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7/23/2015, 5:54pm by "Harriet Wright": I know first hand how your own family can be so evil towards you for no reason ......except for people not liking you......but what I know for sure is that some of my family don 't like me but it 's ok ......but GOD LOVE AND THAT IS ENOUGH.......THANKS

12/06/2014, 8:34am by "MockingBird": Friends Loved ones and family that do not understand will do this. Get what you need from God Love them any way and you will be Blessed But do not follow their ways and manner of talk. Go on with God. This life now is only temporal What I do for and with God my Lord Jesus now is what I will have through out eternity . Stack up treasure in heaven

12/06/2014, 7:31am by "amen jay": We the people of GOD live for HIS Approval not for man's, humans will say all kinds of evil things against you. So long as your way pleases GOD

12/06/2014, 5:07am by "BSP": We aren 't happy in persecution itself but we are happy when we are being persecuted for the sake of Jesus. The personal satisfaction of knowing we are doing what will make him happy results in us being happy and having his blessing.

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