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  • Ray on Matthew 2
    I agree with what stephen said in a comment OBEY GODS commandments and sumit your whole to god. AND WHAT CAN MAN DO TO YOU----------Praise the lord
  • Diamond on Matthew 2
    forgive me lord i want to be more like you please help me to be more like you i want the chains to break off so i can worship you more lord forgive me please i love you and wanna be more like you and a preach the word in your name please for give me
  • LLoyd Samuel on Matthew 2
    Hi, Please help me in prayer as I can only see myself in disobedience. Please pray for me that I will be restored in Lord Jesus from my sins. So may I be able to bring Glory to the Lord.
  • Timothy Schmid on Matthew 2
    I always wondered what kind of warning God gave to Joseph to go back to Israel. There is a lesson to be learned here, and that is that people should not stray from God's commandment and to always have faith! Also, take charge of God's commandments and the challenges in life will be alright. Here is another lesson that comes into mind because someone was afraid to do what God commanded: The story of Barrack and Deborah.... God wanted Barrack to lead the Judge Deborah's army to kill the Caananites but hesitated because he was afraid against overwhelming odds.... So, Deborah said because of the lack of his faith, the victory over the Caananites would go to a woman. So, Barack missed out on God's glory forever! So, don't be timid and glory shall be yours!
  • Peter on Matthew 2
    This scripture teaches that we need stay connected to GOD and he will guide us in everything we do. Further, it is important to learn that with God there is nothing that happens by accident, you will notice that though Joseph was fleeing but wherever he went prophecy was fulfilled.
  • StephendeRafael on Matthew 2
    Good and evil exist in this world, sometimes in the same person. No man has seen the Father. He does not make himself visible to human eyes. Jesus, sent from Heaven knew the Father. Abraham was His friend, and Moses his servant. I believe Jesus became what he was, through perfect obedience, perfect faith based on his study and adherence to the Torah, and the prophets. Joseph, his stepfather may have been clueless. We don't know but Mary knew and exalted God, or magnified Him. The mercy and grace of the Father is freely given to those who seek him, obey his commandments and have the faith of Jesus. That is what the Scriptures say.
  • Mark on Matthew 2
    Though strange connection, it reminds me of the hidden agenda in the Universal Healthcare Bill. It speaks of children age 2 and under with defects or disabilities will be denied coverage because they will be a burden on society and the government for their lifetime.
  • Robert Soukup on Matthew 2:18
    When first I heard of the tragedy in CT, this came to mind.
  • Jay on Matthew 2
    Mr doubting Thomas, you may be confused about trying to reconcile the two genealogies from Matthew and Luke, when they are not meant to be reconciled.
    1. In Matthew the holy spirit is begating and in Luke the holy spirit is the son of Joseph father is Jacob in Matthew.
    2. In Luke Heli is father-in-law to Joseph. Heli is father to Mary. God always comes through the man's genealogy and in order to do this he must use the women's father to make the connection.
  • Timothy Wayne George on Matthew 2
    Herod lied to the wise men about his motives, but God knows the heart, and that is why He warned the wise men not to go back to Herod, but another way to their country. Joseph is warned in a dream to take Mary, and the Lord Jesus to Egypt so that prophecy would be fulfilled, out of Egypt, I have called my Son. When Herod dies, God tells Joseph to take Mary, and Jesus to Galilee, then after Herod's son is king, God tells him to take Jesus to Nazareth, for it was told He shall be called a Nazarene. God's word is true, and all of the prophecy concerning the birth of Christ was fulfilled.
  • Jah on Matthew 2
    This chapter of the book tells me Christ was a threat to Herodís national security??? One minute, he wants to worship him then the next he wants to kill him. Thank God for dreams. It also tells me that Christ was obviously at war from day oneÖ Everyone in those days knew the Messiah would come, when he did, some people wanted him dead. How evil is that? Will leaders of nations hand over power of their countries to Christ or God when they arrive? Or will they turn to Herodís method and try kill them? Do leaders kill children today? Of course they do. So what has changed?
  • Sue Barker on Matthew 2
    I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ and the fulfillment of prophecy in the Bible and all that good stories. I have read this passage of scripture this morning and I am a bit confused. If someone can explain it to make complete sense I would be more than blessed by your knowledge. From verses 19-23, it explains that an Angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph after Herod's death and told him to take to young child and his mother and go into the land of Israel, Joseph obeyed and rose up and proceeded to take the young child and his mother as the Angel had said. BUT, when he heard that Herod's son was now in Herod's position, he was AFRAID to go there NOTWITHSTANDING being forewarned of God in a dream, he TURNED ASIDE into the parts of Galilee. He lived in a city called Nazareth, which was a prophecy fulfillment in itself as it was written that Jesus would be called a Nazarene. Now my questions: 1. Was Judaea, Galilee and Nazareth all in Israel? 2. Why did Joseph become AFRAID when he heard that Archelaus was in his father's place. We know that fear is not of God. If Joseph had the Angel of the Lord appear to him in a dream and he had Baby Jesus himself in his care, why then be afraid? 3. Did Joseph disobey the Angel of God in spite of being forewarned in a dream whereby "turned aside into the parts of Galilee"? Someone would do well to explain please. I know what would make sense here but I want to see if anyone is thinking along the same lines or if maybe I am wrong. Thank You and have a blessed day in Jesus' Mighty name!
  • Shirley on Matthew 2
    My brother we can not give you answers that we do not have why the differents, only because we were not there when it was written. No matter where he was born nor what race he is he did a great thing for us thats enough for me to say thank you Lord for all you've done for me. The bible say's in 2 Timothy 2:15 study to show thy self approved unto God a workman that needeth not be ashame rightly dividing the word of truth.
  • Doubting Thomas on Matthew 2
    But why don't these two birth narratives (the only ones that we have) match? They are totally different. They cannot be logically reconciled. If you harmonize these two Gospels, then you have created your own gospel, which would be a heresy.

