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  • Fred fiore
    Our adversary is always after the holy ones especially the Son of God. Stay vigilant and do not let those little foxes spoil your walk in Christ.
  • Seng awng kareng
    Herod's life may had been taken by God because he worried for sustaining the ruling power selfishness and causing many innocent young lives acting out anger . God has plans for our life. The cost requires to carry out his plan God will provide everything but we need to listen to His direction and follow immediately. In order to hear Instructions from God we need to be in fellowship with God at all times and be right with God Joseph was called righteous man of God and thus he was appointed to be Jesus foster father on this earth and do all protection by following God's direction. Even Joseph was considered an ordinary man he was able to travel to a far distance land to escape when the dream was presented to him by God to protect young Jesus I'm sure it can not be done without a cost...some of the precious gifts presented to Jesus may have been used in the journey to Egypt. For a believer God's provision could come through strangers to fulfill His will.
  • Anonymous
    I am very glad that Christ was born for us as also he in return died for our sin and then rose again to the right hand of the Father. Thank God for his son Jesus.
  • Noah D.Sumter
    Were very inspirational ,and enlightened by reading Matthew.
  • Bill
    I really appreciate this website. Very clear and simple approach to Bible reading. An example that stood out today was that the religious rulers were more than willing albeit demanded of to point out to Herod where the messiah would be born...and they were troubled...
  • Anonymous for verse 9
    I thank God for his Son Jesus
  • Anonymous
    The wise men had a hunger to worshi Jesus. As a result of hunger. God the father led them through the Holy Ghost in the form of the star. Cause Jesus is child of the Holy Ghost as recorded in Matt 1. The wise understood that ut would be impossible to worship him without drawing closer to him. If they were far away from they could not worship. Satan and his demons will try to prevent anyone from knowing or drawing closer to Jesus as did through Herod and his agents. But if there is determination , one will succeed.there will be rejoicing As one is led by the Spirit in this case in the form of star. Ultimately one will find the lord as they did. It is written ' seek me and u ll find me if u seek me with all the heart '
  • Insight 777
    Verse 11, People assume that the wise men found Jesus in Bethlehem at his birth. That may not be correct. Herod told the wise men to go to Bethlehem to seek Jesus but the scriptures say that they followed the star for guidance, no mention of their following Herod 's advice. Joseph and Mary left Bethlehem for Jerusalem to dedicate Jesus to the Lord. I think that the star stayed with Jesus at this time. The wise men may have found Jesus in Jerusalem while Jesus was there, LUKE 2v22. This may be why they found a young child in a house not a baby in a manger. The time of Passover attracts a great many people and it seems like the wise men would have been seeking information about Jesus there. Verse 41 in Luke chapter 2 says that Joseph and Mary went to Jerusalem every year for Passover feast. It is possible that 2 years had passed before Herod realized the wise men were not returning to him with information about Jesus since he ordered children 2 years of age and under to be killed. No one knows how long it took for the wise men to find Jesus. Luke does not discuss the wise men or the flight to Egypt to avoid Herod.
  • Insight 777
    Verse 19, Herod is a name used by several kings. Herod the Great died in 4BC, that is 4 years before Jesus was born. Herod Archelaus born 23 BC - died AD 18 the man that took over his rule, must be the dead Herod spoken of in verse 19 and not Herod Antipas or Herod the Great. Herod Antipas killed John the Baptist yet John baptized the adult Jesus. So verse 22 must mean that as Joseph was preparing to return to Israel someone told him that Herod Archelaus was still alive and ruling. This could be misinformation given by someone Joseph knew. So still following the Lords message to return to Israel because Herod was dead, Joseph went to Nazareth in fear because of the rumor he heard. So Jesus at this point in time could have been 18 years old. Still called a young child because he had not yet been baptized and was still in his teens. Child is a word that a person retains throughout their life. One is always a child of their parent. Asking an 80 year old person how many children they have, the reply could be, my first child is 60 years old, my second child is 55, etc.
  • Tyrone
    good morning I enjoyed the reading of GOD WORD , matthew 2 showed me how fallowing JESUS brings the attention and protection of heaven, the wise men followed the star and in doing so they met herod the king but there was no star that directed them to him but rather king herod , while herod was a king he wasn 't the King they were looking for , they continued to follow the star until they founf JESUS The KING of king who was a child , they worshipped Him, but in seeking GOD 's will and purpose the had heavenly dreams ...
  • Reinarudo Watanabe
    MATTHEW CHAPTER 2 1 18 15 9:48 AM December 25th is a Pagans holiday. For in the Holy Bible was no specific date that our Lord Jesus was born in that date. On this month can only the people to celebrate and family reunion. We are saved through our Lord Jesus Christ. God bless. A-men.
  • Rob
    IT is sad to mention why people try to tell us Christian that x-mas is a pagan holiday. When we have taken A Day to celebrate Jesus birthday , in so calling it a pagan holiday, does not matter ,it is a day we take of the year to celebrate. 25 LG DEC.
