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2/05/2021, 7:34pm by "Chris": I agree with you, that just by the reading of that portion of Scripture, one could wonder what angered Noah. However, for Noah to have become angry there must be more to the story that we're not given. We only know that Ham walked by Noah's opened tent 'door' & saw his father in that state of drunkenness & nakedness. He then recounted what he saw, to his brothers, who then went & covered up their father without looking at him. No doubt Noah would have then enquired about this other covering on him & maybe woke up because of the commotion going on. He might have learned the details of Ham's 'more than a casual glance' at him & therefore was angered by his son's behaviour. Of course, nothing is said of Noah's bad behaviour by imbibing too much & displaying himself after being overly warmed by the wine. But I guess the rest of the story is to show why Ham was cursed for this act & the fallout for his descendants.

2/05/2021, 7:17pm by "Chris": I fully agree David. But whose DNA do you think Jesus would have had? A completely new, specific to a new creation-type of DNA, or from Mary? I'm thinking: was Jesus' DNA comparable to Adam's DNA in that completely new creation of God? Or, if Jesus had DNA or genetic markers from Mary, how then does the sin nature through her bear upon Him? These maybe rhetorical questions, as can one give conclusive answers?

2/05/2021, 3:54pm by "David": He was physically human, having physical human DNA, Jesus wouldn't have been able to be killed if He wasn't flesh and blood. After His resurrection His body was indestructible, one resembling the son of man. His nature, all His thought and actions however were always the Spirit of His Father. John the Baptist said God gave Him the Spirit without measure.

2/05/2021, 3:09pm by "Chris": Hi Ronald. According to Matthew 13:55,56, "Is not this the carpenter's son? is not his mother called Mary? and his brethren, James, and Joses, and Simon, and Judas? And his sisters, are they not all with us? Whence then hath this man all these things?" Since Jesus' birth as the Son of God wasn't the result of the procreation of Joseph & Mary but of Divine Seed, His birth had to be exceptional, both in terms of his dual Being as Human & Divine, but also in His relationship to His 'parents & siblings'. His four brothers & sisters (not told their number), could only ever be Jesus' 'half' brothers/sisters as they came into the world from the union of their parents, unlike Jesus coming from God, His Father, the Producer of that Holy Seed. The questions then arise: did Jesus also have similar DNA (or, even genetic markers) as the other siblings or His Mother, or did Jesus' physical appearance have similarities to the others? Depending on where your understanding on this is (i.e. if Jesus' birth was wholly Divine with Mary only contributing to His human nurture, sustenance & delivery of the Babe from the womb; or, if Jesus' birth was half Divine & half human thereby giving Him both Sonship to God & man), you might have your answer. My belief is that Jesus' was wholly Divine for the simple reason that if He wasn't, then the sin nature (of Mary) would have been passed onto Him: & I don't understand that from Scripture. Others, might understand this differently.

2/05/2021, 7:11am by "rose": To become as a child means innocent-without judgment-to perceive with open eyes. To observe without preconception...

2/05/2021, 7:02am by "rose": I don't get the naked story (Gen9)-why was Noah so angry??

2/05/2021, 3:59am by "ronald": Chris, took a bible trivia quiz on this site and it asked the question , how many half brothers did Jesus have . the answer was 4. I was very surprised by this answer. I myself have 2 half sisters. one we share the same father and the other the same mother. Can you or anyone give me some insight into this ? confused!

2/05/2021, 3:34am by "Ashton": There are no actual photos of earth from space in it's entirety. They are all composite photos pieced together from several photos, or are simply drawings and animation. This is fully explained by NASA representatives. "But its round, it has to be." Is the direct quote from the guy who does it for a living. Many photos in NASA's vast library are complete composites. Many are not real. You can do this by running the images through a digital filter.

2/04/2021, 9:28am by "Erin": Tremaine, I am in tears reading your words, for I too am about to be in your situation, I turned to this verse in my Bible today and I thought I understood the meaning but I wanted to make sure so I came here for a more clear understanding, I almost did not read your comment but something said to stop and read, and boy am I glad that I did, God is trying to prepare me for the things to come, I need to lean on God as the man in my house and trust His will, I often get sidetracked by thoughts that my sins have caused my life to be harder so I deserve what comes my way, however, even if that is true it does not matter, God is a God of mercy and forgiveness and my past does not jade me to God's grace, because grace is not earned, he said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me."

8/02/2015, 11:30pm by "Diablo adams": Jesus is our lord he die for our sin of the flesh and i will worship our father and our lord jesus christ for he is live today in us sit on the right side of our father god

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