Malachi Chapter 4 Discussion

  • Bobby vee on Malachi 4
    Why does the new American bible goto Malachi 3:24 but the kjv ends Malachi at 3:18 and then takes19 to 24 from the new American bible and makes king James version chapter 4 : 1 to 6 Elijah and king sirus are with me I was 45 when the ammo ting happened. I was anointed at 45. Moses and Enoch are with the other witness from revelation 11:4 I'm not kidding its me. I'm the prophet Bobby Vee I've had a vision of the rapture the dead rising I also had a vision of nuclear war and I've had visions of the Hoover dam being bombed. You can pick the bodies up in Mexico when it white washes the wall out from Ezekiel. Keep God and Jesus first place were here. Beast one is the democrats beast 2 is the republicans. 100 percent. The Hoover breaks soon. I saw it in my vision. The catholic church has been hiding my book they have been hiding my music message and they are not marrying like I told them too like Martin Luther told them also. They do not want to commune my message. They are in denial of my message and they have tried to hush me. They have no holy spirit anointing in there church they are Luke warm and ignorant and I forgive them but I'm a you'll graft in Jew from Amos 911. The catholic church is acting wrongly listening to the world and not their prophets . they've hurt this message so much. Its hurtful that they are like this. The pope maybe the anti pope I'm watching him closely . and they are saying I'm not acting right. You have to be kidding me. They are in denial and if they don't wake up from being Luke warm their going to be in trouble
  • Nancy E Edwards on Malachi 4
    Is Elijah coming back before the Rapture? Thank you and God bless. Nancy Edwards.
  • Bill - in Reply on Malachi 4
    Jesus comes before the rapture ! Be ready live a faithful life and pray to escape all these things that are coming ...
  • Samuel Baker on Malachi 4
    In my Holy Bible the Sun is in capts how does the dead sea strolls depict it?
  • Chris - in Reply on Malachi 4
    Not being proficient with the DSS, I have been able to find that in the DSS (in Scroll 4Q76, Minor Prophets), the word "sun" is NOT in capitals. I'm guessing that the translators capitalized the word as it referred primarily to God (as in Psalm 84:11; Isaiah 60:19,20). And by extension, 'Sun' could be applied to Jesus, (Luke 1:76-79; John 8:12).

    Maybe others with more information on this will contribute.
  • Kettly on Malachi 4
    Please give me more input on this verse 2
  • Mishael - in Reply on Malachi 4
    SUN of Righteousness is one of Jesus's names. He has many.

    Wesley's Notes for Malachi 4:2

    4:2 The sun of righteousness - Christ, who is fitly compared to the sun, being the fountain of light, and vital heat to his church. And of mercy and benignity; for the Hebrew word imports both. With healing - His beams shall bring health and strength, with delight and joy, safety and security. Go forth - Go out of Jerusalem, before the fatal siege. Grow up - In strength, vigour and spiritual stature. Of the stall - Where they are safe guarded and well ordered.
  • Rob on Malachi 4
    It's said in 2 Timothy 4 v 3

    That people will not endure sound doctrine but will turn to teachers that basically tell them what they want to hear so they can indulge in their lists and have salvation too .

    It's said in the gospels by Jesus that straight is the gate and narrow is the way , but wide and easy is the way to destruction and Many or the majority follow it . Because they don't want the hard path , deception is so sweet at first . That's what temptation was to eve ! But we know what happened , they lost their paradise .

    The purpose is that if just one sinner repents ! Heaven rejoices .

    If they all take the wide road , no rejoicing .
  • Lou Contino on Malachi 4
    Behold the FINALITY, THE ALPHA & THE OMEGA OF RIGHTEOUSNESS God speak's of in Malachi. NOTHING BEFORE OR AFTER replaces CHRIST'S JESUS VISITATION to His people. And who are His people? All those who hear His words and live extending Mercy and Compassions to others. Upon the cross Christ said, "IT IS ACCOMPLISHED." He never said, there will be more prophets coming after Me to declare who is Righteous or Infidel. And what prophet before or after Christ Jesus ever gave blind their sight, lame their mobility, deaf their hearing, the dead life, broke Men's hardened hearts to think of others before themselves and ROSE FROM THE DEAD HIMSELF for hundreds to see Him again. Accept & Believe JESUS ROSE FROM THE DEAD. Yes you and I did not see this. But, He told us He would and He could not lie. Even to Pilate when asked if He was a King, Jesus could not lie and said,"I AM". You think He didn't know He could escape the cross by saying, 'No I am not a King. These people are just accusing me of such.' HE CANNOT LIE. Proving He was SINLESS and demonstrating to us that HE IS THE WAY TO LIFE! Our captivity in Sin is over! Ask & receive faith to follow in His footsteps. And as we see in His path to the cross, He was helped by a man; so in turn He helps Man carry his cross every moment of every day! Come to Christ Jesus and drink freely of Living waters to be a Spirit of Light to Praise God Forever.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Malachi 4
    What a Good Word for us today! I've never thought of it that way. Thank you and may God bless you for your kindness.
  • Ann on Malachi 4
    On Mal.4v2 is correct make no mistake Jesus Is The Light of The World.....without Him there will Be no LIGHT AT ALL

