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7/01/2015, 8:44am by "Darrell Evans": If we don 't know "LOVE " we cannot know God! God is "LOVE! " Know Jesus know Peace. No Jesus, no Peace! Thank You Lord Jesus!

2/12/2015, 9:48pm by "k.rani salomi": Yes really, those who found God with all his her heart, he she will be placed in the kingdom of God

2/12/2015, 4:49am by "AMEN JAY": Life without JESUS CHRIST is totally useless,but with OUR LORD in our life we will have in life of abundant blended with eternity AMEN

2/12/2015, 3:42am by "MockingBird": I had a life once in seeking my own will : now that I have received Jesus as my Lord and Savior I seek to do His will. It is easy to pray : Not my will but thy will : It is difficult to do : but it can be done. God did not call me into His kingdom to do His will on my own power : But He sent Holy Spirit to help me do His will. Break up your fallow ground and sow not among thorns !!

10/07/2013, 3:48am by "Brian Steere": If Eternally is appreciated as the timeless Always, then indeed you are eternally free to lose in self seeking or be embraced in truly unified Will. As ye sow ye ARE reaping. As ye forgive-release ye ARE forgiven-released. God Speaks through Jesus as 'ME' as the 'I Am'. for Jesus sought NOT his OWN life but is FOUND in the Life of the Father, One. This demonstration is the Good News. Go ye and do likewise is Jesus' Call to Joy - and NOT to sacrifice of anything but self-illusion. The tenant farmers parable represents the mind that thinks IT is given free will to usurp their Master's Estate, that IT should determine all things according to ITS survival in ITS terms - and denied or killed the Messengers of the Master. This 'consciousness' is but a mind in hiding from its Self that knows not what it does - and it is this that we are called to forgive ourselves for. Them who trespass against us reflects our own hidden self-rejections. But if we delight in their exclusion, we 'sin' by maintaining our own wilfully disguised suffering as proof of 'evil' by which God's Love is denied and our 'tiny' will persists in presenting a self existence that may appeal to love and mimic the forms of love - yet have no love to share. Unless a living love heals our heart, we see all things through a glass darkly... including Scripture. There is no fear in living love. All interpretations of a fearful nature are fearful propaganda to persist as a power of fearful control in a fearful world as a fearful self! Jesus came not to usurp love's sharing, but to illuminate its true power in all.

9/20/2013, 6:14am by "nathan eliott": I think Matt:10-39 means what it says,you have two choices you can hold onto your carnal self centered Adam nature and perish with the world or you can submit yourself to the Holy Ghost and allow him to break your stubborn self will that the Lord can use you, and you will live. the problem today is most christians today have been taught that they need not suffer Jesus did it for them on the cross.

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