a sign of obedience to the Father. A confirmation that Jesus is willing to complete the plan of salvation by dying on the cross to redeem us from sin.
  • Insight777
    V16, interesting way Jesus expressed that the praise he was receiving was taught from the Priests. The people in the temple were raised to believe the Son of David would be their Christ. The miracles Jesus preformed were because he is the Son of God, not David. That does not mean the people were correct that Christ is from David but they were correct in seeing Jesus is Christ. Priests want control
  • C
    I have always wondered why Jesus did what he did to the fig tree in Verse 19. I think I saw the answer today in verses 41 and 43. I think it he was illustrating the warning to the Chief Priests, Scribes and others who were exercising their religion to be seen of men and not to be fruitful to God.
  • Insight777
    Jesus was angry over pagan rituals that are lies. Jesus teaches water baptism removes sin and these priests deny that. They preach death removes sin and it does not. Yes, Jesus was angry over the money because the money is the reason this false practice was started. It had nothing to do with removal of sin, it was extortion in the name of God so the priests can gain wealth. Fear made people comply
  • Wayne
    1 Peter 5:6-7, Humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you.
  • Librarygal143
    Dear God, you know the requests of my heart as I pray to you. I am not asking for much, just to help my family. I do believe as I pray, and I know I shall receive, in the mighty name of Jesus. Thank you, Heavenly Father, and please bless everyone. Thank you, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Amen.

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