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  • Anonymous on Mark 2
    Donna your comment is well taken and I thank you. Howeer I was thinking the great mission of Christ to set us free. The religious bondage of the day was symbolized in the Jews obcessive and frutile beliee in the Law. Christ was always about dealing with this aspect of opression. and he said that the saboth was made for man not the man for saboth. Just the sound of the later turns my stomach.
  • Anonymous on Mark 2
    belle thanks for your comment it contributes to my fellowship with others and Christ. And whenyou said.."fellowship like this priceless it cost him his friends..." It reminded me of what Christ's oe your us cost him. we should lo elike wise with unshelfishness and Determination.
  • Belle on Mark 2:4
    This action shows such unselfish love,friendship and compassion and determination; just like Jesus' love for us. Was this man worthy of such a demonstration of love? Are we? Love like this is priceless.It cost his friends. Maybe they had to repair the roof, or maybe they were arrested?? but they were not deterred by the obstacle before them.They accomplished their mission!
    This is an example for me. To be like minded- Makes me think!
  • Donna Helmich on Mark 2
    When Jesus said that the Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath, He was making a direct reference to the reasons for the Sabbath... The fourth commandment, which says to remember the Sabbath, (since God knew that man would forget) to keep it holy. That for six days, you were to work, but the seventh, the Sabbath, you were to REST!! Because man needed it, but in remembrance of the Creator, who also rested on the seventh day after his work of creation was done!

    So, the Sabbath was specifically for man's rest, in remembrance of his Creator. If we don't believe in the Creator, we really don't have to believe in the Sabbath, and if we don't believe in the Sabbath, we really don't have to believe in a literal creation. They are literally tied together, and reasonably so.

    Sabbath was a gift for man. There is no way that man could ever be a gift for the Sabbath! That would have been nonsense.

    The sabbath, therefore, was made for man's rejuvenation, for replenishing his strength, for fellowship, for doing good, for being practical, and not for following all the nit picky rules the rulers had invented, which had very little to do with rejuvenation of man's relationship with God.

    The Sabbath, though, IS the common thread throughout all of the creation and created beings who continued to worship God up until several centuries after the early Christian Church was established. How can we justify not worshipping on Sabbath, as was originally instituted by God during His creation? How is it that it is not seen that the DAY of the Sabbath, which was created for man, could so easily be changed to another day by man. Man had no authority to do that, according to the account, here, or the creation story.

    Read Deuteronomy and see all the references and promises made to God's people who would reverence his Sabbath (the specific day of rest), and the other sabbaths (other feast days and days of rest and communion with God). This is not a reference to using Sunday as the day of rest, but is a reference to other sabbaths which were feast days, and would fall on various days of the weeks, depending on the year.

    Man was not made for the Sabbath. Man was not made to change the Sabbath day of rest to any other day, don't you see? God never gave permission to do that. Man gave himself permission, elevating himself to the order of God. Isn't that what Lucifer wanted to do, and wasn't that why he was cast out of heaven with a third of the angels?

    See, this chapter has some really far reaching comments, doesn't it?
  • Pam on Mark 2
    This verse has a special lightness that depicts the human condition. JESUS defends us and defines his role to the phariasees. He elevates mankind with God: The Sabbath is made for man, not the other way around.

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