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  • Cynthia
    I have been told so many times that you don't work on the sabbath. I am glad now that I read it myself to know that is not true. You can do good and help one another any day.
  • Agatha Motsamai
    What does this verse reveals to us in nowadays
  • D W L
    Jesus is in the Bible 943 times Our Father is 253 times Jehovah is in the Bible 4 times Jesus said ask the Father in my name and he will do it.
  • Obbie Beal
    verse 15-21 educate us of GOD's timing; we learn of another important moment in TIME when Jehovah / GOD 'once again' teaches us how great is HIS love for all mankind (as it relate to SALVATION); at this moment in Time GOD is preparing to mightily send the good-news of SALVATION through all the gentiles-lands: Africa, Asia, Europe, Russia, England, then across the sea to all of the Americas ...,
  • Bruce
    Neil: Verse 24: Pharisees Said Jesus is Casting Out Devils by Beelzebub The Prince of Devils. Verses 31-32: Speaking Blasphemy Against The Holy Ghost Will not be Forgiven, Never/ Not Believing is Not Blasphemy Against The Holy Ghost. All are Non-believers.Only When The Father Calls(John 6:44) Ask Forgiveness(1John 1:9) Washed by His Blood(Revelation 1:5) Baptized with The Holy Ghost(Mark 1:8)
  • Bruce
    Steve Read Verse 24. Their Saying Christ is Casting Out devils by Beelzebub( Calling The Holy Ghost The Prince of Devils)
  • Bruce
    The Lord is Longsuffering to us-ward, not Willing that Any should Perish, But that All should Come to Repentance (2Peter3:9) Enter Ye in at The Strait Gate: for Wide is The Gate and Broad is The Way that Leadeth to Destruction and Many there be Which go in thereat:Because Strait is The Gate and Narrow is The Way that Leadeth to Life and Few there be that Find it(Matthew 7: 13-14)
    Every oppressed spirit that is of God comes to repentance and shall be forgiven as this is the will of the Lord. That oppressing spirit of antichrist confesses not that Jesus, even this Christ child, is come in the flesh this very day and therefore, is not forgiven in any generation of this world (soon to be made void, again.) That antichrist spirit is a deceiver as it knows Christ IS here, NOW.
  • Steven marks
    i do not understand paragraph 32.
  • Stanjett
    Once you are saved, the Holy Ghost holy spirit comes into you. All sins can be forgiven except for Speaking Blasphemy Against The Holy Ghost.
  • Jeff
    The "smoking flax" refers to the flax wick of a lantern. If not trimmed properly the wick smokes. Same if the lamp is low on oil.
  • Bruce
    A Picture of One's Spiritual Walk, Weakly Seeking Salvation or a Closer Walk with Him. Like a Smoldering Fire, There's Still Hope. Christ Will not Extinguish that Spark
  • Varoojan
    Can someone help me understand verse 20, what is meant by "smoking flax." Is this similar to smoking from a hookah, etc. or am I totally wrong about the actual act of smoking?

    Thank you for taking the time to clarify.

