Matthew 25:23 Inspirational Image

Matthew 25:23 Inspirational Image

"...Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things..."
Matthew 25:23 (KJV)

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"What I want to hear when the day comes...."
"Go Rest high on that Mountain. Son your work on earth is done."
"I want to live my life so I am worthy enough to hear this when I am called home to be with the Lord. Amen"
"Quote's a lttle off."
"Today is my Mom's funeral & this verse has been on my mind all morning. :')"
"That is a wonderful thought Kevin . But the truth is that we could never live our life to be worthy . Only through JESUS"S mercy and grace can we ever be worthy ."
"I ask for your grace to be faithful and fruitful oh Lord!"
"This is my very hearts desire is to hear these words when my time come to be before my Lord!!!!!<3"
"Up up Jesus! Dwn dwn satan"
"^_^ ?"
"Add "over" please; I like posting these for my friends to read... thank you for these banners!"
"Amen my Lord glory be your name !"
"Great is God's faithfulness!!!!"
"Hoping papa and i share the same feeling"
"I hope to hear my Lord and Savior speak these words to me when He returns."
"I want to hear this from my lord"
"I yearn to hear these words Lord.. Help me deserve it. Amen."
"If you are true to the lord , then youll hear this"
"Just another one of the many wonderful promises of the one and only God!"
"Lol good verse. but diane did you notice its missing a word? it missing the word "over" after ruler lol"
"Me too Kevin, thing is, we have already been bought with a price and it doesn't matter what u do, only believe in jesus and u r white as snow and made righteous in front of God. We have been quickened(stuck) to him and sit at the right hand of God with him. Ephesians look it up:-)keep your love walk and u will have a crown:-)"
"Note- it says "been faithful over a few things" (not ALL things)... and He (God) still made him a a "ruler". Therefore, we are NOT all "perfect" since there was only ONE (1) "PERFECT" one - and we're not Him (Jesus Christ)... but that doesn't mean to stop trying to be (MORE) like Him. Each day is a challenge, and we have to continue to ask for forgiveness."
"Read it as much as I can"
"Thank u my LORD for everything,AMEN!!!"
"Thank You God. All honour and glory to You."
"Thank you Jesus for this day!"
"These are the words i want to hear my Lord say to me when my time here on earth is done."
"We as Christians Can only hope to hear those words From God"
"What a great day that will be when see his face and hear him say those words ."

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