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4/14/2015, 7:25am by "MockingBird": I am either going to serve my flesh or I am going to serve Spirit of living God within me. Unless I pray I will be yielding to my flesh : It is not a sin to be tempted : It is sin to submit to it. I also will not be tempted with a thing that I do not like. A temptation is when I really like doing that !!!!! Praise God : God makes a way of escape through Jesus Christ : he was tempted with what I face and overcame : so also I overcome !!!! Yes : Amen !!!!

4/14/2015, 7:12am by "Ray ortiz": The more you feed the spirit with the Word of God, the harder it is to fall. How we feed our minds will reflect on our walk with the Lord. Always praying for others that are going thru tribulations.

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