    The author's of the Gospel of Luke and Matthew (hint, they were not disciples) birth narratives contradict.

    Why is that? Maybe if the authors of the Gospels could keep their stories from contradicting there wouldn't be doubters.
  • Shirley on Matthew 2
    We could never give a greater gift then God gave us. He sent his son Jesus so that we may have a chance at the tree of life everlasting life. The only gift that we can give is to give or surrender or lives to him. There was a song writter that wrote a song there is no gift no greater then God. In Matthew God appears to Joseph in a dream. And in that dream he told him to take his wife and child and go to Egypt until Herod was dead because they were plotting to kill baby Jesus. Then an angle appeared before Joseph and told him to go to Israel That was where Joseph was from. Then they traveled to Bethleham where Jesus was born
  • Kennygross on Matthew 2
    Those who doubt Gods Word; Must read James1:2-10.
    Instead of doubting Gods Word. If you pray and ask God to give you wisdom and understanding.
    Looking through spiritual eyes which comes from the heart. That is where the Holy Spirit lives inside you heart. And then once you have accomplished this your doubting will be turned into observing. Only then the mystery of your doubts will be revealed. As the bible reads in Matthew6:33. Seek ye first the kingdom of God,and his righteousness;and all these things shall be added unto you. And this is my prayer for all doubters. God bless.
  • Doubting Thomas on Matthew 2
    Luke says that Joseph and Mary traveled to Bethlehem (being great with child). Matthew says that they already lived in Bethlehem. Which story is correct?

    The Shepherds appear in Luke and in Matthew itís the Magi. Which is story correct?

    In Matthew, Joseph takes his family to Egypt and in Luke they go to Jerusalem and then return to Galilee. Which story is correct?

    Matthew and Luke are the only Gospels with the birth narrative. They do not agree. Why would that be?

