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  • Fred Sabean
    If the wise men came from the EAST of Bethlehem, how could they follow a star they saw in the east? The star should have been in the west
  • John N.
    These "Wise" men were readers of the stars

    Herod wanted them to divulge where Christ was

    so that he could have Jesus killed! Not to just

    give gifts
    The reason why evil deeds are high during christmas season is that Herod (devil) will always like to avenge on christians (wise
    men) ,cos he was tricked during the birth if Christ.
  • Emmanuel
    Matthew 02:19. it is written as RAMA instead of JEREMIAH. Dont you think it is wrongly splled.
  • Mduduzi
    God protects his own and gives clear instructions through angelic beings. He is upfront and cannot be taken by surprise. He knew Herod's troubled heart and plans.
  • Bonnie
    The wise men did not come to the manger where we see them in so many depictions, but rather the "the house" where he was. He was by this time just under two years old. That's why Herod had children two and under killed, according to the time he had inquired of the wise men.
  • Sam Jones for verse 15
    Was this the orginal wording used in hebrew
    ( My son or Messiah)
  • Freshiah
    Jesus is supreme. At the time of His Birth He already owned a star.'His star' recorded in verse 2.
  • Sheela Austin
    The spirit of God guides all those who seek GOD earnestly
  • Sheron
    There are signs everywhere that can lead us to the savior. We must follow their leading as the wise men did. We are faced with many problems in this world and few real solutions. Seek Christ always, He has the solutions.
  • George for verse 11
    praise God, the wise men recognized Jesus first then his mother, means we should see Jesus first before our problems
  • John osarumwensejohn for verse 18
    Mathew 2:18 remind me. of exodus chapter 1 and 2 the birth of Moses.if Herod had succeeded in killing the child the scripture wouldn't have be fulfil.anyway,Gods will must be done.he to protect the saviour from destruction in early stage.
  • Bucks
    The wise men in the bible should be a resemblance of us. They studied the bible and its prophecy that helped them to find Jesus. The bible says that “When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceeding great joy. And when they had come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh.” Likewise that we should be reading and studying the Word of God with continuous praying to the almighty every single day that we may find him and worship him with exceedingly great joy and presented our gifts to Jesus.” What gifts you may ask?” The gift of our soul that we may receive him as our personal savior.
  • Persi for verse 1
    I have heard that the three wise men were Persian, reason being that the Persians had a lengthy understanding of astronomy.
  • Paul V. for verse 23
    The Bible is about 30% prophecy: highly detailed events penned in the past about future events, and most has already been fulfilled, to the letter. So Mike's comment above re: "I think it is all made up" seems flippant in the extreme, and is not a rational response, given the all we know. Isaiah 53 and Nathanael's comment in John 1:46 support the statement: the Messiah was despised and rejected, and Nazareth was synonymous with that which was despised. Mike's comment on his problem with the date of Nazareth's existence is based on what? Not scripture; must be the shifting sand of man's wisdom. When man's wisdom and the Bible disagree, the Bible has always been proven correct - just recall the debate about the existence of the Hittites.
  • Tina Berry
    God is awesome, and above all! He led me here this morning. initially, I didn't know why; however, now I know. He wants me to acknowledge that he is God, and to seek him to all my understanding. The eyes and ears maybe deceiving but the word of God is still the same. Amen Thank you lord for being so good to me. it's time cast all impurities back to the pits of hell. thank you lord it's my season!!!! Be blessed saints!
  • This verse came in my last nite's dream that I should read it, to me it means that I should always in my life seek him in everything that happens in my life and others (i.e. direct others to him so that they honour His greatness always in everything that happens on this earth)
  • Igene Orhen
    God preserves Jesus and his earthly parents lives so as to fulfill the scripture.
  • Alade Aniwapele
    These are the days of the manifestations of the Sons of God- and that is because the Kingdom of this World has become the kingdom of our LORD Jesus Christ. Hence, as children of the most High God, we should give immense attention to the Word of God – and that refers to the raw Word from the Holy Writ and also the preached Word. Why is that? It is because,the just shall live by faith- and also that, faith cometh by hearing and hearing through the Word of God.
  • Ray
    I agree with what stephen said in a comment OBEY GODS commandments and sumit your whole to god. AND WHAT CAN MAN DO TO YOU----------Praise the lord
  • Diamond
    forgive me lord i want to be more like you please help me to be more like you i want the chains to break off so i can worship you more lord forgive me please i love you and wanna be more like you and a preach the word in your name please for give me
  • LLoyd Samuel
    Hi, Please help me in prayer as I can only see myself in disobedience. Please pray for me that I will be restored in Lord Jesus from my sins. So may I be able to bring Glory to the Lord.
  • Timothy Schmid
    I always wondered what kind of warning God gave to Joseph to go back to Israel. There is a lesson to be learned here, and that is that people should not stray from God's commandment and to always have faith! Also, take charge of God's commandments and the challenges in life will be alright. Here is another lesson that comes into mind because someone was afraid to do what God commanded: The story of Barrack and Deborah.... God wanted Barrack to lead the Judge Deborah's army to kill the Caananites but hesitated because he was afraid against overwhelming odds.... So, Deborah said because of the lack of his faith, the victory over the Caananites would go to a woman. So, Barack missed out on God's glory forever! So, don't be timid and glory shall be yours!
  • Peter
    This scripture teaches that we need stay connected to GOD and he will guide us in everything we do. Further, it is important to learn that with God there is nothing that happens by accident, you will notice that though Joseph was fleeing but wherever he went prophecy was fulfilled.
  • StephendeRafael
    Good and evil exist in this world, sometimes in the same person. No man has seen the Father. He does not make himself visible to human eyes. Jesus, sent from Heaven knew the Father. Abraham was His friend, and Moses his servant. I believe Jesus became what he was, through perfect obedience, perfect faith based on his study and adherence to the Torah, and the prophets. Joseph, his stepfather may have been clueless. We don't know but Mary knew and exalted God, or magnified Him. The mercy and grace of the Father is freely given to those who seek him, obey his commandments and have the faith of Jesus. That is what the Scriptures say.
  • Mark
    Though strange connection, it reminds me of the hidden agenda in the Universal Healthcare Bill. It speaks of children age 2 and under with defects or disabilities will be denied coverage because they will be a burden on society and the government for their lifetime.
  • Robert Soukup for verse 18
    When first I heard of the tragedy in CT, this came to mind.
  • Jay
    Mr doubting Thomas, you may be confused about trying to reconcile the two genealogies from Matthew and Luke, when they are not meant to be reconciled.
    1.In Matthew the holy spirit is begating and in Luke the holy spirit is the son of Joseph father is Jacob in Matthew.
    2.In Luke Heli is father-in-law to Joseph. Heli is father to Mary. God always comes through the man's genealogy and in order to do this he must use the women's father to make the connection.
  • Timothy Wayne George
    Herod lied to the wise men about his motives, but God knows the heart, and that is why He warned the wise men not to go back to Herod, but another way to their country. Joseph is warned in a dream to take Mary, and the Lord Jesus to Egypt so that prophecy would be fulfilled, out of Egypt, I have called my Son. When Herod dies, God tells Joseph to take Mary, and Jesus to Galilee, then after Herod's son is king, God tells him to take Jesus to Nazareth, for it was told He shall be called a Nazarene. God's word is true, and all of the prophecy concerning the birth of Christ was fulfilled.

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