  • Motdaugrnds
    The actual time of Jesus ' birth can be found in Luke 1:5 thru 2:8 where Zacharias was spoken to about a son he and Elizabeth were to have and call "John ". Zacharias ' service times, his return home and the birth of John are made clear with John being born in the spring. Since Jesus ' mother, Mary, conceived in the 6th month of Elizabeth 's pregnancy, it leaves little doubt Jesus was born in the early fall. I know December 25th is when many enjoy giving and celebrating the birth of Christ however, Christmas is actually a pagan holiday having nothing to do with Jesus ' birth.
  • Evangelist Chatauna Robinson
    Hello Everyone I would like to make a correction. The shepherds were in the same country. He was given the name Jesus. The name Christ was added and it comes from the Greek word Christos meaning Anointed. It is equivalent to the Hebrew word mashiach, meaning Messiah.
  • Evangelist Chatauna Robinson
    Part 2 of 2 The wise men did not appear until Jesus was about two years old and living in a house with his parents. The scriptures call him a young child as oppose to a baby. The reason why we can deduce this is because this was during the time that Herod had decreed the killing of all male children from two on down. There is not an exact number of wise men. People deduced that it was three wise men because of the gifts that were presented to the young child, Jesus, when they came and kneeled down before him. The gifts were gold, frankincense, and myrrh. This means that Jesus was not poor as people try to make him out to be. He was rich.
  • Evangelist Chatauna Robinson
    Part 1 of 2 Merry Christmas Everyone I would like to talk about the nativity scene. When Jesus Christ was born there was no room in the inn for him and his parents. He was born in a barn and laid in a manger wrapped in swaddling clothes. We deduce that he was born in a barn, because a manger by definition is a box or trough to hold fodder for horses or cattle to eat. The only ones that showed up were the shepherds in the same county. They came because the angel told them about Jesus Christ, Luke 2 1 thru 20. Then eight days after he was born, he was circumcised and given his name Jesus Christ.
  • Evangelist Chatauna Robinson
    Hello Ar I did respond to your post two days ago. I will try and post this again. You are correct about the name Ieremias. The English translation from this is Jeremy. The following is the definition that I found The Biblical baby name Jeremy is the Greek version of the Hebrew name Jeremiah and its meaning is Jehovah has appointed or elevated . The following is another definition of Jeremiah This biblical name is that of the prophet Jeremiah. This Hebrew word means 'highest ranking given by God '. The English name of this name is Jeremy.
  • Okunlola David Tunde for verse 10
    Star in this verse means "glory " that bring joy to the world
  • Ar
    Evangelist Chatauna 's remark on Matthew 2. Please note that the name Jeremiah in Greek is Ieremias. The Greek langauge does not have the letter "J ". Also the Greek Bible Matthew ch 2 verse 17 refers to prophet in his full name Ieremiah, that is the full name of the prophet Jeremiah.
  • Evangelist Chatauna Robinson
    Hello Kt The name Jeremy is the Greek version of the Hebrew name Jeremiah and its meaning is Jehovah has appointed or elevated. So it is just the translation that was done.
  • I do not understand why Jeremiah is referred to as Jeremy this one time in the KJV
  • Insight 777
    This is important. What is the signifigance of the gifts of Frankincense and Myrrh? Frankincense or olibanum was mentioned in the Scriptures over 50 times and is found in the books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Chronicles, Nehemiah, Song of Solomon, Isaiah, Matthew, and Revelations. International laboratory research has demonstrated frankincense essential oil 's ability to shut down cancer cells without harming healthy cells. It shuts the cancer cells down by probing the nucleus and resetting the cancerous DNA to normal cellular DNA. Frankincense fights infections and combats the effects of nuclear radiation. Also medical reasearch has proven that Myrrh helps support thyroid function and combats radiation exposure. Myrrh is also used in embalming.
  • I think that the star, like Jonah 's fish, was a creation for the moment.
  • Victoriousvijay
    this information very useful to me .give details about Mary 's generation
  • Amy
    Most enlightning, just as I needed it! Our Lord and King has more surprises coming! I Am excited to be a part of this Earth and heaven today. May Grace be with you all. She loves you all.
  • Nteseng
    God is love, God is faithful, He is Jehova Sabaote, The Omnipotent God!
  • Joy
    God never allow his children to see shame. He always makes a way out and deliver them from d traps of d enemy
  • Chioma
    I understood dat wen Jesus Christ was born,king herod sought to kill and destroy Jesus Christ destiny,but he did not suceeded becos God was with Jesus Christ and protectedhim and his destiny until d very end.God is always with his children and fights our battles for us just as he fought for Jesus Christ.
  • Chioma
    I understood dat wen Jesus Christ was born,king herod sought to kill and destroy Jesus Christ destiny,but he did not suceeded becos God was with Jesus Christ and protectedhim and his destiny until d very end.God is always with his children and fights our battles for us just as he fought for Jesus Christ.
  • Roger
    Just wanna say praise God for everything, including my misfortunes because u know they mold me into who he wants me to be

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