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  • Jesus didn't insult her. He told her the truth. She then accepted the truth, and showed that she still believed that he could and would save her child. He recognized her faith, and granted her request. However, the truth still remains.
  • Matthew 15:26 made me ask, why does it appear that Jesus is snubbing this woman (trying to get rid of her/ speaking a racial slur/ telling her- you know what my kind thinks of your kind ) Could we be seeing that Jesus is "fully human"? We know He sometimes was annoyed and irritated with His disciples. He preaches "meek and mild", but in this case he comes across as "mean and wild". I always need to reflect on the whole counsel of scripture which is so "crystal clear". Jesus models giving up your rights for others and being a safe place for others who come into your space. Over and over again He tells us that He came to bring all into the community of the redeemed, that He wants none to be lost, and that if we want to be great in His Kingdom we should be the least (so others can be lifted up). He tells us to be done with unequal relationships. How clear His message- both Jews and Gentiles need grace. How clear that HE is all about bringing all people together and putting them on the same plain . His WORD is the ultimate anti discrimination message. His life, the "Divine Reversal" of racism.
  • Mishael for verse 26
    Jesus came to preach & teach to the Jews first. It's a prophesy. Read verses in your center of the page reference columns.

    The disciples were told to wait in the upper room for Pentecost: to receive the Holy Spirit and power.

    The Gentiles had to wait until Apostle Paul got saved, filled with the Holy Spirit, and told his ministry would be to the Gentiles.

    This great website has a Commentary Box you can click on to read explanation of any scripture in the Bible.

    pull up your verse in one of the 2 Search Boxes. Click and it turns yellow. Scroll downward till you see the Commentary Box.

    Open it up

    You would've seen that the prophesy said Jesus would be sent to the Jews first.

    Why? Because the Jews and Romans were going to crucify Jesus; just like John the Baptist was killed.

    I make mistakes too, so just apologize to Jesus. Humility is good for us :/

    It makes for good teachers.

    The Holy Spirit is our Teacher. Like me, ask Him to help you understand what you're reading. He will show you amazing things!

    He is the ONE the disciples were waiting for.

    If we hunger and thirst for righteousness; we will be Filled
  • Kevin leafgren
    for god so loved the world that he gave his only son that he that belive in him shall not parish but have ever lasting life :John 3:16 this is real look that one up its the only one you need in your heart and soul
  • Ruth Pollard
    I thank God for who and what he is, it has been along time since he have taken me deep into a place that I know that I was not here and showed me things that I don't know about, but I know that I was there. We are in the last hour,

    Before Armageddon begins. If you are not have

    the Holy Spirit dwelling on the inside of you, be very afraid. You need to get ready for the wedding it is at hand. Make sure you have enough oil for your lamp yes things that's going on In places we cannot see but yet know exist. You better get ready for that great day we have entered into the changing of the guards. Now is the time to know That you are on the side of Jesus Christ. Great is he that in you than he that's in the world. Amen
  • Jaleesa Freeman
    I know jesus can cure the corona virus!!!!
  • Jaleesa Freeman
    covid 19 can be cured by Jesus
  • Chris
    I quite agree. Christianity is to the World, just another religion, when in fact they should see it as a people changed and enjoying an abundant life: lives living beyond the carnal grips & deceptions of the world. We send out missionaries, who do a mighty work, we give our prayer & financial support to them, but at home our lives rarely demonstrate the finished work at the Cross. We stay mute when unborn babies are murdered, when homosexuality is given free rein, when convicted murderers & rapists are freed to repeat their wicked acts on innocents, & when lies & carnality become truth & purity. Many of the apostles died horrible deaths for the Gospel's sake AND for their stand against evil.
  • Rev Johnnie M Norman
    I fill that the Bible is fulling. Because America needs to get back to basics of turning back to the Lord. It is too much in our homes

    Sin, greed and jealousy. They do not have any morals or respect any more. There is jealousy, greed in our Churches,homes and in the workplace. Everyone seems to be for self. We are to help each other and to the Lord work

    People are not paying attention and listening to what is really going on. Life is too short with what is going on around us