    When He comes back there will be no need for the sun as He Jesus will be the light forever n ever God Be Praised

    That will be a Glorious Time.......Friends Be Ready turn to Jesus Choose The Light of The World Blessings to All
  • Uriel facey on Malachi 4
    You all know that Jesus is:

    He is the way all need to follow.

    He is the truth, that all must believe.

    He is the life, without him year are dead.

    Without Christ, beloved is vanity. He is the source, so why look unto servants?

    O. T prophets did their assignment and rest. He who assigned them came in flesh and gave us salvation: fulfilling all the requirements to save mankind.

    If you have the spirit of Christ, you are sealed of God.

    So continue in faith, knowing this.

    Comes what may...all is well with my soul.

    Love to you all in Jesus Christ. Amen.
  • Frank Garcia - in Reply on Malachi 4
    Great words you speak but always remember without love words mean nothing but I'm sure you show love to everyone because God is love Bless you and pray for me.
  • Will - in Reply on Malachi 4
    What is your Nationality?
  • Mishael on Malachi 4
    You know in Job 1:6-12, satan stops off at Gods throne and asks to trouble Job till he curses God. This indicates that satan can afflict Christians. He has a will and uses it. That's Old Testament and we live in New Testament now. Jesus is at the right hand of the Father making intercession for the Saints. He is our Advocate, counsellor,etc. We need to be talking and listening (prayer) to The Lord.

