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  • Irene123
    To Felicia - AMEN Felicia; Acts 2:38
  • Felicia
    Let us wake Jesus up in our storms by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving and He will speak the only three words Peace, be still. His creation is subject to His voice. This should help increase our faith and remember that Jesus is with us whether in the boat or in the fire He is inside of us who believe. Just call upon His name and His presence will appear. Lord, you are good to me Thanks!
  • Bruce
    Anthony: Joe, you can be sure he is not talking about possessions. He's talking about true treasures received by reading studying the word with prayer telling others, helping them in their walk. The more you do these things the more you receive. V-23,24,25 go together. Your spiritual ears are opened when you do the above
  • Anastacio
    Jesus calms the storm what a great phrase its like the storms that he calms in our lives.
  • Mim
    to BSP Mark 4:22
    Pray things are brought to light soon, strange times we are living in.
  • BSP
    Mark 4:22 shows that nothing done in secret will remain a secret forever. Eventually all things are brought into the light sooner or later. If someone thinks they are getting away with something then it's good to know that things will be brought forward and dealt with eventually because God sees everything and nothing is hidden from His sight.
  • Nenbe Francis
    If you are in christ, you will over come any type of storm that may comes your way. You will not fall so long as Jesus is in your boart.
  • Kenneth
    I believe that Jesus is teaching us that we must be willing to give God and people our best so that God and people will give us their best in return.
  • Joe
    Anthony - I'm not sure vs 25 means material things. What about: To he that hath faith, more will be given him and he that hath not faith, from him shall be taken ... One could also change the word faith to understanding. Now I am not trying to add words to the scripture, but I do wonder about the intended meaning of this verse
  • Insight 777
    Verse 12 - People are shown the truth of the future of mankind with parables of past events.
    Convert = cause to change in form, character, function. If people do not understand the parables and teach falsely, they will change the lessons taught and forgive themselves the lies they teach as being truth.
  • Anthony for verse 25
    Like a lot of things in the Bible, here's a verse I never really agreed with or liked. It actually is mean spirited a saying. At least I think so. So you're saying "Ok for those fortunate enough to have, they'll get more, if you don't then it sucks to be you, out of spite you'll not only get anything but what little you do have will be taken from you" Yeah that's gracious to be sure.
  • Charles
    Mark 4 is a chapter of direction and instruction if we would follow the instructions and directions of Christ our lives would be much different
  • Brianna for verse 11
    The deep things of God are not for everyone. Though Jehovah God is good towards all, he reserves special rights for those who love him whole souled. He reveals insight into the future events ahead of us to, those who would appreciate. It is as Jesus said, do not throw your pearls before swine.
  • Ron
    Remember, the disciples were already in the boat with Christ which should have been enough to secure their hearts on safety, the same applies to Christians who fear unnecessarily today however bleak the outlook at the time because satan is as a roaring lion ready and eager to pounce at any moment. The world 's tide will always be contrary to saints, hence the need for strong faith whatever attack the enemy levels at us. It is rarely noticed that there were other boats following them on that same rough sea who were without the assurance of Christ as an anchor to rely on. It is the same today for all Saints who are in the safe keeping of having The Saviour with them. What ever happened to those other boats only God knows, they had heard The Word and seen the miracles but how many were lost because they did not partake of the true Bread of life even when they had watched and even share in eating the miracle food from the hand of the Lord himself. Time is short, beware the satanicly inspire doubts from an already sentenced prince of darkness.
  • Antoinette
    About having faith and believe on God 's word as I read it, and when I hear it preached. You have to believe in it with your heart when it it received, study more of it, then tell others about it. It takes time to fully understand most of it as some of the word is in parables. There is no rushing with it, and if we do not understand it well enough, we might confuse others. Most people get choke when trials if these world present themselves. Also, we must guard the word, and receive it with our hearts, not just gladly in front of others, but must retain it deep in our hearts. Just like the mustard seed, sooner or later we will become fruitful. Every seed has a different time to bare fruit. Some seeds can be attack by satan, some do not get any attack at all. Thanking God for his word again.
  • Lawson Doomah
    I believe there is nothing wrong with the seed the word . Besides, we first hear the word before receiving it. There after there word germinates and later becomes fruitful. At every point the hearer must do his due deligence in making sure the word is not troden upon, taken away or choked by the cares and passion of the world.
