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  • Richard Williams on Luke 7
    I love Luke chapter seven because Christ did so much in such little time, besides the resurrection of Christ the widow of Nain is my favorite instance of resurrection because she had everything to loose if Christ had not brought her son back to life. Also the fact that Christ had compassion on her.
  • Brother John Ogbeifun on Luke 7
    when Jesus Christ Threw Satan And His Angels Out Of Heaven And Began His Kingdom Rule,It Meant End Of Satan And His Wicked System Was Near Rev. 12:7-12 How Can Christians Know That ''The End Of The World'' Was Near ? They Could Know By Checking To See If The ''Sign'' That Jesus Give Was Being Fulfilled. God Bless You All
  • BSP on Luke 7:39
    Jesus knew that the woman was a sinner, but he chose to look for the good in the woman. We should imitate Jesus and look for the good in others. It's easy to see the flaws in others, but how much better it is to see the good in others and build them up in imitation of Jesus.
  • Karon on Luke 7
    To Jose The point that Jesus was making Simon saw this woman as being a greater sinner than he was himself, so God used that demonstration to show him that not only did she need forgiveness but so did he. Because God doesn't see big sins or small sins we as people put sins in categories.
  • John madden on Luke 7:9
    Without faith its impossible to please God
  • Jose Magallanes on Luke 7
    I did not understand the message in which Jesus talked about the 2 people owing a creditor money and then Jesus turning it around and comparing that story to his situation with Simon.
  • Sabrinafaulkner on Luke 7:18
    The. Samething that he did back then he doing now because he heal my body and i thanful until him
  • Karon on Luke 7
    I enjoyed Luke, it demonstrates Christ followers and a great deal of them are women. God has a message for each of us to take to the world.
  • Bozki on Luke 7
    Baptism of water is Cleansing us from our Sinful Nature, and also an act of Initiation that we are ready to do the ministry that God wants us to do. It is important that we must Understand first why we are being baptized before we do it. God Bless...
  • Phil on Luke 7
    does v 30 say Jesus is or has been Baptising
  • Lilian on Luke 7
    God our Father sent John the baptist first as a prophet in preparation of the coming of Jesus. Jesus himself is a word of God He who loves him will keep his commandments. Forget our past as Jesus is our future, He is quickly to forgive and forget our sins. We have to accept his words and fix our eyes to Jesus for He has given a full authority to forgive sins and give life to God 's own people. Jesus loves us and He is always faithful to his promises.
  • JamesKeith, McElfresh on Luke 7:30
  • M on Luke 7
    judge not less you be judged we are all going to be judged by GOD that is his job not our,we should be busy getting the word in us so that we can become fruitful and growing in the word of GOD,when we are strong and fruitful in the word of GOD when the storms come in our life we will not be up rooted so easy because we are busy seeking and trusting GOD and HIS way.
  • Pamela on Luke 7
    John sent his disciples for their and our sake, so WE would know. The BiBLE is our guide, our knowledge to learn all that is written is for us to read and understand. John knew, it was for everyone else to learn and know. Blessings and continued understanding to us all.
  • Linda on Luke 7
    Type O In Trivia Explanation 1 I put the words in Parentheses Bust Should be just mhy Should be my 1. What did the Centurion know that no one else had demonstrated to Jesus? That His power was not in his touch but in who He was. Your Choice Correct Answer That He could heal from a great distance. That He was a busy man That He would only do what He willed to do. Explanation Therefore I did not even think myself worthy to come to You. Bust say the word, and mhy servant will be healed. For I also am a man placed under authority, having soldiers under me. And I say to one, 'Go ' and he goes and to another, 'Come ' and he comes and to my servant 'Do this ' and he does it. When Jesus heard these things, He marveled at him, and turned around and said to the crowd that followed Him, 'I say to you, I have not found such great faith, not even in Israel. ' Reference Luke Chapter 7 Thank You!
  • Linda on Luke 7
    I want to let the writers of the Trivia Questions in Luke 6 and seven need to be proof read again. There are type o words that need corrected. Thank you!
  • James Lewis on Luke 7:33
    Why do some people believe it is wrong to drink wine or strong drink. I there scripture to support drinking Not Drunkness
  • Robert on Luke 7
    Jesus is annointed by a sinner. He explains what she did to him and forgave her sins.
  • Robert on Luke 7
    John must decrease and Jesus increase. This is one of the harder chaptors for me as John lived for Christ and he has been left in prison.
  • Brooke Padgett on Luke 7
    Or had the Spirit left John at this point and that is why he didn't recognize Jesus?? When before John exclaimed " Behold the Lamb of God!" Or leaped for joy in Elizabeth's womb when Mary entered the house,he already had the Spirit and the Spirit recognized Him then, so why the need to question?
  • Sigmund Ivarsson on Luke 7
    Since God forgives everyone then those who have been forgiven the most live love him the most. Well that means Hitler will love him or Stalin or even Mao will love him. Not necessarily because they might not repent and be proud of what they should be ashamed of. Only the believer can love Jesus and there are some big time sinners among believers. Many of these have not had the privilege of being alive at the same time that Jesus was on earth even less have a chance encounter with him. Many unbelievers met him and did not know him since it is impossible for an unbeliever to recognize God in human form. So this is the question of this age. How will you recognize him in this day and age knowing tha he has a new name that no man knows. Not by name of course we have seen the ravage of many who have come in his name. It is by his words that you will know him and only if you are a true believer. Do you believe what I have just said?
  • Rosalina on Luke 7
    (This is my respond to Joe's Luke Chapter 7 comment on 9/03/2013, 11:27am):

