Mark 15:13 MEANING

Mark 15:13
Verse 13. - And they cried out again, Crucify him. These words might seem at first to justify the old reading, in ver. 8, adopted in the Authorized Version," crying aloud." But there the word was ἀναβοήσας, here it is ἔ᾿κραξαν. Moreover, in ver. 14, it is not (περισσοτέρως) "the more exceedingly," but (περισσῶς) "they cried exceedingly."

15:1-14 They bound Christ. It is good for us often to remember the bonds of the Lord Jesus, as bound with him who was bound for us. By delivering up the King, they, in effect, delivered up the kingdom of God, which was, therefore, as by their own consent, taken from them, and given to another nation. Christ gave Pilate a direct answer, but would not answer the witnesses, because the things they alleged were known to be false, even Pilate himself was convinced they were so. Pilate thought that he might appeal from the priests to the people, and that they would deliver Jesus out of the priests' hands. But they were more and more urged by the priests, and cried, Crucify him! Crucify him! Let us judge of persons and things by their merits, and the standard of God's word, and not by common report. The thought that no one ever was so shamefully treated, as the only perfectly wise, holy, and excellent Person that ever appeared on earth, leads the serious mind to strong views of man's wickedness and enmity to God. Let us more and more abhor the evil dispositions which marked the conduct of these persecutors.And they cried out again, crucify him. For they had cried so once before, though Matthew and Mark relate it not, yet Luke does, Luke 23:21.
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