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  • Dennis on Malachi 3
    In Mal: 3:10 You have written that there might be meat in my storehouse. The word is mete, which means allotment or measure. A storehouse was a place where they stored crops from the harvest. It had nothing to do with mammon. That food was not just for the levites or priest either.

    There were actually three different tithes also. The Families, widows, the orphans, and the poor and foreigners, were included in the tithes. Today it is mammon, mammon, mammon. Many churches today are not transparent. There has to be clarity about where God's money is going.

    In Luke 6:38 many preachers and evangelist use that scripture to get people to give money. That scripture is not about money. It is about mercy. They tell the people not to take scripture out of context and yet do so themselves. I hope that was helpful.
  • Rick Mentzer - in Reply on Malachi 3
    Jcbu I watch the news when deemed necessary and an aware of certain key events happening globally,

    but i'm not buying that the son of perdition or the Antichrist or the tribulation times are happening now.

    Is it building up without question but we the believers in the body of Christ making intercession is the only

    thing from the enemy cutting loose in my scriptural understanding. Also scripturally 2 Thessalonians 2:12

    that they all who believed not can't include the saints or believers in the Body of Christ.
  • Jcbu undercover - in Reply on Malachi 3
    God bless Rick do not know if you saw the 700 club report on youtube today with the CIA about China and the set up of crpto currency.Mark of the beast.When I saw it I thought of Jesus in Mathew 24:8 And these are the begining of sorrows.
  • S Spencer - in Reply on Malachi 3
    Hi Donna.

    Malachi 3:16. Then they that feared the LORD spake often one to another: and the LORD hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance WAS WRITTEN BEFORE HIM FOR THEM THAT FEARED THE LORD, AND THAT THOUGHT UPON HIS NAME.



    When you put it context with verses 1-15 you see the proud and wicked of Jacob "Israel" tempt God and think that they could get by with it.

    Malachi 3:1-15.

    Here in verse 16 I think you have a remnant that feared the LORD and thought/Considered the LORD in service.

    16) Then they that feared the LORD spake often one to another: and the LORD hearkened, and heard it.....

    And a book of remembrance was written of them.


    God bless
  • Whats Written the Book of Remembrance - in Reply on Malachi 3
    You, "Google Malachi 3:16 Commentaries"

    I like the "Bible study tools" link

    God has a book of Remembrance in which it is recorded what believers talk about. Our conversations which each other will please, or be a displeasure.

    It reminds ME to take control of what comes out of my mouth. Faith or Faithlessness; condemnation or prayer that situations will improve, if I be patient and wait on God, etc.

    If I speak negative, I hear it with spiritual ears; and I counter that with truth and words of faith.

    Angels are writing in the Book. Wouldn't it be great to read a book someone wrote about us_ saying and doing things that bless and do not curse?

    Sometimes I am my worst critic.
  • Jcbu undercover - in Reply on Malachi 3
    o oo o o oo ooo oo Rick good morning you will have to read my comment to food factoids o o o o oo o to understand this o o o o if you would like to go to find our o o o will be in chat after reading Genisis 7-9 God bless
  • Jcbu undercover - in Reply on Malachi 3
    God bless you for sharing your wisdom on hear Let us take it through the chat as we read the bible again leaving Holy breadcrumbs along the way for people to follow o o o o o oo o oo reading learning sharing o o o o o o o God's love and wisdom for his people.If people read the bible there would be no cults they could not stand up to God's free thought.o oo ooo oooooo ooooo oo ooo See everyone in Genisis 7-9 o o o o o ooo ooo o o
  • Donna - in Reply on Malachi 3
    " book of remembrance " Malachi 3:16
  • Food factoids - in Reply on Malachi 3
    The Bible actually has wisdom on foods and food preparation. Of course they didn't have refrigeration. The reason for some restrictions.

    I feel sick watching someone eat a steak barely warm and real bloody, yuck.

    I don't like over processed foods with too many additives. I make my own breads. Who wants bleach in their flour?
  • Foods that strike back - in Reply on Malachi 3
    My old doc told me baking soda in water is safer than new stomach meds with their side effects.

    The baking soda neutralizes acid and the stomach becomes more alkaline.

    Adding a little table sugar to tomato sauces; gas producing vegetables (raw carrots, raw peppers), gets rid of the gas and bloating. I put a half tsp sugar in my ketchup.

    Lemon water helps kidneys not make stones or gravel. Good for diabetics too.

    My real real old doc (allergy doc) said anything that upsets your stomach badly, you are probably allergic to it. That way you can avoid skin testing for allergies.

    Cinnamon toast is medicinal :D
  • Rick Mentzer - in Reply on Malachi 3
    Tim Again the word tribulation biblically is or represents mental or spiritual pressure which throughout history

    all believers in God endured, but there's coming a time the tribulation period where the age of grace will end

    and that time frame will not be pretty.
  • Rick Mentzer - in Reply on Malachi 3
    Tim Here's my question to you since in the Church Epistle Christians are called saints, I.E. separated by the spirit

    of God made the righteousness of God in Christ. According to 1 Corinthians 15:51-54 we are going to be changed

    in an instant and have incorruptible bodies like His. Also our sins are forgiven because of the payment of Jesus Christ.

