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5/18/2021, 7:00am by "Francesco": Wow this is really important. May we gain our souls O Lord. Ask and it shall be given. I ask that I keep my soul. Even if I have to lose my life.

7/16/2015, 8:01pm by "mat": Who so ever belive jesus is Son of God came in this world and died for your sin a substitutinory Death You Will Be Saved By faith Christ did all the doing.

5/19/2015, 9:32am by "Zanele Ndlovu": This verse makes me to re-think everything because nothing on earth is permanent all is passing all is vanity.

4/27/2015, 1:01am by "Idara christopher": We were not born with anything, and we will not go home with anything, so all what we acquire here on earth is nothing, don't be ashamed of God, cause God will not be ashamed of you.

4/25/2015, 12:52am by "loungpai": It is a verse that make my life revived and thank God for the wonderful gift of His only begotten son to save my soul from the foolishness of the worldly things.

3/19/2015, 3:50am by "Amandah Bitkon": Its very obvious that a true christian has nothing in common to do with the worldly people or materials because we are strangers on earth waiting and hoping for a new heaven and city which is to come. We are always expecting to be pure

2/04/2015, 6:35pm by "Leila": It was my grandfathers favorite verse in the Bible and as I read it I now see the importance as I have gotten older. It is a verse to really ponder on and take heed! It is so true

1/28/2015, 8:33am by "kanisuru": I believe the decision to follow our lord Jesus christ is the best there is, cos we are assured of multiple of what we left behind

1/09/2015, 12:19pm by "Calvin": A person must not sin simply because he she loves anything in this world. You must think about your soul because the time is coming for everyone to say goodbye to this world. Jesus Christ is true, everyone must look forward where we are going because the world is just an obstacle. Not everyone who says to Jesus Christ "Lord " will get in the kingdom of heaven -because many are Christians but they love the world and everything in it, they ignore the word of God and break his laws to satisfy their wills. AMEN.

10/06/2014, 7:15am by "Bele": So clear and straight forward. for me to leave is christ to die is gain.

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