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  • BSP on Matthew 17
    Verse 20-nothing will be impossible for us with faith. Our faith can enable us to do things that from a human perspective may seem impossible.
  • David on Matthew 17
    Why did the Holy Spirit stop Paul from going east when he was about to depart and forbid him from taking the message of Christ to them as he was doing elsewhere. As Jesus wanted His words taken to every human being,,this begs my question.
  • Dianne - in Reply on Matthew 17
    David Keeping it simple because his ministry was to the Gentiles.
  • Chris - in Reply on Matthew 17
    Hello David. It seemed that at this particular time, the Lord had other plans for Paul (& Silas). As you recall, in Acts 16:1-5, Paul was already in Asia (Minor) ministering, & he wanted to continue to reach out to those regions (as he had a heart for them, seeing that he was also from there: from Tarsus, Cilicia). So as he purposed to go further in Phyrgia & Galatia (v6), the Spirit forbad them from pursuing this course & wanted him to turn the opposite way, to head towards Greece (Macedonia, in particular). So he obeyed & got to Mysia, but I think Paul wanted to do a quick stop in Bithynia (NE of Mysia), but here again, the Spirit detected a wrong path by the apostle.

    So from Mysia, Paul & Silas touched the coast at Troas (v8), when the purpose of this detour was revealed to Paul; that he had an appointment amongst the people of Macedonia (v9). And there in Macedonia, in Philippi, he met several folk: Lydia, an evil spirit possessed girl, & a jailer & probably others we're not told of. After this, he continued his journeyings in that region (chapter 17). Even though, Paul's ministry was pressing in Asia, the Spirit had another, maybe more urgent work in Macedonia for him to fulfil. Paul did however go back into Asia on his Third missionary journey.
  • Paul the Apostles Life and Ministry - in Reply on Matthew 17
    Paul was a new Christian. Radically saved. He was a Roman, but began life as a Jew. He ascended to rank as a Pharisee.

    He was highly educated. He gave the order for Stephen the Evangelist to be stoned to death. Book of Acts. You can find more information reading that passage.

    Paul left there on his way to chase down more Christians. Jesus appeared to him on the Damascus Road. You should read of that also.

    After Paul got his eyesight back, he was liquid excitement to begin evangelizing. This was disturbing to the disciples in Jerusalem.

    Gods purpose for Paul was to EVANGELIZE THE VERY PEOPLE HE HAD BEEN ORDERING TO BE EXECUTED. He would be sent to the Gentiles!

    It was necessary that Paul be alone with the Lord, by way if the indwelling Holy Spirit to be taught.

    However, since there was not a Bible for him to learn from; seclusion was priority. He was taught by THE WORD OF GOD. The same as in John 1:1

    It took 3 years. His enthusiasm did not wane. Look at the maps of Paul's Ministry over the region. It was on foot, by boat, horses and donkeys. He was beat up, imprisioned often, stoned, bit by a viper, chased, Acts is an exciting book to read. He was a man of small stature but his presence was huge like King David. He wrote much of the New Testament. He made tents to fund the ministry.

    Important point iswe all need to spend scheduled time alone with the Holy Spirit. He is our Teacher. We too are SENT TO THE WORLD. Go ye into your world first. Evangelize large or one on one. Pray to the Lord of the Harvest. God sets up divine appointments as He wills.

    To be a part of that is beyond JOY.


    I hope Chris will reply to your question as well. I'm short on time here but Chris is long on history and depth of the journey I am sure.

    God bless.
  • Dianne - in Reply on Matthew 17
    Hi David I need help understanding the connection between Paul and Mathew 17
  • Esther Salinas on Matthew 17:6
    I'm sure they were terrified!
  • Patricia C Hudson on Matthew 17:17
    I need to see Matthew 17:17 in various Bible Translations, e.g., KJV, NIV, ESV, etc.?
  • Simeon Agboola on Matthew 17:20
    In need of your sermon always.
  • The opposite of Faith is unbelief. Unbelief dishonors God and blocks his ability to respond to our prayers and our requests for him to act on our behalf. Here, Jesus is telling his disciples their problem was unbelief and the need for much more prayer and fasting. Obviously, Christ is suggesting to them and us as well that, further prayer and fasting is what removes the unbelief that stagnates and blocks the Lords ability to respond to our requests. A "little" faith is all that the Lord needs to respond to our prayers but "unbelief" that the Lord will actually do what we are requesting thwarts the whole process. This verse tells me that the enemies of Christ are well versed in the spiritual laws and implications of shallow faith and ineffective prayers. They are under the authority of Christ and not the authority of man and will respond accordingly. It also tells me that I need to be ever closer to my heavenly Father in prayer and fasting if I'm to have any chance of waging battle in the spiritual arena.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Matthew 17:20
    Sometimes fasting means turning off all of the media. Read scripture. Just sit and wait on the Lords response. I got rid of cable years ago because of the noise, aggravation and cost. I enjoy the quiet.
  • Dan - in Reply on Matthew 17:20
    That's a great point...I know I sure could use a lengthy media fast. Thanks for the reply.
  • Rob on Matthew 17:5
    Matthew 17 v 5

    Another witness of God the father of Who Jesus is , His Son .

    So is Jesus God the son ? Never mention in scriptures, not even by Jesus or God himself .