    In the book of Revelation the places where saints are mentioned is in reference to the ones separated by holiness and

    all positive. We by Gods deliverance through Jesus Christ have been redeemed or bought back by God called to be His

    sons and daughters and BORN AGAIN OF INCORRUPTiBLE SEED, His Word when we believed. Since the book of

    revelation deals with Jesus Christ return to JUDGE mankind and condemn all unrighteousness the central theme is not

    the Church of God. The opening in revelation says to his servants which is what Israel was called to serve God, we in the

    church serve our brothers and sisters in Christ and mankind but out relationship spiritually is as sone and daughters. Just

    stating the scripture.
  • Tim legarie - in Reply on Malachi 3
    Ok Rick went back to Revelation 3 about the churches that think they are clean Please Check it out as to our original thread.God bless keep the light on we never know when he is coming back for us! and Revelation 7:14
  • Tim legarie - in Reply on Malachi 3
    Yes I have read about this but God bless you for putting it on here.There are many things to be learned if you keep seeking as God has told us to.But beware of rabbit holes,and remember to take it to a intelligent debate.We try to get out everyday in the sunshine but had have to look out the window right now 40 below.Just saw a movie on youtube called the switch 1993 that may help people suffering from depression in a wheel chair paralyzied.Christian parents.true story.Back to your comment.Was feeling sick sneezy running nose diahreah.Took it to prayer online praise God then with God's guidance ,and wisdom hit it with everything learned.Here it is baking soda and water,frankensense,myyr,Natures shield,Zinc,neem leaf tablet.All glory to God praying this will help someone else with a viral infection in Jesus name.Amen Feeling much better now.
  • GiGi again - in Reply on Malachi 3
    That's an interesting thought. I do believe I read that sunshine is the best way for our bodies to get Vitamin D. So getting outside and getting some sun and fresh air is definitely for our betterment. Thanks for reminding me as I sit in our home with snow on the ground for the past week. It is beginning to melt, so hopefully in a few days it will be gone and I can get back outside!
  • Anyone else read this? - in Reply on Malachi 3
    I read something last night about how sitting in sunshine as often as we can, is more powerful than high doses of D3 for immune health.

    Blue light like PC's, cell phones reverses the good of real sunshine.

    Something about red light from the sun is purer than red lights from lamps.
  • Rick Mentzer - in Reply on Malachi 3
    Tim Have no idea how this ties unto original subject matter so that being said God Bless.
  • Tim legarie - in Reply on Malachi 3
    Brother Rick 1 Corinthians 13:13 And now abideth Faith,Hope,Charity,but the greatest of these is Charity.TL Christians do not follow the herd they follow the word.Mathew 4:4 And Jesus said it is written Thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God.TL I believe this means with God do everything you can to protect yourself ,and others in all ways allowed by God! Prayer

    fasting,Masks, cleanliness ,frankensence,myrr,antiviral, antibacterial,plants that can heal, burnt toast for upset stomache.The list goes on but would like to see others join in as everyone has something to offer!Have started reading the bible again now with Mathew Henry 1710 comments and would like to see more people joining so we as a body can keep ourselves on the right path.Have not been feeling very well the last few day's so asked for prayer at online church ,and felt a touch from the spirit when I read the prayers.Which was wonderful! NOW I just have to put the armour on ,and move forward in the Holy Spirit to be a light to the lost.Let's keep growing ,asking,receiving,believing.God Bless to all who read this!
  • Rick Mentzer - in Reply on Malachi 3
    Tim The tribulation your speaking of in Romans 5:3 is the word [thlipsis or mental pressure] because of the

    unbelief we are surrounded with in this world. Also God does not give us mental pressure this is our adversary

    trying to set us up to draw us away from Gods Word and walking by the spirit.
  • Rick Mentzer - in Reply on Malachi 3
    Tim Legarie I've been a believer for 45 years and what my bible is telling me this is the beginning,

    the only blockage that is stopping the adversary from so to speak cutting loose is that the born again

    believers of the Body of Christ praying and interceding and carrying out the ministry of reconciliation

    hasn't been taken out yet. When that happens what were seeing now is nothing compared to when

    the tribulation or when the SON of Perdition rises up and cuts loose. There's a lot of things happening

    against Christ but there is a difference between things against Christ and THE ANTI CHRIST biblically.
  • Tim legarie - in Reply on Malachi 3
    Rick I do believe we are saved from the wrath by our faith in the blood of Jesus for our sins.But not tribulation as all the apostles suffered for Christ and God refines us in the fire of many temptations we need prayer to work out our own salvation prayer with others for others and for ourself.In fear and trembling.If this is not tribulation ,and grooming for the mark of the beast to come what do you see it as? In my lifetime 63 years I have never seen anything that has ever resembled this world today!And the closeness of our Lord and saviour coming back soon!
  • Rick Mentzer - in Reply on Malachi 3
    Tim That is not the gathering together of the body of Christ spoken of in Thessalonians and Corinthians, because

    no where do you read in the church epistles where the sun will be darkened and the moon won't give her light at

    the time of the gathering together of the born again believers. What your reading is in the book of revelation where

