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  • David Johnson on Matthew 1
    gd is not dead
  • Betty on Matthew 1
    Why do Christians continue to celebrate Christmas on December 25 when it is based on paganism? Why doesn't the church teach why That day was chosen as Jesus' birthday? The truth needs to be taught.
  • Adam - in Reply on Matthew 1
    Hi Betty,

    Why do you assume December 25th is a 'pagan' day and not a Christian day? Are you 100% sure it wasn't a Christian day already before others started pretending it was instead 'their' day? Should Christians then cower and yield to evil everytime evil challenges them?

    What if you researched and found that every day of the year could be associated with some kind of witchcraft, pagan, satanic, or other evil forces, does that mean Christians should never do anything ever again? What if the opposite happened- that Christians stopped being afraid and stood up and boldly celebrated Jesus?

    Christmas is the #1 holiday in the world and it is a Christian holiday. To many it is the only time they hear about Jesus- some for the first time. Yes, it's imperfect and some people distort and commercialize and mass up the message, but you have to admit it gets through, and people have a lot of associations with love, family, and Jesus. Why would you want to take away? If someone's goal is to remove the one opportunity some have to learn about Jesus are they doing the work of God or of satan?

    So, if we don't know precisely what day Jesus was born is that a reason to stop all celebrating of Jesus on Christmas?
  • Wallis - in Reply on Matthew 1

    Betty might be a Jehovah's Witness. They don't celebrate any holidays or special occasions. Not even their kids' birthdays. I knew a couple of former JWs and they would get so mad about never having had a birthday. I guess they think we all worship everyone with a pagan holiday for every person we know. Strange customs are one sign of it being a cult. Jews only had sad holidays.

    A lot of atheistic and anti-Christian documentaries are out now, trying to hide the divine mystery of Christ. One of these is Zeitgeist, which purports to debunk Christianity as being a copy of older pagan rituals that men who wrote the Bible stole. However, we know there is nothing older than God, the Alpha and Omega. Christ was set to be our Redeemer always, from the beginning of time and even before that. Men did not write the Bible alone. Satan is the liar. He is the one who stole the story and presented it over and over in hopes of defiling the miracles of God.

    So yes, Satan made Isis, Osirus, and Horus. Nimrod dies and his mother Semiramis says she is pregnant by her dead son with his own reincarnation. There was a tree with presents underneath around the winter solstice. Saturnalia worshipped Saturn, another named for Satan. Sol Invictus was the birthday of the sun, the 25th of Dec. But what if all that was planned because Satan knew beforehand that Christ would be born then? Why do we celebrate Easter? That is a fertility ritual named after goddess Ishtar. It's based on Passover, not the equinox. It's a Resurrection celebration. Eggs and bunnies bring back the fertility thing. God said our offspring would number like grains of sand. Be fruitful!

    Sin and death were conquered. We're free from the old Law through grace.

    I Cor 2:7-8

    But we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto our glory:

    Which none of the princes of this world knew: for had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.
  • Betty - in Reply on Matthew 1
    I don't assume that Christmas is a pagan holiday. It has become a pagan holiday, forgetting the real reason for the holiday.
  • Adam - in Reply on Matthew 1
    Says who? It hasn't to me. Has it to you? Just because a small, but loud group says or does something or just because TV propaganda says something doesn't mean it's true or that I have any less right to celebrate Jesus Christ every day. No one can take that away. Christ is literally in the name Christmas.
  • Patricia on Matthew 1:25
    How many children did Joseph and Mary have together?
  • Willoughby on Matthew 1
    Marriage problem how to fix it
  • Steven Spencer - in Reply on Matthew 1
    Hi Willoughby, I think I left out one of the most important words in my comment, That is Mercy. Thanks
  • Steven Spencer - in Reply on Matthew 1
    Hi Willoughby, Prayer, It works "but God wants your own" not a loaner. And walking together in Gods will. I think God gives us marriage to communicate to us Christ love for the church, the love and relationship between a husband and wife should model Christ relationship to the church. Ephesians 5:22-32 (KJV) Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.

    For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body.

    Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in every thing.

    Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it;

    That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word,

    That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.

    So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.

    For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church:

    For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones.

    For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.

    This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church. We have to incorporate the fruit of the Spirit love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,

    Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law. and forgiveness and humility. I hope that helps, thanks.
  • A Marriage Prayer to pray every day out loud - in Reply on Matthew 1
    Dear God, thank you that this the day that the Lord has made. Thank you for my life and my wife's life.

    I ask that You would protect us from the schemes of the devil to distract and frustrate and tempt us to sin against each other.

    I pray that all ancestral and familiar spirits be bound in the Name of Jesus and cast into outer darkness to stay there and never return!

    Holy Spirit help us to resist the blame and accusations of satan and flee temptation.

    In moments of weakness, please help us to give grace (unearned favor), and forgiveness to each other. Help us to support each other and keep each other accountable on a daily basis. I receive Your strength to repent and run from it.

    In the Name of Jesus, I reject the spirit of Jezebel (in the Bible) and cut all ties to bondages. It is written: Resist the Devil and he must flee. The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy this marriage.

    Help us be quick to forgive and lift each other up in Your strength so that we may enjoy Your perfect will for our marriage and our life together. Holy Spirit enable us to put Jesus first in our marriage and our lives, every day.

    Thank you, Heavenly Father, in the Name and Power of Your Son, Jesus. Amen
  • William - in Reply on Matthew 1
    God is my savior remind I'm not alone. Man should love his wife as God love his church. Depart Devil this is my house I'm the master here and God is master of my soul my love

    For my wife and us are one together in heaven we shall be one as together let no man are another take up apart god got his arms around us
  • Ellie on Matthew 1
    What are the seven deadly sins?
  • Beverly Waldrop on Matthew 1
    Just looking for something other than Bible app. Was hoping to have it as a vocal to listen to
  • Gary Suderman on Matthew 1
    Were planets called stars back when Jesus was born? As in the Bible in

    Amos 5 :26 AMP

    You carried along your king Sikkuth and Kayyun [your man-made gods of Saturn], your images of your star-god which you made for yourselves [but you brought Me none of the appointed sacrifices].
  • Jake on Matthew 1
    Where in the old testament do we read the Isreal nation was punished for obeying a king?
  • Mishael - in Reply on Matthew 1
    The Books of Samuel, Kings and Chronicles, contain the history of Israel and Gods dealings with them.

    The same events can be explained and confirmed between the books (sort of like you see the same event in the Gospels as seen by 4 different Disciples)

    You're seeing a more complete account of events.

    Explore using the Search Box, which opens to the KJV Commentaries in your studies. If you type in a common word contained in all 3 books; it will gather common verses.
  • Who is Valak and why is he appearing in my daughters dreams on Matthew 1
    Who is Valak and why is he appearing I'm my 14 year old daughter .
  • Kenneth Darling - in Reply on Matthew 1
    Okay as a parent it is absolutely your duty to monitor what your children are watching on television/movies/internet...

    First off you must ask the child what exactly is appearing in her dreams/nightmares? Is it the fairly new horror movie character Valak the Nun? Or is it the actual demon Valak who appears as a young child riding a two headed dragon?

    Most likely it will be the Nun from the nasty terrible horror movie that has been released recently. If this is the case then it is Up To You to make sure your children are not exposed to such disturbing movies and television shows. As well as monitor their behavior online whether it's youtube, social media or any other of the dangerous areas of the internet. STOP thinking your children can handle what and what not to watch. STOP allowing your children to call the shots in the household...

    If parents expect their children to be mature enough or responsible enough to decide such serious decisions I Promise You Will Not Like The Results in the Long Run! We have to have far more Diligence when it comes to the content our children are now being introduced to in today's evil world.

    And for those parents who think I'm overreacting then I'm afraid your already lost to the world and nothing may pull you and your children back to the reality that Satan controls almost ALL media content on tv/movies/music and internet.
  • Chris - in Reply on Matthew 1
    Just doing a search for this name, Valak', & there was a film called "The Nun", & about a demon, "Valak". Has your daughter been watching this movie (with an 'R' classification)? Sometimes, when we are strongly moved or influenced by an external force, especially for a lengthy time, then it's possible that they can make an appearance in dreams or even when awake.