    Jesus called God father , and God says by Witness that Jesus is his Son . This is the record do you believe Gods witness ? Or men's doctrines on who Jesus is ?

    For me it's a closed case .

    Jesus is the Son of God .
  • Lucille on Matthew 17
    Maybe Jesus words were written in RED is because of the blood that was shed for all us sinners and GODS isn't is because he is invisible
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Matthew 17
    No. But a good thought. I don't know who did it but I think it is a good thing to do.
  • Omadath Sibaran on Matthew 17:5
    What do they mean when someone says they plead the blood of Jesus or they cover something or someone with the blood.

    I thought that Jesus blood was shed for sins only. The lamb of God that came to take away the sins of the world
  • THE HOLY BLOOD OF JESUS - in Reply on Matthew 17:5
    Jesus's blood is so Holy that no demon EVER opposed Him during His ministry. They left at a high rate of speed or asked to go into some pigs which promptly ran off the side of a cliff and died.

    The subjects here are: spiritual warfare and the Authority of the Believers in Jesus, that are born again, Holy Spirit Baptized and protected through the shed Blood of Jesus.

    Gospels show that when Satan tempted Jesus (after he had fasted 40 days), he first tempted Jesus with food.

    Jesus countered Satan with the SCRIPTURES.

    In the Lords Prayer, one verse says: "deliver us from evil." In Greek I think it translates as: deliver us from the evil.

    Jesus has given us every means, including the Armor, in Ephesians 6; to scatter demons off ourselves, and others. Your prayers can be launched from one hemisphere to the other. We all have a personal responsibility to get in scripture and build up our ARSENAL against the Devil.

    If you don't know what Authority of the Believer is, then listen to some Charles Capps videos on YouTube.

    Be careful what is in your house, or what other house members bring into it. For example: if your teenager has a pentagram on the wall and blares "Tool" music through the walls. That's Satan taking advantage of you through someone you love. You have a right as owner of the home to remove offensive things. Be sweet but Tell the kid they can decorate THEIR apartment when they move out; and use headphones or you'll confiscate their tunes too. They'll be mad a while, but they like eating more. Be strong but be Christ-like when you interact.

    Go in there and pray scripture when they go out with their friends. Sing some gospel songs. Ask the Lord to dispatch an angel to keep everything evil out of the house. Evil is invisible, but total chaos from a kid is a sign that a "doorway" is open somewhere. You will know what to do. Hug often.

    Pass this info on to other struggling parents!

    Read Acts 19:19. Mishael
  • Allen on Matthew 17
    "21 Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting." This kind of unbelief ... Does not go out but by prayer and fasting.
  • Stanjett on Matthew 17
    3 And, behold, there appeared unto them Moses and Elias talking with him. How can Moses and Elias which was dead be talking to Jesus? They were resurrected and brought down from heaven for this purpose.
  • Shane - in Reply on Matthew 17
    if you be willing to read on in Matthew 7,8,9 you will see that the LOrd instruct them not to tell the VISION to no-one So jesus also touched them to wake them up and said do not be afraid... it was a vision not the presence...
  • Norman Victor on Matthew 17
    He had to do it in order to fulfill all righteousness, you know every jot, and tittle.
  • Biblefan on Matthew 17
    notice how jesus words are in red, but not the text of the voice in the clouds "this is my son in whom I am well pleased..." my inner voice is telling me that maybe it's not that important..probably more like "coffee talk"
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Matthew 17
    The red text was added by the writers that translated the bible so that we know when Jesus is speaking. not God or the angels that also speak to us . I don't think it was wrong that the writers did it. They didn't change any words.
  • Adam - in Reply on Matthew 17
    It's common to have Jesus' words in red among many Bibles throughout the world. To make an assumption that any quote not in red is somehow less important is a false conclusion. All the words of the Bible are important.
  • Erica - in Reply on Matthew 17
    I agree with your point. There are many instances where God spoke and the words are not in red. Take for instance the Genesis account where God spoke words which were so powerful that they created things, yet, none of those words was highlighted. Please remember that the bible was compiled by humans who have their individual interpretations and preferences.
  • Adam - in Reply on Matthew 17
    The words of Jesus, not God the father, are presented in red. This is a common to help readers know more easily which quotes are Jesus speaking. You can also read the KJV without it if you don't prefer red, or it will appear different shades depending on your device or monitor settings.
  • Frank - in Reply on Matthew 17
    The writers of the bible only put Jesus words in red text, not Gods.
  • Teri on Matthew 17
    ch. 17: Clearly the disciples still did not recognize Jesus as Messiah. Neither did they understand that he had to press on to Jerusalem and suffer and die so that he could rise again. Their unbelief hindered their ability to do the "works" and regarding the tribute money, Peter wanted to answer correctly, to the collectors, but Jesus showed him the way tho they didn't have to pay!
  • Obbie Beal on Matthew 17

    25 He saith, Yes, and when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? (I get it,I get it, this earth is not my home, so I am a stranger in a foreign-land, thereby I must pay them taxes.)
  • BSP on Matthew 17
    Verse 5~Jehovah God made it known that he expects us to listen to his son. We can listen to Jesus by examining his teachings in the Bible and then working hard to apply them.

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