Matthew 7:7 Inspirational Image

Matthew 7:7 Inspirational Image

"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:"
Matthew 7:7 (KJV)

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"Amen ...thank you Jesus"
"What blessings we have"
"Our prayers can ONLY be answered IF we have been OBEYING GOD and IF they are in accordance with HIS will. King David said : " If you regard iniquity in your heart, The Lord will not hear you. " We must humble ourselves completely before HIM and ask HIM in the name of JESUS to remove our shortcomings! HE is the POTTER we are the clay. MANY people ask and pray to GOD and do NOT receive, because their motives are self centered, lustful and they do not DO what GOD commands. GOD commands HE does NOT SUGGEST nor hint!! Most people consider obedience a totally unacceptable concept. This has tragic consequences. Just believing in GOD and JESUS is NOT enough!! The devil believes and so do the demons!! THEE DIFERRENCE is that the devil and his demons and most people do NOT OBEY GOD. JESUS said more than once " IF you love me, you will keep ( obey ) my commandments. " Just having warm cuddly FEELINGS about GOD does PROVE you love HIM. The devil knows The Word of GOD probably MUCH better than YOU do!! He even used GODS own WORD to try to deceive JESUS in the wilderness!! That is why OBEDIENCE to The WORD of GOD makes ALL the diferrence between success or failure in EVERY aspect of our lives!!! Sell your mind polluting, mind corrupting T.V. sets, stop paying tythes at the box office, because you are only supporting the false gods and idols in " show bizz ". What have any of these vain, pretenders ever REALLY done for YOU, except entertain you!!?? Entertainment will NOT save you."
"Yes! Friends I too have been praying for something very important to happen in my life and I am patiently waiting for an answer!! God holds the answer to our fervent prayers..I BELIEVE~"
"King James should have not changed St. Joshua to St James. and many other translation that watered down the true intent of God's Word. However, thank God, His Words weren't tampered to the extent opposing the very nature of His spoken words. Still, I remain to enjoy the King James translation of the traditional old English. Extraordinarily the New Paraphrased Bible has changed the very coloring of God's Word for today's vernacular. How sad indeed!"
"Mark 11:24 Therefore I say unto you, What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them. KJV"
"O Lord God of universe,i knw your word is truth. I asked 4 continous peace 4 my country Nigeria. I askd for perfect healing nd long life for my mother. I askd that you count me,my spouse nd entire family worthy to reign with u in heavn. Thank u Lord amen."
"Amen!Sometimes we think that we shouldn't ask,we should just pray,but clearly his Word says Ask!God knows the needs of our hearts,Amen!"
"Amen, and God is no respecter of persons as some would have us believe! Christ died for all men, and His great salvation is for the whosoever believes in Him."
"I find it a struggle bringing up a young family, but I know through it all jesus is there for me, I just forget to either ask for His help or to open the door to Him! <3 Jesus"
"I love the KJV. To read it soothes my soul."
"Just be carefull of what u ask"
"Praise the Lord for his Grace and Mercy!!!!"
"PTF. Kingdom feedback is relevant. Holy Bible book is a manifested word in the spirit, it was written for us to put in mind and heart. To obey and follow the Father Almighty will thru his Appointed Son. Amen"
"Respect and honor every word and n0t to be mistaken, coz those words comes in the spirit of Jesus Christ to reach out frm generation to generation. PTFTTSAK"
"Thank you dear Lord for all you do for me, Thank you for answering my prayers."
"Try Works!!!"
"4 de fact dat u ask dos not make u a beggar so keep asking untill u recieved"
"Also we must remember that the earthly Christ said he was sent only to the lost sheep fr the house of Israel. Anything he did for Gentiles was extra curricular activity. For him to have ministered to many Gentiles would have betrayed the then unrevealed mystery, which is real Christianity,"
"Amen bless u n family"
"Amen. God is Holy!"
"Amen. God please watch over us and protect our country"
"Amen...Father....for we ur children...knwing ur word n promise is true... N obedient...n at times we stray....but returned...forgiven...Thank U...I knock...I ask....I RECIEVE...."
"ASK, Ask, Seek, Knock, The Lord Jesus is the Door (the Word) knock on the Word, (open the Bible) Selah"
