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  • Bruce on Matthew 2
    How do you Know He is not 2yrs?
  • Lu2677 on Matthew 2
    How do you know he was 2 yrs. old?
  • Irene123 on Matthew 2
    Bee, 12 26 15 - the wise men came from Persia, which is east of Israel. Persia was noted for it's astronomers not astrologers , i.e. they were 'wise' men. Nor does the scripture say they were 'kings'. AND - they saw Jesus in a house at 2 yrs. old, not the stable.
  • Irene123 on Matthew 2
    Amen Gene; v. 1 - blessed be the name of the Lord - Jesus!!
  • Gene on Matthew 2
    Blessed be the name of the Lord
  • MUKOSE on Matthew 2
    Comment* FOR sure am just asuming and during that time young peaple died for the sake of jesus but again jesus died for us to have life in internity
  • Irene123 on Matthew 2
    This is a quote from a comment of 12-25-14. "The gifts were gold, frankincense, and myrrh. This means that Jesus was not poor as people make Him. He was rich."
    I imagine the Lord 'provided' so the family would have traveling money to Egypt. Jesus was God, so therefore had created all the world's riches and had need of nothing of this world - except souls. cont.
  • Linda on Matthew 2
    It is amazing how Joseph never question God but obeyed Him... Today people will find a hundred reasons not to obey God... Sad
  • Omologe Eseakpevwe John on Matthew 2
    Although Herod knew it was Christ that was born king according to the holy scriptures, yet he stood to fight against God. This shows that there are powers so rebellious that will rise against God and His program for our lives. Nevertheless, He is strong and mighty to save and to deliver. All we have to do is surrender totally to His eternal will and walk with Him by faith, trusting Him
  • Dude on Matthew 2
    This is a amazing story
  • Annonomoud on Matthew 2
    The devil job is to try to steal kill and destroy. But God is still n controll regardless. prophecy must b fufilled
  • Bruce on Matthew 2
    3/2/16,Linda:God knows beginning to end.What will happen to everyone and everything in creation,every moment. Nobody is going to be a threat in Herod kingdom! Not even a baby!Kill them all! No one will be king but me.
    If we don't pray for help,we get? Jesus prayed to the Father for us John17:20-21,Fathers will Mark14:36,have not--we ask not James 4:2
    You have not because you ask not James 4:2
  • Fridaychimbalanga on Matthew 2
    jesus is my sheppard
  • Yolanda on Matthew 2
    I believe in the word of Mathew n feel that the prophies had been fullfilled Amen I read and feel burdened by the death n law of male children. My question is how long Herold slaughtered these innocent babies? Was it truly rigbteous to obey act of murder..Did God give power to unrighteous men? Because of sinners in a land with no law?
  • Howard Masters on Matthew 2
    This is a very clear chapter did Joseph ever wonder about these moves being as though he was a carpet ender and his business had to move with him also this had to be tough but he still obeyed the Lord. Amazing.
  • Marleen Burchfield on Matthew 2
    Thank you Lord!
  • Irene123 on Matthew 2
    To Keith Cole on Matt. ch. 2 -- that was truly beautiful, Keith
  • Keith cole on Matthew 2
    There is extreme power in the spoken words of a spirit filled God severing Person of faith. Don't be afraid to hold God to his word. He spoke this world into existance ' make no mistake about it you have the power and authority in the name of Jesus to control the direction of your life if you make sure it is in line with his will and hold him to his word . Use that power to change the world.
  • Vincentia on Matthew 2
    there is the need to always be in tune with God for His direction. Can we imagine what we loose when we miss God's voice that gives direction? God help us to always seek Him.
  • Word on Matthew 2
    The cup of wrath that Christ was praying to be taken away was the cup that will be poured at the end. There will be many who have sat in churches all their lives but will be caught in shame and wanting to hide in the mountains because they got caught worshiping the false messiah antichrist. They went for the first Christ and said we are a widow no longer and think their husband has returned.
  • Dewey J on Matthew 2
    Linda, I know the bible says God's ways are pass finding out. Pr. 3:5 says trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not on your own understanding. Jesus said in Lk 22:42 concerning his crucifixion asking God to take that cup away but nevertheless not my will but thy will be done. Herod is the evil doer here but we know faithfully that all things work together for our good Ro. 8:28.
  • Lu2677 on Matthew 2
    Linda, God is righteous.What Herod did in his anger was wicked;murder of innocent children.
    Everything that happens is under the umbrella of Romans 11:33, but God tells his children to come boldly before the thrown and make prayer requests, prayers that are according to his will, he will hear.Praying for restoration is done in faith because God shows compassion and mercy.Trust in his mercy.
  • Sue on Matthew 2
    The Bible says out of your mouth comes blessing and curses and it also says that God tempts no man, so if you are a child of God you can command things to line up according to God's will! We are to have self control and if it is not from God and we are controlling our flesh, know that the devil has a part in that issue so open up your mouth and command the devil take his hands off in Jesus' name!!
  • Linda on Matthew 2
    Have a question concerning the commentary, where it says that "It was no unrighteous thing for God to permit the babies being killed, that every life is forfeited for his justice, as soon as it begins. If I am understanding this does that mean when things happen to us, we should just know that it is God's plan? And if that is right, then why would we pray for God to take it from us?
  • Lucy Wanjiru on Matthew 2
    The book of Mathew is such an encouragement,it is edifying to note that if we share in christ suffering, we shall share in his glory. Worth noting also is how as human being we may want to avoid suffering, yet the out come is so great..!

  • Oscar Porter on Matthew 2
    Wanting to learn more to become a teacher
  • Lucinda Palestrant on Matthew 2
    John, The verse does not say, as you claim, "Joseph did not know the prophesy." You are making an assumption. The Lord leading them is fulfilling prophesy. If scripture doesn't say "he didn't know" neither should we.
  • Lucinda Palestrant on Matthew 2
    Holly, Matthew 2; you asked,"what is the star" the star is exactly what scripture says it is. Don't think past what scripture says, you will miss the truth. Our thoughts are not his thoughts, his ways are not our ways.
    His thoughts are higher than ours.
  • Lucinda Palestrant on Matthew 2
    Holly,Matthew2:13; The "angel of the Lord is Christ", he fulfills prophesy. It doesn't say in this chapter whether Joseph knew all the prophesies or that he didn't. You are assuming he didn't know. The Lord does as he pleases. If scripture doesn't say he didn't know; neither should we.. Proverbs 3:5-7 I hope this helps.
  • John on Matthew 2
    Joseph was lead by God at that time because he did did not know the prophesy at that time, he just did what the angels told him to do

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