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  • Sheila for verse 10
    it was a good verse,but i wonder why the lady wanted to cut his head off?
  • Norman Chiverengo
    Mathew chapter 14 Some men fail cause of their willing to please the wives.Herold please her young girl from the instruction of her mother, with John 's head in the plate.Look at what happened in the garden of Eden to Adam due to the the bribe from Eve which comes from the snake, the snake from Satan.Be careful with oaths you make.It 's a hard task to follow God 's way,consider John 's work and his death.With Jesus,everything is possible but faith determines.
  • Norma for verse 19
    If you notice...jesus gave the bread to the desciples and instructed them to feed the people....likewise jesus gives us the bread of life his holy word and instructs us to feed as many of his spiritually hungry as we are able.....blessed be the name of the lord
  • Abel Sebola
    it took Jesus word for Peter to walk on the many words are u expecting Jesus to say to u? Lord Jesus said Come...Peter walked on the words that he heard 'Come '..Jesus is looking for people who 'll come to him as he commented Peter, no matter how much u foll his still there to lift u up...thank u
  • Enyinnaya Cosmos for verse 4
    Sometimes, when power is vested on some people,they will like to use it as a source of influence towards others who fall under their authority. Like Herod who was a roman king to Judea.He took his brother 's wife while his brother was still living.this is not good to be seen among christians.John told him that that was unfair to have his brother 's wife while the husband was alive.Herod knew it was also wrong to do that.and He imprisoned John so as not to be implicated.
  • Nkosinathi Ngulube for verse 24
    We can calm storms, storms are repeated in our lives to strengthen us so as to deal with them as Christ Our Lord did.Yes we can with faith, but fear is the onset to failure.
  • Reader
    The picture at the top of this page for this 14th chapter contains the following caption Herod s Daughter Receives the Head of John the Baptist Matthew 14 3 12 Please change this to either Herodias s Daughter or Herod s Niece Herodias s daughter was not Herod the tetrarch s daughter Unless Herodias had committed adultery prior to that marrying his Herod s brother Philip s wife the entire reason John the Baptist was beheaded was because John told Herod it was not lawful for him Herod to have her Herodias Herod s brother Philip s wife Either way it is most accurate for the caption to read Herodias s daughter Thanks Also in reference to the Test Your Knowledge fo Matthew Chapter 14 question s answer choices you list demon as a possible answer The word demon is not listed anywhere in the King James Version of The Holy Bible I do not know it s origins but only devil is listed This is important because at least in one source that I have read the word demon is considered a mythical creature It is NOT found in the Holy Bible anywhere you can don word searches for it on this site or online elsewhere like the University of Michigan s King James Version of the Holy Bible s online site an older site but it still works great Either way devil is the term used in the Holy Bible lest people start to associate The Holy Bible s words with mythology a dangerous path Plus evil is in the word devil perfectly so it s a better word to use for that reason as well
  • Shadrack for verse 1
    the end time mssg shall be preached around the world first before the end comes
  • John Ojallah for verse 24
    mat.14:24, this shows the glory of God,and that God can do things impossible to man.
  • Bernard Belle for verse 24
    Jesus can calm all storms.Even the wind anbd wave oobey Him-which demonstrates that Jesus is Almighty God-Emanuel-God with us.
  • Aline
    When Jesus called peter to come unto Him on water, Jesus knew about the boisterous wind that was going to hinder peter to fulfill Jesus`s will. But Peter forgot that he has to walk on water with great faith in Jesus. Overcoming Challenges and obtacles which are present in our way during the fulfillment of God`s Plan in our lives require our Faith in God which is our deepest relationship with God, our intimacy with God, our knowledge about God. Who is God for you? God is my Daddy, my
    helper, my healer, my finance, my Breakthrough...
    Praise God
    God is Love
  • Pat
    peter was sinking and believed that he was dying and called out - Jesus save me. Just like when we are dying we should call out even mentally - Jesus save me and Jesus will come and save us, and say - why did you doubt?
  • Ms. Jeter
    Chapter 14 is a perfect example of how we need to stay strong and continue doing the works of GOD. Jesus was healing people everywhere he went. His purpose was of a great one put forth by The Great One. We have to keep our faith and learn to love one another. We have to keep GOD first..
