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  • Taylor Marcoellis on Matthew 1
    I love this (matthew 1-18)
  • Taylor Marcoellis on Matthew 1
    In Matthew 1:18-25, What Did The Angels Do When Jesuss Birth, Marys Deliver?
  • The ministry of angels - in Reply on Matthew 1
    Luke 2:8-20

    The night Jesus was born there were awesome displays of angels speaking to the shepherds tending their flocks in the area. They were given messages to take to Joseph and Mary.

    The Archangel, Gabriel (the messenger) gave information to Mary and Joseph, directly and indirectly before and after. The message to flee into Egypt.

    This should comfort us, that even tho we may not see them, angels do perform tasks as the Lord delegates on our behalf. At no time should we praise angels. They are created to serve God.
  • Taylor Marcoellis on Matthew 1
    Jesse And Ricard, You Guys Are Very helpful God Bless Your Families And Friends And Selfs
  • Taylor Marcoellis on Matthew 1
    Amen, lacey praise the lord
  • Taylor Marcoellis on Matthew 1
    I Agree With Chris Which Chapter And Verse Denise?
  • Taylor Marcoellis on Matthew 1
    I Got You, Grace :)

    Prayers For You, Grace!

    -Taylor Marcoellis
  • Grace on Matthew 1
    I need prayer for me
  • Lauren - in Reply on Matthew 1
    I am praying for you friend in Jesus' Name
  • Patricia Birch on Matthew 1
    I love reading the bible it is more under standable for me to read it from my phone I under sand it more but I do need a new Bible with big print
  • Denise Barnes on Matthew 1:1
    What is an emperor used in the book of Samuel?
  • Chris - in Reply on Matthew 1:1
    Denise, could you provide a reference for this? Which book of Samuel, chapter & verse?
  • LACEy on Matthew 1:1
    I feel like i have a lot in common with Jesus. A lot of similarities. Does the Bible ever mention about Jesus having any romantic relationship? Or even a desire to have a romantic relationship? I've always felt different. I've never desired any romantic relationship. But I've always loved to take care of animals. Jesus loves to take care of us. I've had jobs working with animals. Then i started to see the Bible verse :Jeremiah 29:11. I thought that was god 's way of telling me that his plan for my life was to have a lifelong career working with animals. But those jobs did not last as long as I'd hoped. It felt like a peice of myself was missing. Then during this corona virus i started to write in my journal about my personal experiences. Through the process, i realized that i was answering a lot of questions I've had about myself all my life. Finally i understood me & i realized that maybe this was god's plan for me all along. His plan was for me to seek out personal information about myself. It reminds me of another Bible verse :Matthew 7:7. And that's exactly what is been doing. I was seeking out information to understand what makes me different. I was asking personal questions about myself because I'd rather understand, instead of doubt & the door was opened wide for me to see the answers to those questions. My prayer is that my story can help anyone else who feels different. Its OK to be different no matter what & it's healthy to accept yourself!
  • Fred Scanlan - in Reply on Matthew 1:1
    When we come to Christ we begin to see things from a different perspective. we begin to look at ourselves through the eyes of God. He has created us from the very beginning. Many will go trough life without knowing Him or what he has in store for those that love him.
  • Gary on Matthew 1
    When did they Change the words in the Bible from Old and New Covenant to Old and New Testament?
  • Jesse - in Reply on Matthew 1

    It can be called either New Testament or New Covenant. I call it the New Testament but it would not be wrong for me to call it the New Covenant. There are several places in the "NT" where we see the word covenant and testament. Both those words in the Greek text are the words DIATHEKE, and they can be translated into English as either testament or covenant. They both mean the same thing, so it would not be wrong to call it either way!
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on Matthew 1
    Hello Gary,

    I did a little search for you. As I cannot say when the word "covenant" was replaced with "testament" in the Holy Bible. To begin they mean the same thing. Covenant is still used in the OT over 250 times. Testament and covenant are used in the NT for the same Greek word they are translated from.

    The word covenant seems to have it's origin in old French. The word testament seems to have it's root from Latin. Making their way to English.

    Both meaning the same thing as a "disposition,pledge, pact, or treaty".

    Hope that helps. God Bless.
  • Adam - in Reply on Matthew 1
    Hi Gary, I'm not aware of any change. Can you be more specific and list why you think there was a change of something somewhere by someone?
  • Carleton on Matthew 1
    Anyone viewing the live feed webcam of the Icelandic Volcano nighttime eruptions? Pretty awe inspiring.
  • Mishael on Matthew 1
    To add to the call to pray for the Country of Nigeria:

    I'm challenging everyone to call their local Christian radio stations, to play this song frequently. It stirs my soul. We possess power to turn the evil to glory, for the Lord Jesus Christ.