    Christ comes back in judgement of mankind. We the body of Christ have already been judged redeemed and made the righteousness of God In Christ. So therefore we are saved from the wrath to come.
  • Tim legarie - in Reply on Malachi 3
    Rick God bless Mathew 24:29-30 The church or the believers will be raised up after the tribulation is what the word of God says unless God takes us to heaven or sooner as a thief in the night keep your armour on and lamp filled for we really do not know when our time is! May God watch over you and guide your path in Jesus name amen.
  • Rick Mentzer - in Reply on Malachi 3
    Tim With all due respect biblically we are not in the tribulation period because the Church has not been raised up

    yet and that's when the tribulation begins.
  • Tim legarie on Malachi 3
    WOW Malachi 15-18 16 Then they that feared the LORD spake often to one another,and the LORD hearkened,

    I believe we are in tribulation going on the third year and a great harvest of souls is coming are we ready to do our part?For the revivial!
  • Anthony on Malachi 3:10
    MALACHI 3:10 DOES NOT...

    ...Instruct any Christian to tithe.

    ...Instruct the tithing of money; AKA, monetary tithing.

    ...Address New Testament Believers.

    ...Authorize any New Testament minister to collect tithes in any form.

    ...Require a Gentile to tithe.

    ...Require any tithe to be surrendered off the Land of Israel.

    ...Assign any tithe given to anyone by God, including the tithe given to the Tribe of Levi, to any person under the New Testament.

    ...Promise great wealth to any individual.

    ...Address any individual, but rather the Nation of Israel.

    ...Provide curses against any Christian for not tithing.

    Anyone referring to Malachi 3:10, or any other scripture speaking of tithing, as authorization to collect tithes from anyone under the New Testament, IS A LIAR.

    >>> The Short Version; concerning the Book of Malachi.


    > Malachi 1:1 - Malachi is speaking to the Nation of Israel, not the New Testament Church.

    "The burden of the word of the LORD to Israel by Malachi."

    > Malachi 1:6 - Malachi is speaking to the Nation of Israel and the corrupt Priests of Aaron that despise God's name, not the New Testament Church.

    "...saith the LORD of hosts unto you, O priests, that despise my name."

    > Malachi 2:1 - The command to bring a portion of the Temple tithe to the Temple storehouses to support the porters and singers is to the corrupt Priests of Aaron, not the New Testament Church.

    "And now, O ye priests, this commandment is for you." (cross ref. Nehemiah 10:37-39).

    > Malachi 3:9 - This verse makes is very clear that the God robbers were from the Nation of Israel, not the New Testament Church.

    "Ye are cursed with a curse: for ye have robbed me, even this whole nation." Note: "THIS whole nation (the Nation of Israel who Malachi is addressing)," not the New Testament Church. The New Testament Church is NOT the Nation of Israel. Also, the Nation of Israel were called by God to return to Him, which for p
  • Earl Bowman - in Reply on Malachi 3:8
    Tracy, may CHRIST IN US grace us with HIS wisdom and HIS understanding.

    There is more than enough in today's KJV to know TRUTH.

    Most don't study. You can't know without study; ALSO, you can't know without THE SPIRIT revealing it to you.

    The tithes in the Old Testament were always products (firstfruits) of the land, livestock, grain, olive oil, etc. (not money). These were given to the priests to have food to eat, because they received no land inheritance to grow and raise their own food.

    Malachi wasn't rebuking the people for not tithing, but for bring polluted tithes, sick cattle, spoiled grain, etc. that was not life sustaining for the priest.

    The tithe is no longer in effect because the Levitical priesthood no longer exist.

    We are now under grace and you GIVE (not required as was the tithe) from the goodness of your heart.

    Under the New Covenant; we are the firstfruits of the land, and we are POLLUTED and not accepted of the lord as an offering of RIGHTEOUSNESS. ENTER Christ WHO MAKES US an acceptable offering of RIGHTEOUSNESS to the Lord.
  • Tracy Q on Malachi 3:8
    I'm seeking and searching for the original Bible from the 1600's before verses scripts and chapters were removed from the Bible, there has been studies shown that Malachi was talking to the priest and not the people. I'm not seeking to gain whatsoever I only desire to have a relationship and be close with Christ. When I began giving tithes my life went shipwrecked so I will continue to seek and continue my faith walk.

    God Bless
  • Randall phillips on Malachi 3
    this is randall phillips and i love the lord jesus with all my heart and all my sole..
  • Mishael - in Reply on Malachi 3:3
    All my life, I relied on taking a new car to a top notch Mechanic to check that car out. It will save you lots of money.

    Buy a car that a mechanic highly recommends.

    This is for free; even for dating: don't get wowed over appearance. Look for durable and dependable.

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