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  • John Graber on Mark 2
    Walter Kings about Jesus sitting and eating with sinners and publicans, needs to be understood correctly , these folks were concerned about their sins, they repented , that is who Jesus and his followers ate with , they were ashamed of their wicked lives . God Bless ,,
  • Vince on Mark 2
    what is seen in this chapter,especially v.3 5 , is that we should never give up on bringing the need of another before Christ. By this our faith can move the hand of God . It was not the faith of the sick man that move Jesus ,but the faith of his friends!!!
  • Nelson on Mark 2:17
    The word "repentence " was wiped off from most bibles. The devil is not only attacking our only physical weapon that Jesus left us with, but also our Souls. Let those who have eyes see!
  • Norma on Mark 2:22
    Tahni Jesus came teaching man great truths from HIs father....But He must teach slowly so our minds can receive and accept what He teaches....He is saying that if we have too much thrust upon us at once it would overwhelm us....we couldn 't understand and we would lose interest in further study. Therefore He is not answering their questions fully as they are not ready to receive it. Jesus teaches us slowly, so the more we study the more He opens our minds to His words.
  • Bible rader 101 on Mark 2
    20 But the days will come, when the bridegroom shall be taken away from them, and then shall they fast in those days. 21 No man also seweth a piece of new cloth on an old garment else the new piece that filled it up taketh away from the old, and the rent is made worse. 22 And no man putteth new wine into old bottles else the new wine doth burst the bottles, and the wine is spilled, and the bottles will be marred but new wine must be put into new bottles we should ll open our hats and minds t this
  • Tahni on Mark 2:22
    What does this verse mean? Why was the comment made after speaking of how we are to fast when Yeshua is not on earth. Does fasting make somethimg happen to the body which is beneficial toward receiving a renewed spirit?
  • Anonymous on Mark 2:18
    I 've heard it said that we are not to fast on the sabbath because that is our time with Adonai, and I would assume, Yeshua.
  • Kibbaalyajonah on Mark 2
    Jesus has the power and authority to heal and command the impossible,things that seem to be hard,He can do away with them for says He has the power and authority on earth and it given to Him by His father in Heaven
  • Pat on Mark 2
    remember to keep holy every day
  • Unless GOD on Mark 2:17
    Amazing GRACE.
  • Lee-Anne on Mark 2
    Jesus is lord of the Sabbath, which means unless you know Him as Lord and Savior you will not understand the significance of the Sabbath,you can remember the Sabbath and keep it holy, but unless the lord of the Sabbath JESUS is not Lord of your life you do so in vain.
  • Margaret on Mark 2:28
    What do I think of Mk 2:28? Rev. 1:10 Gen 2:2 Ex 20:8 7th day is His day not first day. However I am not a legalist...for I am under Christ. I go to church on Sun. and I go to church on Sat. I go to church because I love God not because I am bound to the Law. Thank you.
  • Margaret on Mark 2:28
    What do I think of Mk 2:28? Rev. 1:10 Gen 2:2 Ex 20:8 7th day is His day not first day. However I am not a legalist...for I am under Christ. I go to church on Sun. and I go to church on Sat. I go to church because I love God not because I am bound to the Law.
  • Greg Carpenter on Mark 2:17
    People ought to quit removing repentance from the Bible. The book of Revelation teaches that it is very dangerous,to add to,or take away from God's Word. And except a man repent,he shall perish.
  • JACOB HAMULI on Mark 2:21
    This is he new birth which shows us that a christian
    born again can't continue in his old nature is means
    if any one is in Christ he is a new creation the old things are gone a way all things become new because the Holy Spirit in him who can't stay with our old sinful nature.
  • Jose tross on Mark 2:27
    What other day is bleesed by God.
  • Manas tshungu on Mark 2:11
    It is very clear that God lives in each one of us. Belief is the key that connects us to the Godliness within us. We are walking miracles.....
  • Ruth on Mark 2:27
    it simply means that man was created and then the sabbath was given unto him after God Himself kept the 1st one then after which He gave man to keep the rest. so man was created fast then sabbath and not sabbath then man
  • Denmag on Mark 2:28
    The Sovereign one authors, directs, instructs, compels all matter to act in His own interest, can God be inconvenienced by His own work, absolutely not; for to Him is all subject. This drives us to His supremacy, omnipotence and unfathomable trait.
  • Jay on Mark 2
    @Walter King,
    What you are witnessing is the manifestation of the church.
    Jesus came to save sinners and be a ransom for many which is supposed to be a Christians number one goal after salvation, is to go and seek the lost and be a soul winner. Sad to say that the church has been training boy scouts and girl scouts instead of soldiers ( II Timothy 2:1-5). Now we are seeing the fruit or harvest of the church after several decades of allowing the world to enter in, with great influence and decades of pastors, preachers, and teachers who have been more interested in the offering plate, building funds, being politically correct, and not offending anyone, that we have raised 2 to 3 generations of worldly Christians, who are more interested in American idol than growing in grace and knowledge of our lord Jesus Christ and soul winning. The average Christians do not know how to react around sinners just as the Pharisees and Scribes did not know because of their unbelief and religious views rather than bible believers.
  • Joshua kwakye donkor on Mark 2
    My moral values from Mark 2 is that, sinners can repent to seek for the kingdom of God again, and when the people had faith, the sick were healed.
  • Sharon on Mark 2
    Jesus came to save his people and is Lord but his people is isreal not the world Christ is my saviour I worship my creator not the creature Jesus is a man approved of God received the HolyGhost at 30
  • Bevan on Mark 2
    Anna - thank you for your comments. I have accepted Jesus as Lord and yes the old ways are leaving me. Words cannot explain - truly wonderful.
  • Anna on Mark 2
    When you've accepted Jesus as Lord, He comes in and transforms you. You become a new creature, all things are new. The old has passed away. A life in Christ CAN NOT adapt or fit into the old life lived for the prince of the air.
  • Walter king on Mark 2
    chapter 2 What is see in chapter 2 is what I see in most christian today. The scribes and pharisees was so concern about Jesus sitting and eating with sinners and publicans. Like today most christians turn there backs on sinnes who really need them. They treat them as some one not to asocitate with at all.
  • Olusegun on Mark 2
    Hitherto, the Pharisees were only concerned with the letters of the Law (logos) but Jesus who is the word incarnate, the logos, is also the wine and he was demanding of the Pharisees who often were not concerned about the spiritual content of the Law, the new wine, (rhema) for the renewal of heart to be able to take in his new teachings of salvation.
  • Umesh on Mark 2
    Jesus loves you
  • Solo on Mark 2
    "When Jesus saw their faith"
    Our faith is important with our walk with Christ Jesus. It will make it possible for us believers and children of to do anything through faith. The sick was healed through their faith.
  • Yesudasu on Mark 2:5
    Our god always observe "how much faith we have on him" We can observe here the people who brought the sick have cent percent belief that Jesus can cure.

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