    In Luke 3:21-22 it is true that John himself baptized Jesus. Therefore John knew who Jesus was. But during the time when Jesus did the healing in the city of "Nain", John the baptist wasn't there. It was only the multitude of people who followed Jesus and his disciples that witnessed the healing in that city. Because of great marvel, the people of that city glorified Jesus saying, "A great prophet has risen up among us". When the rumor in the city of "Nain" went throughout "Judea" where John was, naturally, he had to confirm if it was the same person he baptized in the river of Jordan. So he sent his two disciples to ask Jesus.
  • John on Luke 7
    I believe St. John Crysostom (4th century) in his gospel commentary says that John the Baptist sent his disciples to ask Jesus if he were the messiah in order to reinforce his disciples faith in Jesus, since John obviously knew and proclaimed that Jesus was the Son of God.
  • Joe on Luke 7
    In Luke 7 vs 19 & 20 John sends disciples to Jesus asking if he is the "ONE". However in Luke 7 vs 2 & 3, Jesus is baptized by John.

    Same point occurs in Matthew 11 vs 2 & 3 where before in Matthew 3 vs 13 thru 17.

    Why does John have to ask if Jesus is the "ONE" after having baptized Jesus & seeing the Holy Ghost descend in the form of a dove?
  • Rev. Chidi Nwene on Luke 7:13
    "Weep not" Jesus saw the agonizing and hopeless condition of this widow who lost her only son at the prime of his life, though it was a Devine mandate by the Almighty God to glorify himself and proved his power to the people of Nain who was there to sympathized and consoled her. Jesus was moved with conp***ion, this means he feel as we feel, and cry he sees our tears and will have comp***ion on us.
  • Tunji on Luke 7
    I love the idea Jesus presented of how this woman went beyond the norm because her perception of Christ's forgiven was huge: - Peter did not give Jesus WATER for his feet, the woman gave TEARS and wiped Jesusí feet with her hair - Peter did not give a kiss, which perhaps would have been on the forehead or on Jesusí cheeks, but this woman kissed his FEET - Peter did not anoint Jesus' HEAD, but this woman anointed his FEET with the expensive ointment in the Alabaster box. Other accounts showed that even if Peter or any of the other disciples had anointed Christ, it wouldn't have been with such an expensive oil because they considered it a waste, "...why not sell and give the money to the poor..." says Judas. Thanks be to God for his extravagant love.
  • Edward E.C on Luke 7
    Only what you do for God will last. This woman knew this was her one chance do something for Jesus. No matter who look, or said something about her, she had made up her mind; this is for Jesus.
  • Jay on Luke 7
    On Luke 7:36-50:
    1. Speaking of the difference between a self righteous religious leader who is mostly interested in proselyting good decent people that do not realize they are sinners in need of a saviour and a person that realizes that they are unrighteous sinner that knows they cannot cleanse themselves from being a sinner without a saviour;
    2. The anointing with alabaster box of ointment is a picture of a sacrifice of repentance ( 1 John 1:9);
    3. The women here being called a sinner ( John 9:31) by the Pharisee is most likely a reference to her actions, not just a person born into sin (as all humans are Romans 3:10,23), she is most likely a prostitute;
    4. The parable of the creditor and two debtors validate this event between the Pharisee and the woman of low reputation;
    5. Most people who get saved from a life of being a decent person do not seem to appreciate what they received through salvation as persons who get saved from a life of unlawful activity;
    6. John 18:9-14, the Pharisee and the publican are on the same moral fortitude.
  • Jay on Luke 7
    On verses 18-35 it is truth versus falsehood, a person can only tell the book by its cover if you know the book, wisdom is of the children of true light (5:1-9). Many people are being beguiled by religion and their leaders, because they do not know the book (King James Version 1611 Authorized Version). People are looking at the glitter, pageantry, wonderful orators, and colorful costumes, rather than listening and receiving the truth from Godís men that may not appear in great buildings, fine clothing, wonderful orators, and a sub-standard dress code.
  • Jay on Luke 7
    1. The city of Nain means pasture, and here again the miracle is performed to prove he is the Messiah from God;
    2. Key verse is 13 and Jesus is very compassionate when the conditions for miracles are met;
    3. The lady was a widow, only son dead, no one to carry on the family heir and maybe no other means of support and I would guess she was broken and of a contrite spirit;
    4. All the conditions ripe for a miracle.

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