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  • Mershal Carpenter on Mark 1:10
    First- Jesus was Baptized--Immersed. Second--God opened the Heavens. Third-God sent the Holy Spirit descending upon Jesus in the same manner as a Dove would. Jesus was fulfilling all righteousness by letting John Baptize Him. God verbally sanctioned this act Verbally so other viewers would know this was his plan for those who believed on Him in the future. Two thousand years later is still happening today. Thank GOD for his SON. Thanks
  • Hannah on Mark 1
    Jesus and god are the same person
  • Jayne on Mark 1:4
    As I was reading. I found a mistake under wycliffe. Bible. Joon it should day john. Thank you Jayne.
  • Mathias on Mark 1
    I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I would like to congratulate you for the good job you are doin making sure that the gospel reaches to evry corner in the world. I would like to know more about Jesus God bless
  • DaveFromEvart on Mark 1
    @Tyrone, Moses's Law, was describes as God's Law to Moses, would be the 10 Commandments. In this day and age, there is no fear of singing the praises of God's healing prayers. In fact, just think if all you got, was what you thanked God for each day?
  • Michael on Mark 1
    He is a strong faith
  • Tyrone on Mark 1
    what was Moses law Jesus was telling the sick man to follow?
  • Terry on Mark 1
    Great scripture
  • Talalelei Esekia on Mark 1
    Thank God for Jesus because the new things from him, his power cast out demons and obey him unclean spirits and fulfill prothycie from Isaiah 61:1-4 he declare in Luke 4:18 that the gospel for all mankind his mercies endure fore ever
  • Jay on Mark 1
    Tips about reading book of Mark:
    1. The writer (Mark) portrays Jesus as a servant;
    2. No servant ever has a genealogy;
    3. When reading the gospels, anything before the cross is still officially under the law;
    4. This is the same John Mark that retreated earlier on Paul's first missionary journey ( Acts 13:13);
    5. Paul and Barnabas spilt up over John Mark in Acts 15:36-41 6, then Paul ask for John Mark, for he now is profitable unto Paul in II Timothy 4:11.
    What is the lesson we can learn from this!
  • Suraj Ribo(pas) on Mark 1
    The disciples responded to His call, and followed Him giving away their gains (jobs).He gave them the best job ever, Guiding people to the Kingdom of God by proclaiming the Gospel. The Gospel cleansed, freed, and humbled me to be His true disciple. What a powerful truth and power manifested in mark chapter one. Glory to be HIM forever and ever.
  • Mary McDonald on Mark 1
    I was trying to understand Jesus being with the wild beasts. It lets me to know that He had power over them. As Christians we should not be afraid of any type or form that the devil comes at us in.
  • Esther webster on Mark 1
    I thought it was really amazing to know that God has so much power and authority and that he can do marvelous miracles.
  • Bwalya. on Mark 1
    Itís so amazing to see how much power and authority Christ Jesus has, and even more wonderful to realize that He has given us the some power even beyond, to everyone of us who accepts his invitation as His disciples did, isnít this winsome?.
  • Mokihana on Mark 1
    I Thank GOD for sending me my LORD JESUS CHRIST. When I got baptized by the HOLY GHOST through JESUS CHRIST, I knew that he would make things all right. I believe in him in all my heart and soul that no matter what comes my way he will always be there for me.When I read the word of GOD more and more,I can see my self and how the LORD see me. He loves me for me.
  • Judith chauke on Mark 1
    it taught me about His(God)power upon Jesus.
  • Brighten Ndawala on Mark 1
    In the book mark chapter1 teaches me that God anwsers only those who come to him in firth. Just as the man who was unclean he asked the Lord God(JESUS) to clean him
    lets come to him with humble life so that we may recieve his grace and love worth finding in JESUS name only the name above all names what a miracle is knowing our God.
  • Brighten Ndawala on Mark 1
    In the book mark chapter1 teaches me that God anwsers only those who come to him in firth. Just as the man who was unclean he asked the Lord God(JESUS) to clean him
    lets come to him with humble life so that we may recieve his grace and love worth finding in JESUS name only the name above all names what a miracle is knowing our God.
  • Itury H Shomo Sr. on Mark 1:17
    This invitation recieved by eleven and rejected by one over 3000 years ago, is now a cry out to all of mankind, "Come, follow Me."
    It is written, "What good is it for man to gain the whole world, and lose his soul."
  • Grace Collins/Elisha's 3/13/12 @ 6:13pm on Mark 1
    In response to Elisha's comment. (1) Join a christian local church, preferraby apostolic. (2) Inquire about any sessions or training provided for studying and understanding the bible. (3) purchase a study guide Bible. (4) the internet is a great source to use. God bless you.
  • Elisha on Mark 1
    honestly this the first time i have read this the holy bible of my own accord. this is simple enough to read but i still dont have a vast understanding of what im reading. i have so many question. and seeing a though i dont belong to or have a church. i feel a little lost.
  • Bane on Mark 1
    How Jesus endured all devil's temptations in the desert. By knowledge and only by knowledge. Gospels are wonderful, one just have to read them carefully.GOD BLESS YOU
  • Erdu on Mark 1:13
    Christ was subject to temptation immediately after his baptism; a reminder that our own baptism into Christ includes a baptism into HIS temptations. It is true that we will always have our trials; but, take heart when the wild beasts haunt you or Satan artfully draws you into sin. Take heart, because as a Christian you know that Jesus endured all temptations, without sin, and became our Savior at the cross, where he carried our sins and received the punishment that was reserved for us. In other words, believe the Good News (Gospel) and take heart: in Christ, your sins are forgiven.
  • Tosin on Mark 1
    This chapter also teaches that Jesus did not allow the fame of his miracles blind not to go back to God in prayer. He never requested for people's praise, but the miracle benefactors to go and show themselves to the priests as it was commanded as way to show thanks to God for any miracle received.
  • Rachael on Mark 1
    Chapter 1 of Mark reminds me of the sacrifices that John and the other disciples had to make in order to be a follower of Christ and to do his will. I can only imagine going about my days business and Jesus just randomly chooses me. I think that although it is a great thing to do the will of God, we as Christians need to be reminded that we will have to make sacrifices if we want to be closer to God. For every great cause that was fought for , there has had to be a sacrifice, Martin Luther King Jr. , president Obama,and many others have all had to sacrifice leading a quite , normal life for publicity and the "haters"(people that don't agree with your cause) opinions and efforts to defeat them.
  • Walter king on Mark 1
    Chapter 1 Shows me that the demons or unclean spirits knows who Jesus is. That He is the son of God. And the so call rightous knew Him not.
  • Lucky anachor on Mark 1
    Ithink mk 1 especially verse 8 is very important for every christian b/cos we need the power of the HOLY GHOST for work of evangelism.Itwas thru the Holy Ghost operating in Jesus that he was able to perform those signs n wonders with ease.
  • Trent on Mark 1
    Good chapter. John the baptist paved the way for Christ.
  • Joe Glascock on Mark 1:27
    This shoes that Jesus as Gods son has authority over all.
  • Joe Glascock on Mark 1:28
    This again as does Jesus' other miracles show that he has power, dominion, and authority over all creation as God the Son.

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