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6/09/2015, 7:09am by "MockingBird": I am to lay up treasures in heaven. What is going to be in heaven ? Jesus : God : Holy Spirit : God 's word : Angels : Beautiful surroundings : Love : Joy : Peace : Etc : What I receive from my Lord God in this life and what I do for Him in this life and how I conduct my manner of life in this life is what I will receive in heaven : if I do that which us evil in God 's sight here I lose reward in heaven : So I must endeavor to do that which is right !!!!

3/12/2014, 12:00pm by "Maureen Williams": God in his great love towards us is not saying to us we should not save for a rainy day what we re to do is to seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness live our lives giving glory to God and nothing will be able to take away from the blessings of the rewards in heaven

3/12/2014, 7:18am by "MockingBird": Andre s comment says it all This life we have now is only temporal Life with the Lord God is eternal What I do now in this life is what I will receive in Heaven I will lay up treasure in heaven That is all that will matter I was told by a dear friend that the dash between the birth and death on a headstone will tell their story Praise God forever more

3/12/2014, 5:18am by "blessed": The word of GOD says first seek ye the kingdom of GOD and all it s righteousness and all these things will be added GOD said vengeance is mine I will compencence This tells us that we are not to seek revenge Because what GOD has in store we can t even begin to understand His thoughts are not like a ours Like the sky is above the earth so our his thoughts above us Pray for forgiveness for your self and the perpetrators That your love of GOD is spread abroad And the good news of the gospel is given to everyone Pray saints pray pray talk to GOD

9/11/2013, 4:45am by "Chris C": MT 6:4 That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.

9/04/2012, 5:51am by "André": Laying up treasures in heaven is not synonymous with staying away and losing interest in life endeavors,. While the word of GOD condemns slothfulness, laziness, it urges us to do things heartily as to the lord and not men (Colossians 3:23,24), which means we are called to excel (give the best we can) in all we do; including business and profession… However, we are warned against dishonesty, greed, love of money, selfishness and all excess that life tends to drive us in. In doing things heartily, obeying the lord, we are laying up treasures for ourselves in heaven….

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