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11/08/2020, 12:08am by "KHatcher": Enjoyed reading all the comments. The coming of the Lord is truly at the door. I know why the bible tells us to pray without ceasing.

10/20/2020, 2:24pm by "Artie whitefox": The disciples in the locked room had the mentality of think not, on their minds. They thought that this was it. They were next. They had no idera that Jesus was going to suddenly show up. That is what it means when the verse says: In an hour that ye think not. It will be so bad that you think. This is it. It is all over. Be aware of this: Satan who is a showy being covered in gems and gold wants to impersonate Jesus. Don't hang around that being when seen, standing on the earth

5/11/2015, 5:53pm by "Min. Oliviva Caldwell": Don,t let him find you with your work un-done. Keep your heart,soul,mind.spirit always right That 's the way to enter the Heavenly Gates

4/10/2015, 6:20pm by "Ray ortiz": We will never know the hour when Jesus is coming. We must be ready to meet him in the clouds. like the thief in the night. We know it 's near because of the signs of the times. Amen

4/10/2015, 2:43pm by "Rpurry": Please get to know Jesus for yourself! If you don 't have him as your personal savior just say Jesus come into my life I submit myself to you and I believe you died for my sins and rose again with all power. Know that Jesus loves you and you are the righteousness of God in him.

4/10/2015, 11:23am by "dorothy": Live each day as if it is your last,doing the work of the Lord and showing love one to another

4/10/2015, 11:13am by "Ray ortiz": Only Jesus knows the time when he is coming. Be prepared for the clouds, if you are in the Family of God.

4/10/2015, 8:04am by "MockingBird": God is telling me exactly when He is coming in this scripture : When you think not !!! Be prepared and be ready : and be where God placed you.

10/22/2014, 8:58am by "jen": I believe that it means to be ready for Christ at anytime. Live your own life as an upright practicing Christian and never failing in faith. Life is not promised but salvation is and we must keep the faith and be a good example.

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