Matthew 4:4 Inspirational Image

Matthew 4:4 Inspirational Image

"But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."
Matthew 4:4 (KJV)

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"My son Oscar Stover LIVES! Thanks to Jesus who heard our prayers! What the paramedics knew is that he arrived at the hospital with no life. They wanted to see him in person because they wanted to witness God's miracle! Their faith has got stronger now that they see God can do thing man can't! We love you thanks for your prayers I hope you can share my son's story to help others. Oscar still doesn't know why he hung himself. My other son Cristian who saved him cut him down says Oscar he was playing around. Cristian when he was in pre-school said to me he was going to be a life saver when he grew up now I know what he ment. His twin Cristina ran and got help. I didn't plan those twins after Oscar I went in for the operation but I was pregnant if I didn't plan them God did! The paramedics and the doctors told my husband there was nothing to do he was on life support artificially breathing and if there was a slim chance that he lived he would be a vegetable. I stood by his side while in his coma and kept praying and I know how I know how I know in my heart, spirit and faith in God, Jesus showed up. Like I read in the bible how just a touch and Jesus cured he did do that for my boy. He woke up still had the tubes in his mouth he communicated with his eyes, Slowly moved his fingers, hands, feet and then got the tubes out then he spoke! The whole time I promise I felt like if someone was hugging me giving me comfort and it was him Jesus Christ! He let me know God has other plans for my son and he does. So happy he is home. Glory to God! Once again I truly appreciate all the prayers and blessings I just wanted to share this and ask people to remember faith can move mountains! Don't stop believing!"
"Luke 4:4, His words are Spirit and they are life."
"Amen we've to be grounded in scriptures because in them we find reproof, instruction, correction"
"Better than that first cup of coffee."
"Every word that comes from gods mouth.if you love god show him by doing his will.then he will feal and see your love for him.amen."
"God gives spiritual bread that makes our hearts full of joy. The light that shines so bright in this mean world."
"Lord help me to eat your word as my necessary food! Amen. Love king james aunt barb!! Have great weekend!"
"May he be the bread that feeds our soul and makes us better creatures of the world,..God bless!"

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