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  • Gerry Downes
    Thank you Father for your gift.
  • Maitta
    This is so Good to know the word; I have read the word and have understood for myself what matthew is saying about the birth of Jesus. Thank you Lord for your word.
  • Jovell
  • Rita
    Thank you God..
  • The problem is that Nazareth did not exist until late in the 1st century. Jesus did not behave as a Nazarite; so no comparison there. I think it is all made up. There is no prophecy 'he shall be called a Nazarene'
  • Jay naiker
    I dont care where He was born and how He was born.Iam glad that He was born
  • Doris early
    Astronomy....astology, whichever. These were probably chinese, not sure. Anyway, this was a miracle (divine intervention). For example in the OT when God made the Sun stand still for Joshua ( I believe it was Joshua. I'll look that up. One either believes the story on faith or one does not believe the story of how the magi baby Jesus in a House as a young child. It was the shepherds that found a new born in a manager in a stable.
  • Mike
    Astrology is the only possible explanation of this story, at least the first part of it. How else can people "from the east" see a star "in the east" decide to travel WEST to Jerusalem? The star was some sort of sign, not to be followed as some popular stories tell it but as an astrological prediction based on where and when this "star" was. The second part of the story is strange, (verse 9) seems to suggest they followed it, (it "went before them") and then "stood over where the young child was". I defy you to show over what house any particular star stands. All you have to do is walk in any direction and suddenly the star is standing over a different house. Astrology gets you in the general area but I'm not sure what can pinpoint a specific place (other than wishful thinking to add more kick to the story). Actually, astrological references show up in a number of places in the bible. Makes sense, astrology was a part of everyday life then, at least for the educated. We know better now but often forget to think like a 1st century person when reading these texts.
  • Doris Early
    The "wise" men from the eastp came to King Herod of Jerusalem inquiring of where the Messiah was that was born...they were astologers and had followed a star. The poin being they had traveled a long, long, distance and had a large caravan.refere to as the Magi. By the time they found the YOUNG CHILD, he was not in a manger according to Matt. Chapter 2. He was in a House. Probably 2years old. King of Jerusalem Herod, being jealous sought to kill JESUS he made a decree to kill all children the age of 2 and under. THE SHEPHERDS WERE THE ONES THAT THE ANGLES CAME TO TO FIRST ANNOUNCE JESUS' BIRTH When the shepherds found the infant he WAS IN a MANGER.
  • Dh
    Interesting that Jesus was in a house not a manger when the wise men visited. Also no mention of how many wise men actually visited him.
  • Sylbie Jackson
    I love just the way it is.
  • Marcus
    You can change the size of the font from your web browser.

    Black letters on a white background is the optimal way to read on the web.
  • Nellie Mann
    Good Morning,
    I would like to see the print larger. Other wise it's great to study from the computer verses the Bible, and thats because the light on the computer is bright which makes it easier to read.
  • Nickol johnson
    I think that this book speakes for itself.
  • Vernon music
    it would be a lot better if the bible was ritten in bigger letters
  • Slem Dog Millions
    I could not disagree more
  • Kimberly C. James
    If the background were a different color it would read so much quicker and the words are "etched" into the mind : )

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