    Your brother in Jesus Christ,

    But this hypocrite speaks many things which it believes to sound good, but with an evil heart. The wicked attempts to grossly diminish the worth of the Son of GOD, even this Christ child; by saying the Son is separate from the Father. Yet, the Scripture says: That all men should honour the Son, even as they honour the Father. He that honours not the Son honours not the Father which has sent him.
  • BSP
    Verse 34~When a person speaks good or bad things it is an indication of what is in the person's heart.
  • Paul blanke
    How do we apply "idle" to Matthew 12:36 as an example? The definitions are several, such as, useless, worthless, a waste of time etc. It seems quite important that we will be judged by what we say? Some will provide other promises that assure our salvation. We then have conflicts in our understanding. I think of the different computer sites that occupy our time with idle contributions.
  • A disciple
    BSP; Verse 38 (reply); This is an extremely important point! We see the world is bursting with wanna-be prophets, false teachers, and misguided UN-Spirit-filled expounders of the times; while the Lord said, that the only sign really given to them by God, is the one they all categorically despise and reject; which id the preaching of the cross of Christ. So for all those, all is done in parables.
  • BSP
    Verse 38~The Pharisees wanted to see a sign, but Jesus did not give them one. Jesus recognized that their motives and intentions were not pure so they did not receive a sign.
  • Nichelle Clark
    Either you are for Christ or against Christ, and those whom are against Him shall be scattered abroad. They say they believe in His word but, their hearts believed not in Him. All glory and honor much be given to God the Father, in Jesus name. Amen
  • Penni Carter
    It is so easy to get comfortable in idle chatter, but how can we say that we are good and love the Lord? God sees and hears what comes out of our mouths, and out of the abundance of our heart our mouth speaks. We are nothing but filthy rags just idly saying nothing about nothing. Although we may speak quietly where we think no one else can hear, God does! I know our world must repent for idle talk
  • A disciple
    Emanuel; I think it might be best to just let you be with your ideas for now; seeing you really don't seem to want anything else. The doctrine that proves sound is that which will support our overcoming this present evil world; both now, and in the Day of God. Let me leave you with this recommendation only; that you study carefully 2 Peter, especially the first chapter; as it is the foundation.
  • Emanuel Fernandes
    why dont you pray to God for discernment I actually study and meditate on the bible by reading these comments I see most of you just read it .THIS IS NOT MANS WORDS THIS IS GODS WORD. Reading is not good enough I medtitate DAILY. Study to shew thyself approved which your not dont know if your saved or a babe in christ. NOT A NOVICE BEING LIFTED UP WITH PRIDE!
  • A disciple
    Emanuel; I did read through carefully all that you wrote; and I'm saying that you are very mistaken! Jesus being here on earth or in heaven has nothing to do with whether men let Satan enter their hearts to blaspheme the Spirit. And the Lord said precisely without any room for confusion or misunderstanding: The Blasphemy of the Spirit HAS NO FORGIVENESS; not in this world, nor the next one coming!
  • Emanuel Fernandes
    If you actually read not skim my comments you would get my point. I said there is no way to blasphem and not be forgiven. You can blaspheme the Holy Ghost and be forgiven. The Pharisee we're not to be forgiven because Jesus was physically here on earth. That's the difference! Charamastic believe YOU CANT BE FORGIVEN TODAY WHICH IS WRONG. Does anyone TRULY LABOR IN THE WORD ANYMORE?
  • Jen
    2 Timothy 2:15.. There are different dispensations in the Bible, and the gospels are not written to Christians during the church age that we are now in. The blasphemy of the Holy Ghost was only possible to Jesus Christ when He was on the earth in bodily form; not the indwelling person of the Holy Ghost in born again believers today. It will also be when He comes on the earth again.
  • A disciple
    Dear Emanuel; you are mistaken about how one can blaspheme the Holy Spirit. Are you not aware of the furious rage of blasphemy against the Spirit coming from all sides these days? What about EVERYTHING coming out of Hollywood and the entire Entertainment Industry? Also, about being "Charismatic;" you should do an unbiased study on its origins and put them alongside the Scriptures: NOT of the LORD!
  • A disciple
    There are a number of folks posting on here who are wanting very badly to run with the tidings, but have no tidings yet to bear. Let him that teaches wait on teaching! The knowledge and understanding can only come through faithful continuance in the Lord and proven by fiery trial. So many young Christians just barely get started with Jesus and don't know how to wait for Him to teach them first.
  • Bruce
    Linda: Speaking Evil of The Holy Spirit. Telling a Born-again Believer they have a devil or saying The Spirit is lying,etc. Mark3:29-30.---Abortion is not Blasphemy against The Spirit,it's just sin that The Blood of Christ can Cover. I haven't been reading the Post as much or of some Individuals. I guess I need to change that. Thank you Linda for your question.
  • Okoilu E. Olawole
    To blaspheme means to deliberately, yet blindly, insult The Spirit of God, calling Him that which is contrary to His identity- an Evil spirit.
  • Emanuel Fernandes
    First if your a charismatic ITS IMPOSSIBLE to blaspheme the Holy Ghost and be not forgiven. You can only blaspheme The Holy Ghost when Christ was physically on the earth. Pharisees thought Christs miracles was from devil possession. The only time you can blaspheme the holy ghost in the future is when Christ returns to rule the earth from his davidic throne

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