  • Desongu Samuel
    The men of Gennesaret, first of all had a knowledge of Jesus, they recognised him.May God help us to have a knowledge of Him and not just a knowledge about Him.
    They sent round all the regions for the SICK.
    Many of us even when we invite people to Christian activities, we dont invite the seeming sick people.We invite our fellow believers only.May God help us from this:That we will go for the sick.
  • One
    What i think of Matthew Chapter 14 is: Jesus showing us, that when an opposition came up in his life that he did not let it keep him from helping those in need:

    He was on a mission to pray to God, and on his way to handle a desire of his, he saw the people in need, and he stopped his mission, and gave the people their desire, over his want at that moment........... Him showing us how we are too Love are neighbors as ourselves.
  • Clarice Staten for verse 24
    I think the Matthew 14:24 coupled with John 6:19 shows the glory of God through his Son Jesus Christ.
    We need to have the knowledge of who Jesus (God) is in our lives like the men of the Gennesaret. They believed he is a healer and brought their sick people and besought him that they may only touch the hem of his garment.
  • Timothy Wayne George for verse 3
    John the Baptist is in prison for preaching the truth. Herod Antipas was living with his brother's Phillip's wife Herodias, which was adulterous. John is ultimately beheaded for not being politically correct. Marriage between unbeliever and believers is prohibited for these reasons. II Corinthians 6 speaks about this, and when Christians don't follow this rule, it sets the household up for Satanic attacks. If preachers taught the Word of God like John the Baptist did, they too would end up beheaded. The bible said in the last days they would not endure sound doctrine, but would have teachers with itching ears. Jesus warned us that the time would come when they would think by killing us they would be doing God service. The Second Advent will be as it was in the days of Noah, and Lot. Violence and sexual perversion filled the Earth during those days. When we watch the news, that is what we see reported, and this just tells us how close we are to the Second Advent.
  • It not common nowadays to marry and only follow the one family advice in marriage because cultures are no longer original. Ethnicity has changed with a bit of Christian. Isn’t right to marry a non-believer?
  • Christy for verse 19
    He is the God of increase.
  • Jay
    It is commonly a well known fact that unbelievers are much less tolerable and much more opinionated against believers than vise versa. II Corinthians 12:10 the holy spirit (via Paul) states that when I am weak then I am strong. Weak=humble, when we are trusting in our own human strength (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually) then God has difficulty strengthening us in his might (spiritually, understanding, wisdom, knowledge, etc), Proverbs 3:1-13; 5:9, Philippians 4:13.
  • Waisvasu
    Verse 18 when he said bring them hither to me, he looked beyond the five loaves and two fishes,... likewise our capability, inability, disability and problems,.. But if only we avail ourselves to him, to present our life as a living sacrifice then definitely not only will we be blessed, but we’ll become a channel of blessings for others!!! Glory be to JESUS.
  • Deniece
    Donna: Those that are aginst GOD are like the seed's in the thorn's and will be choaked
    To BANE:
    Being weak does not require forgiveness, but if you can't accept that you are weak because of pride, than that causes us to sin. It is ok to be "weak" as long as you accept the fact that we all are weak beings, and confess to the Lord that you are weak, then the Lord will strengthen you. But if you can't accept weakness because of pride, then that deserves damnation.
  • Bane
    In Mt 14 Jesus fed more than five thousand people with two fishes and five loaves. I think that is the eucharist in honour of John the Baptist. But never mind, people were satiated.
    The point of my comment is that this morning I was in need for Jesus to satiate me like he did to those people, but God showed me how week I am. My spirit was week and I fulfill my corporal wishes. I did nothing terible, I just saw how weak I am. Now I feel bad and I pray the God to forgive me my weakness.
  • Jay Jay
    Dear Lord, Please expound this word to those who still can't believe that your are the real SON OF GOD not just a prophet or Angelic being. JESUS is worthy of all our praise, WORSHIP and honour and He received it in the past and is receiving it now from a true believer and will receive it in all coming eternity! Matt 14:33 Then they that were in the ship came and worshipped him, saying, Of a truth thou art the Son of God.
  • Randy
    more proof that Jesus does not want fans,but 100% committed followers.we must be all in,100% committed in our faith!With that we can move mountains!ALL PRAISE &GLORY to the Father,the Son, & the Holy Spirit ! AMEN.
  • Donna
    I cannot understand why people that send their comments are against God.

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