Matthew 11:29 Inspirational Image

Matthew 11:29 Inspirational Image

"Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls."
Matthew 11:29 (KJV)

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"And lowly in heart, Spiritual in Nature! How one always forgives and considers God children special and above personal satisfaction. Loving no matter the issue, and giving the Lord Jesus Christ supreme Glory! If everybody knew the God that we serve day and night, We will step out of our present bodies, and remain present with the Lord! It has to be All or Nothing!"
"Rest for the soul in Jesus!! that's beautiful. ..!!!"
"I love the Meek and Lowly in Heart. Christ does not ask for much, but to learn and follow and your soul will find rest. Paul you are right I like the word (REST). I just wish everybody would try this. The world would be such a better place. Amen"
"Christ was meek (humble) This is why He is called the Mustard Seed (seed meaning human being) for He was the humblest of all men. The meek shall inherit the earth. The Mustard Seed is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it is planted in the earth, (Christ died) it brought forth the Mustard Tree...the greatest tree...the church, in which are many branches (religions) and there lodged the fowls (demons) in the branches. This word meek teaches us to remain humble and to obey the doctrines & commandments of Christ & the apostles of the New Testament if we are to inherit the earth. God's grace be with the household of faith."
"I truly wish I had it in me to live as we are told, I pray for forgiveness."
"If you are tired and need rest call upon the name of the Lord and he will be in your presence and let you know he is God and God all by himself"
"Praise b ur name lord jesus,,"
"Take my yoke and learn of me… These are very profound words. When we come to Christ with all of our problems. Christ will teach about true substance of such problems, he will tell us what is worth and what is not, what to hold on to and what to turn down… sometimes that is not always in harmony with our carnal appreciation… Then we have to have to do the sacrifice it takes (yoke) to choose Jesus Christ choice… In so doing we learn (of Christ) by experience… And we are fortunate that our Teacher Jesus Christ is meek and lowly, so we shall ultimately come to rest with His help… Then said the prophet, ‘’they shall be taught of GOD’’"
"Without the Sabbath I would never find rest. Thank you Lord of the Sabbath! Hebrews 4:9."
"Amen, and learn of me, Read his Word which is Jesus Jn 1:1"
"God's pay and benefits are out of this world. He's the best Boss I ever had!!!"
"Amen :For my yolk is easy and my burden is light."
"Amen, seek and ye shall find him. Holyghost move upon those that are hungry and thirsty for you I pray in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ."
"Give me a contrite spirit O God."
"God's yoke is light and easy "believe and have faith" He is meek and lowly even to the point of death hallelujah"
"He is the center of life"
"I never understood the light burden part of this passage until I saw a training yoke. Makes perfect sense now."
"Ilocano translation KJV(Phil.language). "Alaenyo ti sangolco cadacayo,ket agsursurocayo caniac,ta siac naemmaac ken napacumbabaac iti panagpuspusoc;ket macasaraccayto ti inana a maipaay cadagiti cararuayo"(Mat.11:29). A great promised for the Labor workers like me.. Praise God..through His Son,Jesus-Christ..Amen..."
"Just when I'm at the end of my rope,He come to me ans says "I will take your burdens, but you have to let them go first".:)"
"Lord i cast all unto u. Pls help me"
"Note the Word (REST)."
"Only you allmighty God."
"Ooh! What a comfort"
"Praise God for rest in Jesus"
"Some of the most beautiful words ever spoken were from our Lord and Saviour! I love you Lord for all you've done for me.Mostly for paying a sin debt I could not pay.It was you that showed me how and when to put NCIRradio online.Thats why we glorify YOU on the Lords Day."
"Surely u wil find rest,the Lord is great more than anythin,he got it all on my behalf,oh poor me pliz lean on him"
"Thank u Jesus my father"
"Thank u Lord Jesus for taking my heavy burden n giving ur light yoke, I glorify ur mighty name. Amen"
"Thank you Lord Thank you!!!"
"William you are echoing words which often come from my mouth. Praise God for his inifinite mercy. :)"
"Yes , Thank you Lord. O WHAT A SAVIOR!!!!!"
"Yes lord i realY wana gve evrythn to u i wnt to b ma lord n saviour.i dnt wnt ma lyf to b in ma handz any more."
"Yes Lord, my faith in the finish work of Jesus at Mt. Calvary and my soul entered into rest. Thank you Lord Jesus."
"Yes lord,i thnk u for the wonders u hve done in my life,n i knw tht u will continue working wonders. Amen."
"A favourite scripture."
"AMEN %100"
"Amen it is true Lord!"
"Amen jesus is truly a peace giver""
"Amen lord thank you very much to all the things that we recieved"
"Amen n baraka"
"Amen pray"
"Amen this is what we need to be converted to"
"Amen! Jesus NEVER forsakes us and HE is ALWAYS there. Thank you Lord."
"Amen,Entering God's rest through Jesus Christ."
"Da text suits my situation.a big amen 2 dat."
"Father let your grace see me through"
"For the anointing,which is Christ,shll break the yoke of bondage...."
"God has taken my yoke away!"
"His yoke is easy but somehow in our minds we imagine it otherwise"
"I like that..."
"I love jesus...ur my savior and my hero amen."
"I praise you and i trust in you oh lord almigthy amen."
"I pray for the grace to carry the york and to learn of you. in jesus name i pray."
"I want more of you Jesus"
"Is a dependable father."
"It means dat we should trust in God"
"Jesus is so wonderful, caring, and loving!"
"Lord I believe in ur rest"
"Lord Jesus i need u every hour"
"LORD JESUS I Praise your name for you have done it all Amen"
"Love the king james bible"
"Love the KJ WORD"
"Many times have I found rest thank you Jesus!"
"May the Holyspirit' God' guide every of my move in this tracherous world."
"Me,too Amen..and Praise His Holy Name."
"Mssge on Pictorial. Clear and self explanatory. Amen"
"My living Waters, with which I wouldn't be able to live without."
"Non like my God love u Lord"
"Oh! I need You Jesus, I want to carry Your yoke. Amen"
"One of my top 3 favorite verses"
"Simplified verse: Take my yoke upon you and learn from me,for I am gentle and humble in heart,and you will find rest for your soul. Mathew 11:29.) For my yoke is easy and my burden is light . Mathew 11:30."
"Sooo true!! Jesus lifts up our burdens from us. Thank you"
"Sure thank u lord"
"Th?nk you JESUS."
"Thank God For that scripture!"
"Thank u jesus yo word is true"
"Thank u Lord ur word brings light,hope,peace ----"
"Thank you Jesus for the rest you've given me on every side of my life."
"Thank you JESUS!!! :-)"
"Thank you lord for walking with me everday amen"
"Thanks for your prayers"
"That's ryt."
"This is talking about the holy sabbath."
"Trust and obey..."
"Very beautiful words for God."
"Very Good Griffth, keep them coming, informative & Deep.."
"What would I do without you Jesus!"
"Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank u Jesus"
"Yes agreement, He really does mmake our load light, He did not sat we would not have problems, on that H will make tem easies to bear."
"Yes he is th servant and king at the same time.freely he gave it all for us.."
"Yes Lord & amen."
"Yes only in Jesus..."
"Yes...Jesus, we have life, peace and rest in You..thank YOU LORD GOD!"

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