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  • Laroy
    God showed us that we do not even know ourselves! Peter reverted to human nature when fear took over. Imagine all of the wonders and miracles performed by Jesus which Peter witnessed, but imminent death was all that he could think of and denying Christ was his first defense. Many of us would walk that same path today even if we knew that eternal life in heaven is the ultimate goal! Fear is real
  • I am
    Verily, with all thanks to GOD our Holy Father, all shall see that the fear of man is vanity. For if the man of the world, being Satan, had his own power, he would not use vain fears to deceive men in his wickedness: he would not put forth many shews of terror if it were not vanity. For all power is Christ's in heaven and earth now. It is written, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.
  • Fred scanlan
    Leroy ,the bible says there is no fear in perfect love 1 John 4 18. You may be correct to say fear is real, especially when we are talking about our flesh. If only we could learn to deny our flesh,Math.16 24 and Take up your cross and follow Him. We are all like Peter, yet we see Peter in the end is crucified . I am crucified with Christ nevertheless I live.Galatians 2 20. Staying in His word.
  • Cheryl K
    The real official reason is as follows: Back in 1611, the past tense was "brake" while the past participle was "broken". "Brake" is now considered obsolete or archaic but was still in use then at the beginning of the 17th century. The shortened form "broke" became really common between the 17th and 18 th century, which was just a touch past when this Bible went into print. From orig.root "bhreg"
  • Tyler replying to James’s comment
    Look at it this way. Do you understand what the verse is talking about even though the verse uses brake? If so, then just ignore it. Believe me I know. In Acts 13:19 I questioned why Canaan was spelled Chanaan. But eventually I thought, “I know what Paul is talking about.” So, I ignored it and just left it at that. Hopefully this answer will satisfy you. God Bless!
  • James
    Why does KJV version in Luke 22:19 use the word "brake" instead of "broke"?
  • Fred scanlan
    I perceive this to mean many pieces instead of one. Their were 12 and maybe more. Kjv . He divided the bread between them. Christ takes the time for each one of us. He is careful, so that they might remember,"do this". This is more than symbolic, Christ is about to do the ultimate for mankind! Our faith is precious and is preserved in this sacrament. Can you imagine so great love.
  • Hazel
    If I tell you you would not believe me how much more should the Lord do for us to believed thank you Lord I believe
  • BSP
    Verse 24~The disciples had just celebrated the Passover and yet they were arguing over who was the greatest. It takes time for people to get rid of improper traits and habits.
  • BSP
    Verse 26: If we want to be great in God's eyes, we must humble ourselves and not think too much of ourselves.
  • Eutychus
    "The kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them; and they that exercise authority upon them are called benefactors." vs 25. This is why we name roads, and buildings, and monuments after successful, and usually rich, men and women. Their successes, their riches, give them a worldly authority. Jude tells us though, we should not, "have men's persons in admiration because of advantage" vs 16.
  • Servant of God
    The trial of the man of God, where the unanswerable questions are raised. It is the paradox that God is in man and the flesh profiteth nothing. It is what Jesus came to convey and demonstrate and confirm. But his return, I believe had happened three days hense.Waiting for Jesus to return and establish a peaceful world is pure fantasy. What would he look like. A Romanesque white man.Not.
  • Quinnie
    The whole chapter blessed me in a time where I'm just wondering why am I still going through the same thing. But, God who spoke allowing me to see and know I suffer for you.I ask the father to let this cup pass from me but I said (Nevertheless)not my will but let YOUR WILL be done. So the word that stands out to me is we must have a NEVERTHELESS in our spirit.

    Keep the faith..
  • Ewart
    Luke 22 vs 31 I believe satan has power but his power is limited . HE
  • Wilford Leonard the second named after my father
    He did the will of his father for us died for us Christ redeemed us back to our fathers love God
  • A disciple
    Hi Jenna; I think you might be referring to the Day of the LORD, the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ in power and great glory: "The sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars shall fall from the heavens, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken." That's a lot different than an eclipse! Is that what you were thinking about? The Lord bless you, Sister.
  • Jenna
    This Chapter Is Amazing I Barely Read Threw This But I Saw Some Lines That Are Amazing. Also I'm Looking For The -Eclispe- Part
    vs. 54- Following afar off is the major and first sign of backsliding. Those who had the culture of walking behind and not been willing to be known, engaged or effective in the things of the Lord are often prey to the roaring lion who is seeking whom to devour.
  • Insight777
    V 36,37, very interesting. Jesus is saying write his gospel down because he is leaving earth and wants future generations to know his Word. Before this point, Apostles were preaching by word of mouth, perhaps because many people could not read. Swords are symbolic, swords of truth 2 witnessed by each other. These swords cut down lies. Jesus, was considered by liars to be transgressing their law.
  • Irene123
    To Felicia - Thank-you, Felicia, for the scriptures; actually my interest was from vs. 10 - 16.
  • Dexter Burton
    This same chapter also says that Jesus removed his clothes or outer garment;why was that necessary.(#2)After washing their feet,he dried them with the towel he wrapped around his waist..Which would leave one to believe he was Naked..Again I ask;Why was this necessary.
  • Felicia
    To Irene: The washing of feet is found in John 13 the whole chapter is wonderful but your interest is from verses 3 to 10. Thank you.
  • Irene123
    V. 61 - "And the Lord turned and looked upon Peter"; and it broke Peter's heart. Jesus looked on Him with TOTAL love; no condemnation at all - not for denying, but because He loved him. He doesn't love us any less; He can't because Jesus is Love, and that's all he is - in this age of grace when we can still come to Him in repentance. One day He will be our judge, but not now.
  • Irene123
    Foot washing - Jn13:8-14
  • Irene123
    Foot washing; it goes with communion in scripture and Jesus instituted it (not an apostle) and He is our example and He said, "ye ought also to wash one another's feet." I'm sorry for no scripture ref.; I've looked in the 'last supper of all 4 gospels - can't find it. It's after the communion, but I can't find it.
  • Felicia
    Verse 42
    Jesus came down to earth to seek and save us. That cup He had to drink could have been our salvation, peace, healing, deliverance, redemption, etc. What would have happened to us if He didn't surrender His will to God? Thank you Lord Jesus for being so willing to die that painful death for us. Lord you gave your life for me, please help me give mine to you willingly. I thank you Lord.
  • BSP
    Jesus had such great confidence and faith in his disciples that he made a covenant with them in verses 28 and 29.
  • Cecilia
    It teaches us to be calm when reacting to any situation and also to humble ourselves.
  • Teresa
    I think this was to show humbleness.
  • Charles Coleman
    Is foot washing a commandment of Christ as the LOrd's supper seems to be?

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