    Please check with your daughter on this & observe whether there has been any changes to her behaviour or moods. Is she vulnerable or sensitive to what she takes into her mind & heart? Maybe she worries easily or quickly gets despondent over issues? If something has taken place, she may need help & counselling in the first instance. Or better still, check with your Pastor, if you attend a strong Bible-centred Church & let him talk with her.

    I remember hearing on the news a couple of years ago, about a character called "Slender Man" & many, particularly girls were not only affected by 'it' but also began to accept that 'it' actually existed & walked about with them. So do question your daughter on what she has been reading or viewing.
  • Salehtg - in Reply on Matthew 1
    permit me to respond to the issue above.Parents dont give thier wards the required spiritual guidiance ,they are left in the hands of the society ,hence,the spiritual crises.Teach/train a child in the way he should go but the parent want the society to mold thier children and outcome are demonic attacks and all manner of unpleasant experiences.Therefore,its high time we show our children the way of cross.
  • Natalie - in Reply on Matthew 1
    Folks I am a Christian , I know Satan is powerful if you open the door even just a crack . All he can do is Harrass some one and scare you . If you are a child of God he really has no power over you he is already defeated . The kids got scared and turned it off and they were scared enough they prayed and ask for forgiveness right after it was turned off . I have never heard of the Demon so I thought I would ask about it .

    Thank all of you for your concern .

    I don't allow any horror movies in my home

    This was seen at a friends home .
  • Paul Collins on Matthew 1
    Are all who say they are Christians really Christians? Who said I die daily--do you? I find very few so called Christians really are.
  • Mari B - in Reply on Matthew 1
    To Paul Collins, Amen brother.Those that ave the truth knows to be a true Christian is to obey the gospel & to know our God. Follow God in all his ways. Yes, pick up your cross & follow him. To have the mind of Christ, to love as he loves. We can not do anything without his help. 2 commands are that we must love him w all of our heart, soul, mind, & strength & love our neighbor as thyself. We can not do this in the flesh. We must have the power of God indwelling in us, the Holy Ghost (Spirit). Acts 1:8 says you will receive power once that the Holy Ghost has come upon you. We must live for God. Without holiness no man shall see the Lord. I want everything God has for me. Prayer is everything. We must be in prayer always.We must do the will of God.

    We must always listen for him to speak to us. He will certainly speak to you + it's amazing to hear him in that still small voice. It brings joy to my heart & I tell him so. Live a life unto God. Speak with loving kindness. Do not love the world. "For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God". I love God's truth.
  • Paul McDaris - in Reply on Matthew 1
    To the one about Matthew and we must live and love in our lives like God. You are powerful I need you around all of the time. Such an uplift to hear the truth from you like that. Keep it up I need your kind of encouragement and I believe God brought me here to read exactly what you said. Thank you and thank you God for your leadership.
  • Rev Dr Paul Collins - in Reply on Matthew 1
    I have been in the ministry for over 40 years and find your reply very on the spot. Just believing is not enough for it says in the bible that "even the devils believe and tremble." My ministry has mainly "Set Your House in Order". Thanks for your comment.
  • HERBERT BROWN on Matthew 1
    Why herod the king went to killthe young child
  • Chris - in Reply on Matthew 1
    In Matthew chapter 2, we read that the wise men had been directed by the star towards Bethlehem. So they came to Herod to enquire about this child that was said to be born 'King of the Jews'. They even told Herod of the prophecy about this child & all this caused Herod to become troubled that his rule would be compromised by the coming of another king. You can read the rest of that account in that chapter, of how Jesus' earthly family had to flee to Egypt, & Herod's subsequent anger in not being able to find this 'child king' so he ordered the killing of all the children under two years of age.
  • Hope on Matthew 1
    I love the bible and I Luv god I Luv Jesus and the holy spirit and I luv the world
  • ELVAMAE JOHNSON on Matthew 1
    O what a loving savior our lord jesus christ: who pardon us of our old unreceived ways, to give us hope once again.

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