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  • Y
    Verse 2 and 3 Judas should read JUDAH! Jesus is the Lion of the tribe of JUDAH!
  • Amen! No other name is above His name. Through Jesus we have hope of eternal life in heaven.
  • Patricia Ziebell
    After all the begats, who begat Mary? Just curious.
  • Wagnerdias
    He is Joseph?s son, because Joseph is from David?s descent.
  • Robert Briggs
    why not just google who was Mary's Father?
  • A Love Gift Above All
    Christmas is a Story of a Love that would not depart sent from God The Father from His very Heart Even knowing the pain He would bear His Son was sent to share The suffering of Mankind to leave fear and death behind The Joy that we behold is the answer from a Loving Heart
    Reminding us anew God will see us through No one day can express His Love so freely given so daily we must choose the Gift we cannot lose Remember in Unity we share a Hope beyond Compare Sent to Set us Free and give us Liberty
    The Gift of God has Come so that in His Son
    we all are One We seek each Christmas to know a Love that wont let us go and to show far and wide the Love in which Jesus resides a Love we cant hide.
  • Angie
    I am confused the end of chapter 1 it says Joseph knew her not until she had brought forth her newborn son Jesus. what does that mean he knoew her not?
  • Carmel Coward
    They wasn't intimate
  • Stan
    It means he never had sex with her until after Jesus was born.
  • Angie
    Thank You sometimes the wording in the Bible confuses me
  • AM
    He did not have an intimate relations between a husband and wife. This is also something that God ask men not to have intercourse while pregnant anyway temperance in all things is very important to God and Joseph was a very good respectable man.
  • Scripture Explanation
    Hi Angie, we see the same wording with Adam and Eve ... Genesis 1:4 And Adam Knew Eve his wife and she Conceived and bare Cain and said I have gotten a Man from The Lord..... One Cult believes that Satan Knew Eve and that is how Cain was Conceived, when I shared this Scripture with him he would not accept it they may have deleted it like other Cults do in their Bibles when it shows their in error.
  • Stephen
    It means that they did not have physical intimacy until Jesus was born.
  • Mattie L
    They had not made love together
  • SB
    He knew her not - is a term used when two people have not yet consummated their marriage. They have not yet come together in their marriage bed, which is why Mary was still a virgin.
  • Beesty68
    It means they did not lay together until she conceived
  • Beesty68
    It means what it says on the tin, did not lay together until after Christ was born
  • Charles miller
    that's means he didn't have relations with her
  • Stanjett
    The Genealogy of Jesus is written in a book which is in Heaven. It goes something like this: God, Jesus and all the saved which will be opened at the end of this world and we shall live with him forever.
  • Mandy
    There is a specific reason the bloodline follows Joseph-has to do with Jewish custom when someone is a stepson. See Chuck Missler's study for Matthew on Youtube or at Koinoinia House I got the study CD package from my local library . In Luke, Chapter 3, you find Jesus' other lineage which shows Jesus' bloodline starting at with Jesus then Mary's father Heli! Study your Bibles!
  • JP
    Man kind is divided among many different ideologies, theologies and diverse doctrines that the vale remains over their spiritual eyes. If you do not believe Gods word for what it says then believe the lie of who God is in the flesh. Matthew's account gives a clear picture of the prophesied coming Christ. Jesus is the Christ the immaculate conception confirms JESUS who is God not born of sin.
  • Henry Lee
    Correction I said I had a KJV bible --RYRIE Study Bible I was wrong it's a New American Standard the KJV bible that I do have has all the thee's thou's .
  • Sally
    Matthew 2:1 Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem,
  • Viola M Arps
    Why do we have the genealogy of Joseph and not of Mary?
  • Stanjett
    Genealogy is always from the male. In this case God is the father of Jesus.
  • Mark Diffin
    Virgil, Absolutely great question. Why indeed. The geneology of Joseph is irrelevant since he is not the blood father, and of Mary is also irrelevant since in Jewish law the tribe ONLY goes after the father, as long as the mother is Jewish. There is only 1 answer, but I cannot say it here!
  • Brian Dougherty
    Jewish Society is based upon a Patriarchal Male system. God promised Abraham, because he listened to his Voice, that through his seed all Nations would be Blessed. Genesis 22:18
  • BSP
    Verse 19 This shows the deep love that Joseph had for Mary. Even though he didn't understand fully what was happening he didn't want Mary to be put to death or publicly shamed.
  • Stanjett
    His people are all that believe in Him. Jews and gentiles.
  • Sally
    Adam bloodline

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