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6/21/2021, 9:31pm by "D A Williams favor ": Amen John2

6/01/2020, 1:11pm by "mckinley dailey": I have read this many times, let your light shine so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father which is in heaven., matt. 5:16, I have always believe it is the works that I do that let my light shine.

8/25/2015, 11:13am by "Hector Rodriguez": Mathew 5:16 -- 1 . ITS A NATURE THING: We need to understand that God is Light 1John 1:5 so if we say that we have comunion with Him we also need to be light. it's a natural thing to be the same as, or to have the same character as. 1Peter 1:16 our father is holy so we need to be holy, our father is light so we need to be light. 2 . THE LIGHT IS ALSO FOR THE UNBELIEVERS: "let your light shine before man, so that they may see your good works". This goes on to be self explanatory, people will only want to follow you, or even want to be like you when they see in you the light, that your different than they are and that the difference come precisely from being light, and them from being slaves broken down into darkness. normally when some one is in darkness what they most want and need is light, so we know that the world lives in darkness with out Christ and so the need to be that light that the world needs.

7/26/2015, 10:37am by "joel": OBEDIENCE!!! Be obedient to what God expects of you and you will shine in this dark place our world. You should never have to tell others that your a Christian, they should be able to see Christ radiate through your heart, mind and soul. If they dont, they have veils over their eyes. The bible says those who are in the dark love the dark, lest they be exposed by the light. Let your light shine....AMEN!

7/13/2015, 11:08am by "DORIS": We are like a Light post utility Post that stands high, shines bright in the darkness. Our purpose like the light post is to shine in a dark place, to illuminate the light of Jesus in a dark and sinful world.

7/06/2014, 4:44am by "MockingBird": You do not know who is watching you. Let your light shine in all areas of your life . In word in conduct in dress in places you go. At work a lady had come up to me I had been at work about 15 yrs She said you know I really admire you I said oh yeah I did not know she worked there till then I have been watching you ever since I came to work here . She knew me and knew that I professed to be a Christian I have been she said watching you and I admire you .You really live what you believe. I said WOW !!!! I had no idea that I was being watched. I said Thank you. I do the best I can and that I loved the Lord Jesus . Let your so shine !!

6/04/2014, 1:59pm by "oluwatomisin adigun": As Christians if the light goes off in our lives then we prone to the devil 's attack.

2/27/2014, 7:50am by "aderibigbe bode": Life without christ is in total darkness if then we have truly accepted christ we are the children of light for jesus christ is the light of this world therefore as a children of light we must show jesus to the world by the way we live our life

2/08/2014, 7:01am by "Odumosu Oluwatosin Iranlowo": As a Christian we have the Light of God in us which must shine outside The Light of God in us is the glory of God in us We must illuminate the world so that darkness is gone from the world Arise shine for the glory of God is risen upon you Isaiah 60 1 God bless you Amen

1/15/2014, 8:49am by "Shirley": Whatever you do for others you don't have to go around looking for praise from other peoples. Whatever you do let it be secretly so God can be glorified. Its not about us Its all about HIM.

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