    "Wake Up America" by Terry Talbot
  • Carleton - in Reply on Matthew 1
    Okay Mishael, I don't want to rub it in but your convert here misses you. Just talked to my Nigerian brother Minister Patrick, He is well and sounds hopeful. He knows of no one personally who has died of Covid19 but does know the loss of a close friend that was kidnapped and later murdered this past January. Prayer is definitely desired but life goes on for most that stay close to their villages where they are more understood by their love. Phone call brought up the subject of running a little village Christian school. So looks like a bank trip sometime soon. :)
  • Patricia on Matthew 1
    What book talks about when the horse saw the spirit of death.
  • Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - in Reply on Matthew 1
    Four Horsemen: Book of Revelation, Zechariah and Book of John (Patmos)

    The four horsemen are described as Satan's army, Conquest, War, Famine and Death. One of the horsemen, Famine, deceives Satan with the intention of working for the side of good.

    Four figures in the Book of Revelation who symbolize the evils to come at the end of the world: They are often called the four horsemen of the Apocalypse=

    The figure representing CONQUEST rides a white horse

    WAR rides a red horse

    FAMINE, a black horse

    PLAGUE and PESTILENCE, (world pandemic) a pale horse. They are often called the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

    Personally, I believe conquest is the subverting of world governments or political power. The Antichrist goal is to produce one world government and one world religion. Also, one world money system, which the Beast will use to deceive people into taking his Mark into their foreheads or hands: in order to buy and sell goods.

    Different Bible translations say of Matthew 24: plagues, pestilence. Our society calls it world pandemics. It's a disguise for the truth told to us 2000 years ago.

    All these things are happening together in THIS century; Jesus told us these are the signs of the last generation of people.

    Keep watch on world money systems changing to create the One World Money System. Such as bitcoins and other manipulations. Don't fall into the trap thinking governments cannot possibly de-value the money, gold, silver and precious stones, minerals.

    Revelation 6:1-8

  • Beverly Treasure on Matthew 1
    The spirit of the Lord is victorious, in every way and we should just live trusting and fearing our almighty God.
  • Don Colvin - in Reply on Matthew 1
    Dose sin arter salvation cancel salvation?
  • Jesse - in Reply on Matthew 1

    Sin after salvation does not cancel out salvation. If that were the case, we would have to be saved over and over again. When we are saved, we enter into a permanent relationship with Jesus Christ. I believe what happens when a saved believer commits an act of sin, the believer's fellowship with Christ is disrupted until we confess and repent of that sin, but our relationship as a son/daughter with Christ never changes.

    If you are saved now, God's Spirit has sealed your spirit, and it by His grace that you will endure in your salvation until He comes to redeem His possession, which is you and I.
  • Carleton - in Reply on Matthew 1
    Hi Jesse, I can give an example of my early Christian life prior to marriage. I was likely 33 at the time. I fell back into a willing what I call death sin and lost my peace and fulness of the Holy Ghost. It was more like the Holy Ghost was back outside of me pleading for my return. As you mentioned Jesse I had to find complete repentance for the full restoration of the Holy Ghost leading and protecting me from inside myself. It is a much more difficult path to find restoration than the original born again experience because I knew so much more. To separate myself from the sin and then to seek repentance was a real battle and it took me nearly six months to find the grace to separate and truly repent. As far as the lost state, I believe the call to repentance by Jesus through the Holy Ghost was persistant and always nearby. However I knew if I did not return to my earlier state of the Indwelling Holy Spirit I was lost, and perhaps in worse condition that my pre-born again condition. I hope this experience is helpful to someone out there.

  • Jesse - in Reply on Matthew 1
    Hello again Carleton,

    I actually read through your post a couple times. My thoughts are that the Holy Spirit never left you, even though you may have gone your own direction for a short time.

    I believe that when we stray, God deals with us. I don't believe a true believer can ever separate themselves from God's Spirit who dwells in us. I believe that when we go off in our own direction, God's Spirit is still with us.

    A true believer can not stray for very long because God's Spirit that lives in us brings conviction.

    Although we can break our fellowship with the Lord, I don't believe His Spirit ever leaves us. Fellowship can be broken but the relationship as a child of God remains the same.

    I've gone through periods in my walk with the Lord where I strayed from Him. But I know His Spirit never left me. And because His Spirit permanently abides in me, He brings conviction and deals with me, and that is why I always come back.

    I personally don't believe salvation can ever be lost. God's Spirit indwells every believer. When we receive the Spirit, we receive Christ, and He has promised to never leave us nor forsake us.

    All glory to God for bringing you back into fellowship with Christ. No matter how many times a believer strays, He will always be there to convict them and bring them back into perfect fellowship.
  • Dena - in Reply on Matthew 1
    Im new to the online bible study, but reading the bible and knowing our Father i believe he is always there. We all fall, he picks us back up its rough at times but through Jesus we are forgiven
  • Carleton - in Reply on Matthew 1
    Hello Jesse, My work requires a few short nights of sleep and tonight is another one. Until tomorrow.

    This website has been an encouragement for me in my Christian life this day. I wish all a nice rest.

    Thank you!


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