    What are we listening to TV, radio shows, Facebook, Twitter etc. None of them preach a word to save a soul; heal the sick-anything. Your faith is on life support and you think God is allowing problems launched at you. Turn off the World and Tune into God. He is your Life support. Jesus is too
  • Chris - in Reply on Malachi 4
    Great food for thought and challenge. We need to be reminded to get out of our daily rut, which sometimes is sin masquerading as important activities, and look up to the Face of our Lord and His precious Word. That's why this Online forum by KJB is a great avenue to consider Scriptures in the light of one's own life and in the helping of others. Thank you Mishael for the reminder.
  • Why does God not care Part 5 on Malachi 4
    But, if these cannot convince Him to help them, ever, they continue to exist for the wicked's purposes-no more worth or value than a pet dog-undesired, kicked in the sides (not physically, for me, but others know that pain), and mocked by the whole Satanic family, only good for to be ganged up on (for the family to have activity to bond over and to share as a team), and used. I'm sick of Satan's tares' (Matthew 13:36-43) tearing up the earth and all it's bountiful blessings, created BY God, for the benefice of man, animals, and insects, and for the displaying of HIS glorious brilliance in artistry, engineering, and design, that man KNOW God DOES exist. But these TARES, having God's power
  • Why does God not care Part 4 on Malachi 4
    They MUST know EVERY word, thought, conversation, prayer, hope, dream of their prey, in order to destroy, for pleasure, and their purposes every hope, dream, and goal of their pray EVER succeeding in being TRULY (COMPLETELY/TOTALLY) FREE of them, their control, and their destructive hand(s). I'm SICK of the liars that masquerade as, and feign imitation of Christ's flock, going wheresoever Christ's goes, JUST as any other stalker! I mean NO disrespect to God. I am not angry with Him (was earlier, I think), thankfully, just weary, trapped, and tired. Some cannot escape WITHOUT the Mighty hand of God. But, if these cannot convince Him to help them, ever, they continue to exist for the wicked's
  • Why does God not care Part 3 on Malachi 4
    I'm sick of not being good enough (truly) to get my prayers answered by the LORD God on the matters of simply being ALLOWED TO become good enough to...get my OTHER prayers answered by the LORD God, one of which being able to converse with Him, and HEAR from Him, as did our brothers and fathers before us (Moses, King David, Abraham, etc). I'm MOST sick of the petty harassments of Satan's seed! They are abusers, and abusers HATE their chosen victims, but have an OBSESSIVE desire to control and to STALK! They MUST know EVERY word, thought, conversation, prayer, hope, dream of their prey, in order to destroy, for pleasure, and their purposes every hope, dream, and goal of their pray EVER succee
  • Why does God not care Part 2 on Malachi 4
    Why does God allow witches, magicians, sorcerers, wizards, and other wicked persons to impersonate Christians, preachers, Jewish priests, and others in trusted positions, allowing them to weary the very flock He entrusted them to shepherd and to serve? These today, being even worse than Eli the priest's sons (I Samuel 2:12-17), and the scribes and Pharisees of Christ's preaching days (Matthew 23:1-3 or Matthew 23 for God, the Son's entire speech). I'm just tired of all of the wicked getting away with doing SO MUCH to the innocent, and for God not revealing to men the truth about grave (but earthly) matters. I'm sick of not being good enough (truly) to get my prayers answered by the LORD God,
  • Why does God not care on Malachi 4
    Why does God not care about the victims of Satan's children (the tares spoken of by His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ), enough to hear the prayers of said victims? For all of my life, God has allowed Satan's seed to do harm to me, and to others, and God continues to give them more of His power, permission, and will to do even worse to even more. They play games that entail the death, torment, misery, and slandering of decent, innocent human beings, often to cover up their own perversions, often out of perversion. Why has God allowed Satan's to destroy His word via the heads of His temples, and via the corruption of His word? Why does God allow witches, magicians, sorcerers, wizards, and other
  • Adam - in Reply on Malachi 4
    Hello, it sounds like you feel frustrated about how you perceive God. Why do you assume God doesn't care, though? Did God not give mankind freewill and the right to do good and evil from the beginning of time? And did Adam and Eve not deliberately choose to sin and have the curse be on the earth (thorns, childbearing pains, struggle, etc)? Is life not extremely short and a test? Are we not all going to die soon regardless? So, does the timing of that death really determine whether one thinks God is 'good' or not? Those who are angry at God for disease, are they equally grateful to God for their life, family, health? Or just 1-sided entitlements? Why is God allowing things to happen "bad"?
  • Josiah Muia on Malachi 4
    Malachi 4:4-5, We have Moses and Elijah in the same context here.Hint on the two witnesses of Revelation 11:3
  • Tina Burris on Malachi 4:2
    Jesus Christ is the Greater Light that rules the Day! - Genesis
  • Tina Burris on Malachi 4:2
    The entire Bible is divinely parabolic. In The Book of Revelation Jesus Christ tells us that His name IS The Word of God. While The Word of God was here in the flesh, He ONLY spoke in parables, so that only those who were born again could understand. This is a sign to all of us that the ENTIRE Bible, THe Word of God, is divinely parabolic - Both Old and New Testament. We must be born again to understand. The end is no longer near, it is now here. Repent and make the way straight for Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, our KING! The Holy Word of God! Peace and Love to all my brothers and sisters in Christ! Glory and Praise be to God in the name of Jesus Christ!
  • Carmen johnson on Malachi 4
    scripture reading for fasting and praying
  • I AM THAT I AM on Malachi 4
    Ye must be born again. Verily, verily, He that believes on me, even this Christ child; has everlasting life. He that heard my word, and believed on him that sent me, has everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life. I AM the resurrection, and the life: If a man keeps my sayings he shall never see death. Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead.
  • Sharon on Malachi 4
    God said, it is appointed for all men to die. Elijah and Enoch are the only two men written in the Bible, that never died in the physical body, and went into the ground. They must be killed and on the third day, they rise up. Enoch and Elijah left this world in spirt, but there is no record of their death. Enoch walk until he was not, and Elijah in a chariot of fire, and ascended into glory.
  • Vanessa on Malachi 4
    Elijah did return as John the baptizer but they did not recognize him. Matt:17:1-3 Moses an Elijah will be there as his witnesses
  • Bruce on Malachi 4
    I believe that the day spoken of in verse 1 is here. The earth shall tremble with Gods judgements. I pray for Gods mercy for Isreal and The world.

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