  • Kimba
    My Understanding of this chapter is once the true word of God is reveal in you, then Satan will immediately come in your mind to bring doubt and fear. As soon as Jesus taught this parable immediately the storm came to bring doubt and fear into the disciples. Satan will Always come Immediately just after we received the word and start to believe in our hearts. he Satan will choke the word twist the words in your mind to cause disbelief. It started in the garden with Eve and he is a master of this trick today.
  • Tamekia williams
    He is telling that if u dont have faith in what u know and hear them u have no faith in me and what i can do, that is why ilove it cause he letting them to have faith and watch him work it out for u but ur faith have to be strong enough.
  • Esther
    Pray with me brothers sisters that I will be faithful as the mustard seed.
  • Vincent Ewefa
    I think that what grieves Christ most is our sin of unbelief,fear and doubt.Mark 4 also tell me that exhibiting instant zeal for the Lord may not bea yard stick of appointing one to an office in the house of God as that zeal could be shot live.
  • Le'Andre for verse 6
    My revelation of this verse is the stubbornness of people, they have not allowed themselves to be conformed. They seek to part of, but refuse to accept the spirit into their hearts. They say they are humble, but become heated with rage when they cannot convince those who are living the life that we are showed through the teachings of the spirit. People have not changed since then we have the faithful and the faithless. We are children of GOD through faith.
  • I absolutely love this miracle that Jesus performed because it shows the power that he has. He simply had to say a rebuke to the sea and it calmed down. What power he had and still continues to have today!
  • Jmike
    IMO. God provides everything, the point I feel is to rely on God through the storms, trials and tribulations we are aware we will be going through. We "blame " instead of rejoice in overcoming sickness and death. We become seeds that dont grow, or become rooted in problems, instead of knowing through faith and teaching that God is carrying us through this. This physical life is not the end, its "grade school ", and we are not ready to graduate..
  • Kasib A mumin
    I beleive everyone goes threw something,every how one may put it,we all go threw storms,but we must have hope, along with the faith we have in God to help us threw it all
  • Folasayo
    Immediately the Lord announced to his desciples that, let us cross over to the other side the devil arose in form of a storm, whenever a storm arises in the life of a beleiver, it is because you about to cross over into something great and the devil knows the purpose of that storm is to discourage you from continuing in the journey to getting over to the other side where victory, peace, joy and fufillment is waiting I pray for you you will not be weary in Jesus name , count it all joy and endure the pain for Jesus endured it and despised the shame because he saw a greater glory on the other side. Jesus the captain of our ship will see us through. I say wait on the Lord it will not tarry, it will surely come. God is coming through today for someone that is reading this in Jesus name. Amen.
  • Eaglesrock
    M 's Mark 4 commit. You are saying that we should give thanks to God for the storms by quoting 1 Thes. "in everything give thanks " So you are saying to me that I should give thanks for my cancer. God didn 't make me sick. Its a part of the curse. In everything I give thanks good or bad because the Joy of the Lord is my strength. I am not going to get depress and thank God for something he did not do. That 's what the Devil wants. I know my God is my Jehovah Ralpha my Healer. Storms are test trials that build character. When you are going through a storm who are you going to call upon. You can 't call on Jesus if you believe he sent the storm. No he delivers us from them if we call on His name.
  • Eaglesrock
    Whenever you are going through a storm, first thing is not to blame God. He doesn 't send them He delivers us from them. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivers them from them all.He is going through the same storm you are. He does not abanden ship. All you have to do is call His name.
  • M
    when storms come into our lives we do not need to question GOD the only thing that we need to do is trust, run to HIM and not from HIM and thank HIM in the mist of the storm. 1 Thes.say give thanks for everything for this is the will of GOD concerning you.
  • Qunion barker for verse 22
    every thing is written in God word to his pepole .even the day,the watch the year of his return what take place even the last day,but you must tie meny subjects to gether to get your day that every one is looking for .i did!
  • Christi
    I am in a terrible storm right now. I have been through many storms, ie bipolar disorder, restless legs, high blood pressure, dialysis and kidney transplant. Now my arm is burning and drawing up that has the dialysis graft in it. My ears ring deafenly loud. My legs are heavy and I can hardly stand up. I am so dizzy I cannot hardly walk. I think I am near to death. Jesus is my Rock in the midst of the storm. He is my hiding place when I am afraid.

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