    In the crisis we are in today.
  • Collins Lusi
    Psalms 34:7-9 NIV

    7 The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them. 8 Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him. 9 Fear the Lord, you his holy people, for those who fear him lack nothing.
  • Thomas
    Lock down is temporary, Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away. Matthew 24 v 35, Thessaloniki 5 v 16
  • Neluni perera
    I searched these in the bible and none of them are there so this is false
    I saw there was a I nstagram picture that there is something called divoc in the bible
  • The Caring Angel
    Let's all keep praying for this world that this Covid-19 disappears and that there is a cure for it soon.And that no more diseases like this again.I know the Lord our daddy wants all to keep praying for this.And stay safe and strong in the Lord!I am praying for you all an the world!
  • Norman ALSTON
    True things are happening
  • Louie Martinez
    God and COVID19: God's not dead! This post is based on everything that I've learned about this virus according to what I've learned from the news media. Everyday is a little worse than the day before and this is how it's been from day 1. Numbers are climbing higher on a daily basis. A doctor on the news has stated that we are going through the first wave of this Pandemic and that the 2nd wave will be much worse. Time alone will reveal what is yet to come. We're with God all the way or not at all. Both feet in but never one foot in and one foot out.Pray for everyone in this world so that the hearts of all the unbelievers will get touched by the blood of the Jesus which is the cure. God bless!
  • Marie Bishop
    This is very true.Some of us have walked away from God and doing our own worldly things and has forgotten about him. So he has to let us knwo that he is the Lord Our God and he always make the right decisions no matter what.
  • Louie Martinez
    A BIG AMEN to that. Many people have forgotten including those who have no knowledge that Jesus will one day return when we very least expect it like a thief in the night. I pray for myself and everyone in this world that we will be ready for this day when it happens. God bless everyone!
  • Laverne Perry
    Who was the one dreamed of skinny and fat cows? and in what chapter and verse was it?
  • Bob Hilt
    Joseph in Genesis 41:1 the King James uses the word Kine for cow or cattle. middle english word
  • Michael Brown
    If Jesus were superior to others because he had no father, then Adam would be superior to Jesus, because he had neither a father nor a mother.
  • Mick
    The Godhead is 3 distinct persons: Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit. Two times they said, "Let us". One was at creation, the other was at the Tower of Babel. The Father gave us to Jesus. He is the Word of God. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of Jesus.
    We pray to the Father in Jesus name. We ask the Holy Spirit to baptize us. He is our boots on the ground: He teaches us about Jesus, comforts us, He opens up the Bible so you can understand. You have to desire increasing closeness with Him. You will be smitten with a love you cannot describe. They deserve our worship :)
  • Alex
    Mick there are no caps or lower case in Hebrew. When God said ye are GODS it simply meant that Christ was gonna be multiplied as the stars of heaven via his words i.e That good seed is gonna be sown in our hearts i will give them a new heart and anew spirit. Which is Christ in you VIA TH NEW BIRTH VIA HIS SEED ETC.We see this so clearly when Jesus refered to the H.G. as the PROMISE IMPLING THE H.G is the multiplication of GOD IN US.The H.G. FELL ON THEM THAT HEARD HIS WORDS/SEEDS thus he can propagate God with his WORDS etc.When Jesus breath on them they received th H.G. His breath was his WORD that heavenly seed the very seed of God THATS Y HE REFERS TO THE HG AS THE PROMISE HALLELUJAH. TY
  • Alex
    Mick in order to understand the prophetic words of our lord ya gotta go back to the Promise when God swore by his very self that HE wd be MULTIPLIED as the stars of heaven this PROMISE was made to CHRIST AND HIS SEED via the new covenant the words of life ( the book )THATS Y THEY SANG A NEW SONG aft THE BOOK WAS OPENED the book is the new covenant in his BLOOD etc.Then the woman goes into birth pains simply b/c his seeds, her Child is th H.G. WHICH IS GODS PLURAL and gonna be as the stars of heaven.Thats y jesus refers to the H.G as the Promise he is the multiplcation of God/Christ.Ya gotta realize Jesus cd not refer to the HG. as the Promise if he were not the multiplcation of US.gbu
  • Alex
    Mick there is no heresy in CHRIST IN YOU IS GOD IN YOU. If ya have Christ in you you have God in you. But this is near future when the book is opened that contains the seeds of the sower the living words of God that new covenant i will put my WORDS in their HEARTS and minds That is gonna initiate a birth of Christ in us and CHRIST is God.My lil children of whom i travail in birth till Christ is formed in you and CHRIST IS God the son.But the kingdom has not come just yet. The WORDS of the book are the seeds of a Kingdom as Jesus said. Mick is the Father GOD.?If any man hears my WORDS and keeps them my father and I will come and take our abode with him where is the heresy mick? Christ in you.
  • Alex
    Mick i understand your position but ya gotta realize that these were the words of our lord To whom the WORD came it made them Gods plural its originated from the scriptures i have said ye are Gods meaning his WORDS his breath was the seeds of God this is future, the Kingdom has not come yet.This will happen after the book is opened that contains the words of life the seeds of the sower That is gonna make mankind Gods by those seeds/words of life. But you should realize that CHRIST IN YOU IS GOD in you simply b/c CHRIST IS GOD,If any man hears my WORDS/SEEDS and keeps them MY FATHER AND I WILL COME TAKE OUR ABODE WITH HIM. THIS IS NEAR FUTURE but this is the hope we live for Christ in you. gb
  • Yvette harrell
    For he so merciful i praise only father God the creator.
  • JCD4U Church
    6 And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for a all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. 7 For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, b pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. 8 All these are the beginning of sorrows. Matthew 24:6-8
  • Julius Kipruto Lagat
    Glory to God.
  • John M.
    Coronavirus/COVID 19

    Man made? Duh!
    john m. are you sure

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