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  • Obbie Beal on Mark 2
    verse 8,9,10, Jesus once again teaches us two of numerous desires of Jehovah /GOD for mankind; 1st forgiveness of sin, 2nd healing of sickness; also SALVATION through the shed BLOOD OF JESUS; though SALVATION appears to be the last desire, it is the #1 desire of GOD for us.
  • Jim on Mark 2
    The religious people seem to be the trouble makers always stirring things up. verses 6,7 and 16.
  • Fred scanlan on Mark 2
    Jesus has the power on earth to forgive sins then proves it . This is a sign given to the world to believe that he will do what he says.What does it mean to have your sins removed and forgiven?If the world denies him as it does, how can its sins be forgiven?How can it ever know what forgiveness is, or know that He will do and keep His promise. His WORD is what cleanses us. A SIMPLE MESSAGE.
  • Amanda on Mark 2
    God is the omnipotent,alpha and omega.
  • Edna on Mark 2
    Jesus Christ (God in the flesh) can forgive sins not man And Jesus Christ is Lord over the Sabbath cause He is the Sabbath
  • Peter A. Okebukola on Mark 2
    Jesus in action! Healing the sick, showing the doubters that He is the son of God and dining with sinners. In verse 17, He said " I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance." So he came to call us to repentance. The world should hearken. Judgement day is fast approaching.
  • Irene123 on Mark 2
    " ... and they broke up the roof ... " Notice the colon before this phrase, clause, whatever. A colon in God's always denotes what follows is - important. When one goes to an altar of repentance and is sincere, they will generally literally cry out to God for forgiveness with tears; I did, and still do, at every service - I love Him so much for what He brought me from. cont. --
  • Esther on Mark 2
    Jesus is the great I am. He forgives sins and heals the sick. He loves the willing souls to come to Him. He is Lord of the Sabbath and does not relent on the Sabbath to anyone. He loves the sinners to come to Him for salvation. He is the only living and true God Amen.
  • Irene123 on Mark 2
    V.27 - the '7th' day is this AGE of Grace; it's open-ended- so ALL can be saved (but won't). The 7thday will CLOSE at the Rapture - when this day of Grace has ended.
  • A disciple on Mark 2
    For 23-28: When the LORD had Moses appoint Captains and Rulers out of each Tribe, it was to teach us to judge one another, and to rule with justness and compassion, and not seek to bring every offense to God for judgment: for when the matter was brought to God, it was expected that He would judge absolutely. The law was not made for oppressing anyone; but to teach us Christ's character of love.
  • Irene123 on Mark 2
    I have seen on here many many refs. to the Sabbath DAY. I've never seen any of them explain vs. 23-27, and all the other scriptures that tell of Jesus 'doing' on the Sabbath. Nor have I seen anyone ask these sabbath day believers to explain these verses of Jesus 'doing' on the Sabbath; all anyone does is argue with them.
  • Irene123 on Mark 2
    V. 2 - "and many were gathered together ..... and He preached the word to them".
    This 'revival' is on the horizon - again.
  • Irene on Mark 2
    Jesus is lord and he died for you and I
  • Sandra Perry-Williams on Mark 2
    He's God all by Himself!!!
  • Skyler on Mark 2
    I love God
    He makes me happy
    He helps me
    He loves me
  • Dewey J on Mark 2
    Bill, that is true! Amen.
  • Bill Warnell on Mark 2
    A great way to study the Bible is to read the chapter then do the qiuz below
  • Lilian on Mark 2
    Sabbath and other day is very important to dedicate our time to the Lord for He had commanded us to listen to his words so that we all must have life. By obeying his words we will receive healing and blessings. JESUS is the only Provider, the Healer Jehovah Jireh. Amen
  • Insight 777 on Mark 2
    Chap1 says Jesus is Son of God. Jesus makes a comparison, the Son of God(himself)
  • KEITH on Mark 2
    Mark shows how the Lord Jesus established:
    1. His authority: V 10 - "the Son of man hath power on earth to forgive sins"
    2. His mission: V 17 - "I came .. to call .. sinners to repentance."
    3. His enduring availability to his disciples; directly when he was here and by prayer now that he is in Heaven: Vs 19
  • Anonymous on Mark 2
    I don't think that Saturday is only for eat or rest only you can work too in another word you can do what ever is good for you and other.
  • Robin on Mark 2:27
    Jesus was in Eden at the beginning. He instituted the 7th day as the Eternal Sabbath for all mankind, not just Jews.
  • Prince godday ojo on Mark 2:27
    What I know here is two knowledge I think we can learn here, 1 mark 2:27 mean that we have right to eat on sabbath, because sabbath is made for man to rest, the bible say in Genesis 2:2 was the seven day and God rested,, so what does rest mean rest is part of eating and relaxing, , that is why jesus said sabbath is made for man in other words is made for man to eat and relax or rest, ,, Then in verse 28, , he add to it that even himself Is lord of the sabbath in other words he is before moses exit that give them the law he has been in existence John 1:1
  • John N on Mark 2:22
    Fasting gives time for the stomach to settle. making way for a new beginning after receiving the holy spirit. The old is done away with. The new has come.
  • Insight 777 on Mark 2
    Verse 18, John and the Pharisees used to fast... meaning they refrained from false doctrine. However, doctrine changed with the baptism of Jesus. The laws of God were revealed to be the true doctrine of Jesus. Jesus was revealed as Christ. So Jesus and his followers did not fast according to the description of religious laws that were known in the past. Now some of those laws were revealed as false by the teaching of Jesus. Sinners are the attendants of the marriage of Jesus. Sinners do not fast while they are with Jesus, so they cling to the wrong doctrine. They are sinners. But when Jesus is gone the words of God that Jesus taught will fill them with his truth and then then they will realize that they had been wrong and they will fast- reject false doctrine. The resurrection of Jesus and baptism unto Jesus fills one with Holy Spirit turns sinners into the people of God. Then they will fast rejecting religious laws that no longer apply and rejecting false religion as a whole.
  • Esther on Mark 2
    Who are today 's sinners publlicans.Do we really reach out to them?
  • Vincent Ewefa on Mark 2
    I am so impressed by Mark 2. for instance sin is the cause of many problem. the solution is that if we take away sin problem will go ie remove the cause and the effect will be removed.
  • Sandy on Mark 2
    John Garbar, that is so right People are misunderstanding that As they think Jesus was chilling with the sinners Those Sinners Jesus was eating with repented. Their sins have been forgiving They were no longer sinners. Many people today don 't understand that gift of salvation, to repent and sin NO MORE, They believe you get saved and sin some more. Thats how you can lose your salvation! Repent and sin no more Live a Godly life not an unGodly life.
  • Madam on Mark 2
    It strengthen my faith
  • Sandy on Mark 2
    Nelson, Yes and in some of the new Bibles Christ has also been taken out of some of the verses. You Just can 't take Christ out of the scripture This is God 's Book to us, our life instruction how are we going to get it right if the instructions are wrong! Philippians 4:13

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