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  • Jay
    Luke 8:
    . I praise and thank God for all who have experienced the miracle of healing from the great physician;
    2. I believe the scriptures support miracle healing, but no longer support healers who claim they have the gift (1 Corinthians 1:22; 1 Corinthians 12:7-10);
    3. The parable of the sower demonstrates that every person ever born of a woman falls into one of these 4 categories, the first two categories are unsaved people and the last two categories are saved people;
    4. The question is which one do you fall into?
    5. God is of the same character yesterday, today, and tomorrow, but do not inject his methods into this verse (Hebrews 13:8). His methods on how he does things do change, this is why people err (1 Corinthians 12:1-11) on the distribution of spiritual gifts, different types of salvation in different ages and get caught up in signs and wonders in the church age under grace.
  • Mike
    I like that in this instance the saviour travelled across the water and healed the afflicted man whom nobody loved. Then he returned. He went all that way to help one obscure person in torment. He knows our torments too.
  • Rose umejiaku
    Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is still healing people and he has just healed my daughter of what no doctor ever believed is possible. Thank You Jesus.
  • Manny anore for verse 11
    Jesus is the word of GOD
  • Amy
    I looked up this story of the woman with the issue of blood bc while praying for healing for a major health problem, God reminded me of the woman in this chapter. The Bible tells us that we have not because we do not ask. When we have a health issue, no matter the size, ask Jesus! I 100 percent believe in Him and that He will help us when we need. So thank you, God, for directing me to this story, and thank You for Your healing of my body. In Jesus' name, amen.
  • Tiwoscott
    Luke 8 verse 18 talk about been fruitful.If you are not fruith with what you have gotten in christ or talent God gave you then God collect it and give it to someone is is more fruithful.The women with the issue of blood had faith in Jesus and her faiht yield healing for verse 23-25 the dicinples were afriad even when Jesus was with them.They did not put their faith to work, comparing the dicinples with the woman with the issue of blood.
  • Teresa
    Matthew 18:19 Again I say unto you, That IF TWO of you SHALL agree on earth as touching ANY thing that they SHALL ask, IT SHALL BE DONE for them of my Father which is in heaven.
    I need someone to agree with me for a healing of my back, pelvis, and sciatic nerve. I believe God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Hebrews 13:8 Therefore, he is still ALL powerful and anything is possible with God. He has touched and healed many throughout the Bible, including the woman with the issue of blood, so it is but a little thing for him to touch and heal me. Am I failing to touch the helm of his garment? Do I know how? Sometimes it is hard for me to accept, "He Did It All For ME" I am asking that you will in faith agree with me touching this one thing (Physical & Spiritual Healing). Thanks, and God Bless You!!!
  • Lorna Mollett
    Luke 8 ia a good chapter it talks about the Word of God and how quickly the enemy can come and steal the word away if you are not rooted in
    Gods Word. Then at the end it talks about a great example of faith. How the woman believed that if she could just touch the hem of His clothles she would be healed. I think that is awsome.
  • Ronald
    Yes "Praise God " I have been touched by God Healing touch many times. God is ALL POWERFUL. He has all power in Heaven and Earth. I just want to thank him for his LOVE,MERCY AND SAVING GRACE. THANK YOU JESUS!!!
    I want to encourage those who are sick to touch the helm of the garment of Jesus Christ and the gonna be healed both physically, spiritually and also financially.
  • Wilma Olivier
    Luke 8:18 This is a new season and God is very serious about his people - more that ever before !
    We need to listen and HEAR and obey and become kingdom people- in true relationship with God - become the sons (in the spirit there is no gender ) of the true living God. Experiencing heaven on earth - the time is now !
  • PETER ASSENGA for verse 8
    Most of English Bibles are read as the seed yielded fruits a hundred fold or hundred times or hundred for one. But Swahili Bible say the seed yielded fruits one for hundred which I think is correct contrary to Genesis 26:12.
  • Timothy Voigt
    In verse 47 & verse 50 I feel are very good examples of how people are made whole by the touch of the a touch of the Master's hand. He still makes people whole by His touch. He Sure did make me whole.
  • Pan
    I keep thanking everyone involved with this site. I have a small wirless that I take everywheer that I use to acces mt cap tel operator, as I am hearing impaired. Its just wonderful to log onto this site. Mathew Henry is like a loving grandfather's hand holding mine. I appreciate the sharing of others who provide something important to thik about. I enjoy the scriptures set up as they are,and especially enjoy this chapter. Thank You and God bless.
  • Les Noll
    After reading this chapter I felt led to write
    I was healed of a severe bad back in 1989 or 90 then around 91-92 I was healed of a arm that actid like it could have been a stroke but they wanted to operate and repair a nerve I told them God would heal but being a new christian they insisted On the operating gurney the surgeon came to see me examined me and told me to go home I did not needthe operation I had many people holding me up in prayer thank you lord .read Exodus 23;25-26 malachi 3.6 heb.13.8 His healing is for us today also

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