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  • Randy
    more proof that Jesus does not want fans,but 100% committed followers.we must be all in,100% committed in our faith!With that we can move mountains!ALL PRAISE &GLORY to the Father,the Son, & the Holy Spirit ! AMEN.
  • Donna
    I cannot understand why people that send their comments are against God.
  • Henry
    Matthew 14 verse 27-31 I want work on my faith that that God wants us to have!
  • Donne Cook
    We were given this text by a great man of God, pastor James Harris of Manchester, GA in a family bible study that we conduct each Monday. Prior to him expounding on Matthew 14: 1-11 (particularly verse 6)I believed that praise and worship dancing in the church was a means of getting younger christians involved. He brought to light the fact the dancing of Herodias's daughter caused Herod to promise her anything (her dancing tempted him to the point of making unforseen promises)which ultimatly led to his ordering the beheading of the profit John the Baptist.
  • Desiree m
    I love how Jeaua would not let the people leave hungry, even though he could have, he did want them passing out of hunger. I think that is so considerate.
  • Phil
    The dimension of Jesus as the Christ transcends all human understanding: he knew stood as a pillar for Peter even in his time of doubt; he knew when his disciples were in danger; he took the devil unaware by rising above the natural forces and earthly limitation to protecting his own.He stood as the Christ. HE IS EVER IN CHARGE!!!.
  • Donald Hasselman
    We love to pick on poor Peter... There were 12 disciples... only one dared to leave the safety of the boat... I suspect that if we had more disciples like

    We love to pick on poor Peter. Twelve were in the boat. Only one dared to step out onto the water. When he was weak and needed help he called out immediately for the Lord's help. No going down for the third time for him. I suspect if we had more like Peter we would be accomplishing a lot more for our Lord!

  • Farrah
  • Tim
    In verses 29-31 after reading I feel joy in knowing that Jesus can prevent us from sinking but in order 2 do that we must keep our eyes on Jesus.
  • Marcus Hunter
    I love reading the Bible on this site. The comments really help to comprehend certain verses.
  • MZ. NETTE for verse 4
  • Glenda
    I have heard Peter walking on the water taught severl ways. His unfaithfulness or his being the ony one with faith in Jesus to stept out. I think Peter stepting out is more the way I believe. Ha!!!!Peter was only human. We all stumble and fall but like Peter, we need to fall on Jesus when we do. Like M.H. wrote " the healiing virtue was not in the finger, but in faith" We all have faith is something but, what is that something. #1 better be JESUS
  • Firsttimereader
    i got to say that the bible is amazing. im 26 and never read the bible before. i thank god for this website and whoever put it up.
  • Pam
    thank you one and all for your comments. I actually find this site thrilling. I have a small wireless lap top that I put beside my bed stand so I might have something that motivates me to stay wake in the morning and develop some real quality time before I go to work. The web site is so through that it remind me of one of those game or kid networks that has so much to offer. And for a Christian what could be better than the scriptures of our Lord, the clarity of Mathew Henry's commentary that consistantly stays on track to illuminate Christ's love through his mission. The opportunity for me to comment actully is an extended opportunity for me to feel special. and offers reinforcement while the teaching is fresh.

    Also the return comments makes me feel included in the Christain body of this site. I am so thankful to share with you, and that you would take up your time to devote to my welbeing, a stranger in a worldwide web site, staggers my immagination at being blessed, though I know that not all comments are persoanlly addressed to me. I don't know if this site was intended to be a study guide. I was just wanting to read the Bible online, but found so much more. Thank you and God Bless. I appreciate your devotion to Christ in action through your prayers, personal support and insights.
    I appreciate M H remarks about our consecience. Now a days people act as if that does not exist so to respect this level of response beyond mere opinion. Also M H observence on how we come to Christ is inspiring.
  • Richard
    Recently, a very dear friend of mine,an older woman(70'S) was highly distressed at my scripturally adamant stand against the practices of homosexuality,and homosexuals. As people, they are God's creation, and were and could be perfect in His eyes. Their lifestyle(sexually) damns them in well known scripture, ,"Men shall not lay with men, nor women with women". My friend called this my "...judging..and being hatefully discriminatory."
    She could not(would not) understand, as Mr. Henry explains, " That... when men live in evil
    we must not favour their self delusion ." I love her muchly but it is our duty as Christians to practice discernment in our ways, backed by The Word, and this cleansing process is never "judgement", but is the keeping of our souls
    separate from obvious sin.
    The world does call this, " rudeness and blind zeal"(MH), but we must always be on guard from the influences of unclean hands and minds. Even the grossfully inacurate label " GAY ",is merely the horrific misuse of the English language. A further attempt at "self delusion"(MH), and " are proofs and warnings of future judgement, and of future misery to them."(MH)
    Jesus did come with a sword. As His followers, we must not be " timid "(MH), as this cowardice leads toward the current blasphemies of " Gay marriage ",killing of unborn babies, and further spitting in the face of our Savior, walking towards the Cross, two thousand plus years later.
    If this offends, I am not sorry. Merely prayerful, for all of us have sin. The Bible is not meant to be picked and chosen to suit the world,but to guide us, without compromise, on the narrow path to Glory, and our future and only Judgement.
    I have a backbone, it's name is Jesus Christ. Humility I strive for,and pray for it. Thank God, I stand on a rock. Richard
  • Les Noll
    Just to add don.t be afraid to step out of your boat Jesus says come and when you are frightened He is ready to pick you up so get out there pray for others and your own salvation for sickness and finances for world recovery bind Satan up take the step Jesus is there to help you

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