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  • St daniel
    being bornagain aint enough one has to remain saved to recieve the truth and understand it. as humans we do stray becuase of economic hardships so many in the kingdom lack the staying power with gospel but it still remains mans no1 safest investment with peace. everyword from god has the power to happen if applied as instructed my submission is whatever we want in this life if give in that direction it must produce its kind as quoted in verse 28 why suffer long apply now for instant result this is a sure word of prophecy be blessed
  • Ken
    Mark 4:41 One of the great Bible truths is that God is in control of nature. Those who believe in global warming caused by man do not believe in a God who is Almighty.
  • Tina
    I'm not sure I understand completely myself, but I know that in God's great plan, the Jews were to reject the Gospel and their Savior so that we Gentiles might be grafted in that we may all be God's people--one in Christ.
  • Rara
    We should alsocaution this walk with Christ is difficult. I think the church does a diservice to the saints of Christ as we grow to counsel and help with understanding fear and faith. It can be a lonely place even though you are not slone. Thank GoD for this site.
  • Donna
    When you read in the Greek and English interlinear translation, verse 12 ends the thought by saying, " that when they look, they may see, yet not perceive, and when they listen, they may hear, yet not understand; otherwise (meaning that if it were that they DID understand, it would be otherwise, and) they might turn and be forgiven."

    If you don't understand this last comment in this context of a contrasting statement to the first parts of the sentence, what Christ said about them turning and being forgiven sounds churlish.

    Both of these prior comments, those of Richard's and Devitt's, make this chapter more clear in the context of the rest of Christ's teachings. It is so critical that the heart be right before one tries to instruct someone else, or one could give that other person the wrong impression.
    Remember the instance of the sons of one man who tried to cast out devils in the name of Jesus, during the time the apostles were also prostelytizing , without their hearts being truly converted, first? The devil said, "Jesus, I know, but who are you?!!!", or something to that effect. This was the case of those men not having a true conversion. They created somewhat of a sensation, having to run away stripped of all their clothing.

    Satan really does go after the preacher, trying to get him to mis-understand truth, or mis-represent it, or neglect to sow the seed of truth. Satan is ever present, and will truly pervert the word of truth. Yes, WATCH!
  • Bm devitt
    The reason why the churches do not properly teach of the" parable", is that it is a manifest truth that satan has come and taken it away from you to teach this. satan must go after the preacher firstly and if succesful the truth is not sown.satan is in the midst of those who hear and see and try to teach the word . by the parable and it's explaination jesus tells us that satan is ever present when the word is being taught . to believe as most churches do that you are safe in church is to not abide in his word.WATCH.
  • Richard
    ,Jason. The key to the 'parables', is explained in verse 11. "knowing the Kingdom of God..." Jesus does not want the unsaved to,
    " understand, lest at any time they be forgiven" Jesus wants us to be "transformed" in the heart first. As even HE showed Himself, in THE... Transformation. Only when transformed/saved, in our heart with His love, are WE given the key to understand him with our head. At transformation, we first seek and love him as rebirth, and THEN becoming empty vessels, we understand his parables about life.
    He does not want 'unwashed' to comprehend his precepts before their hearts/souls are completely HIS.
    My comments are never made as opinion, but as you may see ,come directly from the Word itself. This is not prideful,but prayerful. I am just washing feet using His Written Word. Not my opinion. God Bless all......remember Jason, in this chapter, and many others, even His apostles, are being rebuked for their lack of understanding. Continue to question. Pray this helped. R.
  • Jason
    OK.....I've read the commentary after commentary. Could someone please take a shot at v10-12 for me...before I go nuts over this...

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