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  • Vaughan on Luke 3:38
    Go to Genesis2;9 and 3;22 it refers to the tree of life
  • Larry richards on Luke 3
    Let's agree on 1 thing first: Regarding the birth of Jesus, God arranged every detail according to His wishes. If (the big word IF) God wanted it to be as I said in my previous post, He certainly had the power to do so. If He did, perhaps that's why Joseph is never referred to as "the step-father of Jesus", nor do you find reference to "the step-brothers of Jesus" in the Bible. And, finally, this would have been compassionate to Joseph, a quality of God which we see displayed throughout the Bible.
  • Mas on Luke 3
    The words “as was supposed” are under round brackets to show they are explaining or clarifying the sentence, to make it more understandable. The fact is that the seed that impregnated Mary did not come from Joseph, nor from any other man; it was by the power of God, it was God’s creation, God’s mystery; and that secret was known by Joseph himself, Mary and a couple more believers. But the whole community in which they were living did not know that, because they were not part of God’s secrecy. So they believed Jesus was the son of Joseph. That’s why the words “as was supposed” came along; meaning “as was commonly believed”, “as was commonly thought”, “as people knew”. And that belief is found in many other places in the New Testament. The community knew Jesus as the son of Joseph, yet that was not biologically the case. I hope this helps. God bless you.
  • Larry richards on Luke 3:23
    What does "being (AS WAS SUPPOSED) the son of Joseph" mean? Does it mean that God in his infinite wisdom and abilities found a method for Mary to be virgin, and yet for Joseph to be the biological father of Jesus? Is such thing possible today via medical procedure? If so, then why couldn't God have done the same or similar thing?
  • Somu on Luke 3:38
    Jesus is the 62th generation of Adam. These verses are showing the history of approximately 5000 years. But science says there has been living things on earth from several million of years. What’s true? I’m a believer of Jesus, please answer me.
  • Isileli Pulu on Luke 3:22
    I wish to share more comments and analysis on theses very special words of God, to his beloved son.
  • Jay on Luke 3
    On the lineage of Jesus:
    1. Mathew writes of Jesus as king of the Jews ( Matthew 2:20);
    2. So the lineage here in Mathew is from Joseph (step father of Jesus) back to Abraham (the father of the Jewish people) is to validate Joseph being chosen to be the step father of Jesus;
    3. Luke writes of Jesus as a man and being the only human part of Jesus (who was conceived by the holy ghost in a virgin ( Luke 1:22-35). God gives the lineage of Mary (through Mary's father Heli ( Luke 3:23). Heli is Joseph's father in law;
    4. Because in the Jewish customs set up by God from the beginning the lineage is always through the man;
    5. This is to validate Mary as being chosen to be the mother of the son of God;
    6. Note: Mark writes of Jesus as a servant and servants do not have a lineage, so no lineage is given in Mark. John writes of Jesus as God and God does not have a lineage, so no lineage is given in John;
    7. Both lineages are given to validate Jesus to the Jews that he is the Messiah as foretold in the scriptures that the Jews have been waiting for;
    8. These lineages are called the messianic line of Christ (anointed one chosen by God to be the son of God and to be the saviour of his people). Do not be confused on the term (son of) this term used by the Jews and God can be used in a blood related lineage or marriage related lineage. Also used in this age as a spiritual son as in the case of Paul's relation to Timothy ( 1 Timothy 1:2).
  • Bobby on Luke 3
    Jesus has lots of ancestors, he is always the one that helps you.
  • Brad on Luke 3
    The answer is both and there is no contradiction. Jesus is in the line through Mary back to David, a kingly lineage, Jesus is in the line through Joseph to the Levites, a priestly lineage. That is how Jesus fulfills the role of both King and Priest.
  • Iamtryinglord on Luke 3
    This is an attempt to answer Fiona's question about Luke Chapt. 3. Lord please guide me as I answer.

    Hi Fiona,

    Both Mary and Joseph were from the tribe of Judah. As I'm sure you know, Jesus was often refered to as "The Son of David". The reason, in part, for listing the lineage is to explain how Jesus could justifiably be called The Son of David. Jesus, from an earthly standpoint, was in David's bloodline through Mary. But in ancient Hebrew law, I beleive the bloodline had to be traced through the father and not the mother. Today it's different, "Jewishness" is through the mother, if your mother is Jewish you're Jewish regardless of what your father is.

    Hope this helps.....Watch and Pray
  • Fiona on Luke 3
    What is the point of tracing this lineage back through David to Adam, if Jesus is not the son of Joseph in the first place?
  • Debra Odom on Luke 3
    This just goes to prove the we as people are from the one true God.. Love One To Another:)

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