"Asking with faith in Christ & not in double mind"
"Bt if we r stif,firm n obedient(john14:27&john15:10)"
"Even we who are evil know how to give good gifts to our children how much more will the heavenly father give good gifts to those who ask Him"
"Father, please help me to find a job that will serve you for your glory, in Jesus name I pray. Thank you Father for all of your blessings and supplying our "needs". Amen."
"For by grace are ye saved through faith ! Believe on The Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved."
"For He hath given us all we need in His divine power,has broken down the two-leaved gates n dried thd waters of the foe, and broken the scepter of the enemy."
"For we walk by faith not by site"
"FYI, This is referring to your salvation not riches or things you don't need!"
"He mk's evry tin new 4 mi dt's y i kall him my God!"
"Holy One."
"Holy Spirit another level with U is all o need, I'm moving on up!!"
"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me"
"I had a very good friday thank you so much father in heaven and miss you daddy very much alll"
"I read this verse this morning and prayed for a job,later that afternoon I received a phone call for an Interview!Amem Amen."
"I shall be obedient to your word!!"
"I will do anything through Christ who stregthened me Phillipians 4 v 13"
"Impressive! God bless you"
"Inspire them they're lost,including myself. We really need God's light 4 we're sick&tired of this world's darkness, "Help Lord Jesus Christ!""
"Lord, I praise you, and I keep asking, and keep knocking, as you guide me. I bless you Lord....and I believe in faith."
"Oh Lord help us do your word and fulfil your promises to us."
"Oh my great God, i pray dt by ur grace things of earth shall b under my palm and by ur mercy i am frogiven of the sinful nature of men pls lord direct me to ur path."
"Please i nead versions to back up deliverance prayer"
"Praying for Wisdom. Praying for healing in my family. Heart Mind Body and Soul."
"Psalm 51:10 * deliverance."
"Seeking the Lords help on two projects this am and knowing that He will help me get past them with two great passing grades!!!! AMEN!!!I SERVE A LIVING RISEN SAVIOR!!!!"
"Sometimes we may not think we got what we ask for because he gave it to us in a better way than we asked.."
"Thank u fadda !"
"Thank u lord we praise u and we trusted u amen."
"Thank you lord for meeting our needs that's why you lord jesus is the great I AM"
"Thank you Lord for your Grace that is more than sufficient for me He has done it again, what shall I say unto Lord other than THANK YOU OH MY SAVIOUR"
"Thank you Lord, I am asking for your will to be done, and my life to be pleasing to you God! I'm seeking Prosperity and Strength and Mercy!"
"The promise is mine in Jesus' name!"
"The word has really created massive impact in the whether we agree or not. the Lord is at work. Any superior argument?"
"This is a 'Key" scripture. Is the Lord wanting you to ask? To seek Him? To knock on the Door/ Christ is the door to eternal life. Do this word and it will fulfill itself when you find Him. Be a doer of the word. Look at the essence of the Gospel, read all of John and the other 3 books. Take the first step toward the Lord. Is this scripture 'highlighted' to you? Does it speak to you? If so, then thats the Spirit of God speaking to you. You are being prompted by the Lord. If so, take a step toward Him in faith believing He will save you. Start your first step into salvation, a journey with Him that never ends. A wonderful life of love from a Father who wants to love you and give all of Himself to you. Ask for salvation,seek for God. Keep knocking with perseverance until the door is open to His love.You should accept, while the Lord is moving. Today is the day of salvation! Now is the time. Rest in His love."
"This is one of my favorite verse"
"This verse show that we create our own life anything we ask of are really given good or bad. our thoughts creates our lives. if we have great fears we creates scenarios that feeds on those fears. if our thoughts is full of love we creates love. as jesus said it if you believe and had no doubt you can make the mountain go down to the sea. so if man will be one in thinking of love then the world will be in peace. and that is what GOD wants. the greatest commandment is only about LOVE."
"Who cn say a thing and it comes to pass,until the Lord allows it."


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