    Isnít the Bible supposed to be inerrant?
  • Kennygross on Matthew 2
    Matthew2; reads about the greatest event ever told. The Lord Jesus Christ coming down to earth
    in a form a baby. As prophecy unfolds through out
    bible history. Num24:17 There shall come a Star out of Jacob, and Is60:2 The Lord shall arise upon
    thee, and his glory shall be upon thee. GOD the creator of all things. The perfect and awsome
    designer he was put it all together. From the beginning to ending. Genesis 1 to Revelations 22. The greatest miracle ever seen by man is to see the son of God to asend down from heaven to be born in the flesh. To become Emmanuel, which means God with us. Here on earth, walking around preaching the gospel. And many other miracles.
  • Akins on Matthew 2
    What we give to him shows who he is to us
  • Akins on Matthew 2
    3 gift was given by 3 wise men to a child living by the holyspirit in the Father-the significant of these gifts were to authenticate his personality
  • Bishop L. Jackson on Matthew 2
    Isaiah 7;14 Therefore the lord himself shall give a sign; Behold,a virgin shall conceive,and bear a son,and shall call his name Immanuel.This mean that God;Prophets;WAS hereing from heaven;400 YEAR LATER;The prophecies came to pass.THANK GOD FOR PROPHECIES;
  • Olawuni mathew on Matthew 2
    Mathew chapter 2 talks about the birth of our lord Jesus. The holy ghost is at work just as was in the day of virgin mary.
  • DONNA on Matthew 2
    Wow. sometime we can miss alot in God word. it was three . Matthew 2:8-13 (man-talking about one)
    (Men) can mean more then one. as you read it say. when they. --which they saw, they departed . went befor them. Vs 10. when they. they rejoiced Vs 11 and when they were they saw the young child and when they had open their treasures they presented , unto him. the number mean alot to God. he do alot in numbers three is the Father the Son and the holy spirit . so they were presented the the gifts to all in one. ( my Thought) is Sometime we can be it is about us, Lets look at it like this, NO one can say well I gave him two gift to your one. or my gift was better then your gift. each wise men gave him a gift.
  • Unity on Matthew 2
    Regular girl hello to you. Respectfully, what are you thinking. Where is this information you are writing coming from.
  • Phillimon ngoma on Matthew 2
    am very much enterested on joseph today,he was obedient to the voice of God.1-to take mary to his home as a wife while pregnant,he didnt sleep with her,lack of abeter term,2-he went to egypt,3-he came back by the word of God.oh what a man,he has blessed my life.
  • Jay Jay on Matthew 2
    Hi Carols, I believe, there is a signifigance meaning to the gifts presented to Jesus, Joseph and Mary at the time of Jesus' birth. Gold represents His Kingship, Frankincence as a Preist and Myrrh as His role of a Prophet. Jesus although the Son of God, yet He is our King of King, High preist and He is a prophet who was rejected by His own people(Jews).
  • Carlos Hinojosa on Matthew 2
    Is there a signifigance meaning to the gifts presented to Jesus, joseph and Mary at the time of Jesus' birth?
  • Kevin Chambers on Matthew 2
    The Holy Spirit comes upin you when reading the
    WORD. I hope that many others are doing the same.
  • Donna on Matthew 2
    I am so glad that God's word is truth. In Matthew chapter 2 said the wise men. If you notice everytime at Christmas they always show 3 wise men. The bible do not mention the number of wise men. So this lead me to believe that christmas is a pagan holiday and we really should be honoring God's holy days. Praise Jah
  • Godsteddy on Matthew 2
    I have read this chapter so many times in my life but it was only today that I recognized some things as yet not seen. I always thought the wise men were soon there when Jesus was born because they followed the same star that was seen on the night of His birth and only now realize that it must been a very long time with travel and inquiry before they found him. I wonder how old he really was when they did see him? Obviously, around two as Herod ordered the sorrowful execution of all children 2 and under. I also always wondered why an angel would tell Joseph to go into Isreal when God knew Joseph would be afraid and turn from it to Galilee. I see that this was a testing time for Joseph. He followed God's command without question and even when he did find himself afraid, God came again (this I had not realized) and warned him of the danger backing up his decision to go. As with all, very much enjoyed reading this chapter today.

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