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  • Tom on Luke 2
    How many sister in laws did moses have
  • Paul J McGriff on Luke 2
    i love jesus
  • Luke thompson on Luke 2
    Thank you, dear god, for everything !!!!!
  • Melvin on Luke 2
    It is said you should pray in the spirit. What is the difference in just praying and praying in the spirit and how do you pray in the spirit?
  • Luke Thompson on Luke 2
    Thank. You, Dear God, for all !!!!!
  • Luke Thpson on Luke 2:46
    Thank you, Dear God, for everything!!!!
  • Leonard lee Foss sr on Luke 2:15
    The term "Shepherds" Does not mean every one who was in charge of sheep. If you conceder that when Jesus said, "The sheep know my voice" We are the sheep the Shepard's are our Minister's and Pastors in Christ. Amen
  • D W L - in Reply on Luke 2:15
    Arthur Cassatt - I am near 80 and have always read the KJV, I haven't read a fiction book since I gave my life to Jesus.

    I have found that the answer to every problem or condition is in the Bible if it is properly applied.

    I can't remember a time when reading the same thing over that I have read many times has been boring or that It wasn't refreshing in the spirit.

    The letter kills but the spirit gives life.
  • Pastor-Ronnie Williams - in Reply on Luke 2:15
    TO: D W L - in Reply on Luke 2:15

    Amen to that comment, the old KJV is all I read also. So many people are trying to argue their way into heaven, fighting over who's right and who's wrong they forget the simple answer is right there in the Word of God John 14:6 (Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.) Very nice comment D W L, God Bless.
  • Sacha - in Reply on Luke 2:15
    D W L ,thankyou sooo much ,you are so right ,i read the Bible every day ,i read a book or two from the old then a book of the new ,truth and beauty never get old , even after so many reads i find things in there that i never noticed before ,i believe that we are as the israelites were ,wondering in a desert waiting to enter into our real home ,the Bible is our mana ,its what sustains me in this dreadfull wilderness ,keep your eyes on the prize ! Its coming !
  • Arthur Cassar on Luke 2
    I love this audio bible but I would greatly appreciate it if you would also make available an NIV version to choose from.

    your broher in Christ,

  • Steven Chapin on Luke 2


    While keeping watch one quiet night,

    with friends and flock nearby,

    an angel of the Lord came near

    and brightly lit the sky.


    The look upon that holy face

    no words can well convey.

    We threw ourselves upon the ground

    to cower, and to pray.


    But, then, the angel told us all

    to put aside our fear

    and brought to us the greatest news

    we all would ever hear


    for, in the town of Bethlehem,

    before the coming morn,

    a Savior, who is Christ the Lord,

    will straightaway be born.


    To Bethlehem, the angel said,

    we all should go this night,

    and in a manger, find the child,

    in swaddling clothes, just right.


    Then all around us, all at once,

    more angels just appeared

    with such goodwill to all mankind

    that we all stood and cheered.


    When all the angels went their way,

    we all resolved to seek

    the child that was foretold to us,

    and in a place so meek.


    In Bethlehem, we found the place

    beneath a shining star,

    the parents and their newborn babe,

    and wise men from afar.


    We're telling you of all we've seen

    and heard, so you will know

    a Savior has been born to us,

    and that God loves us so.


    By Steven Chapin

    December 1

    (See Luke 2:8-20)
  • Jessie on Luke 2
    What does lord mean ? andwho is the lord
  • John Alfred Kay jr on Luke 2:7
    I have read the Bible, in many translations and in my poor understanding and translation of Greek. Over the years I have heard and read about St Luke's stating that His mother "laid Him in a manger ..." ( a feeding trough). Many people have spoken , written, about this event and why St. Luke put the story of Jesus' birth in his narrative. My guess is that all explanations are valid.

    My thought is that the act of placing Jesus in a "MANGER" is that St. Luke is prefiguring ( if that is the proper word to use) the Last Supper and what we do as Christians to be fed and to be as one with our Lord and Saviour " Jesus Christ ".

    From the moment oh Jesus' birth God is calling us to be one with Him and in so doing so we will be empowered to do what we are called to do, as individuals as part of the body of Christ.
  • Chris - in Reply on Luke 2
    Jesus will return to Earth to reign in Jerusalem at the appointed time set by God - & that will be for a thousand years' duration. We understand by examining & 'dividing' of the Scriptures, that His return will be at the end of the Great Tribulation of God upon the Earth of wicked people & the Anti-Christ, & when Satan & the Anti-Christ will be locked away for that period (Revelation chapter 20). Jesus' Return will be the start of the 'New Age' of Righteousness, for those who have come to Him by faith in His Work at the Cross, who will share in His Kingdom right into eternity.

    Yet, no one can set dates for all this to happen. I believe that Jesus first comes in the air to receive those who belong to Him & prior to the Anger of God poured onto the World (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18), as God's Anger is not for those who have trusted in Him to forgive their sins. His Anger is against those who have rejected God & spurned His Love offer to them through Jesus His Son.

    But we're always reminded to be ready for Jesus' Coming & not be found slothful & careless in living holy lives before Him; that when He comes, we might rejoice to see Him & not recoil in shame & sadness for our behaviour (1 John 2:28). "Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh." (Matthew 24:44).
  • Steven Spencer - in Reply on Luke 2
    Thanks Chris, That's clear in scripture, Looking for that blessed hope!!! and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ.
  • Sue Watson on Luke 2
    In verse 33, Mary and Joseph were surprised at the prophesies concerning Jesus; yet, they had been told this at His conception and by Elizabeth, John's mother. Why were they surprised?
  • JUSTINE - in Reply on Luke 2
    "Marvel" expresses less than amazement or astonishment. It's defined as a wonder; that which arrests the attention and causes a person to stand or gaze; to pause.

    In Luke 2:30-33, the parents "marvelled" about what Simeon and others said about the Christ child.

    30 For mine eyes have seen thy salvation,

    31 Which thou hast prepared before the face of all people;

    32 A light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of thy people Israel.

    33 And Joseph and his mother marvelled at those things which were spoken of him.

    In the New Testament of the Bible, you'll find the word "marvelled" used in other contexts, but it retains the same definition that is stated at the top of this answer. The following verse is Matthew 8:10...

    "When Jesus heard it, he marvelled, and said to them that followed, Verily I say unto you, I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel."
  • Chris - in Reply on Luke 2
    Old Simeon was longing to see the "consolation of Israel" (Luke 2:25-35) & was assured by God that he would do so before he died. What Mary & Joseph heard from Simeon were prophetical utterances (vv 30-32), including other things that he had said which are not given to us, that were maybe not revealed earlier to them, or were a further confirmation to them about God's Hand upon this Child & for His great task ahead.

    Earlier, cousin Elizabeth, had exclaimed other words/prophecies about Jesus (Luke 1:44-55). It may well be that Mary & Joseph 'marvelled' (wondered) at Simeon's words, since he wasn't related to them & these things were now being revealed to him. Or, that from his utterances, their own understanding of this Divine Birth was made more clear. And then the prophetess, Anna, also made spectacular utterances (2:36-38). All of these encounters caused them to marvel at the Hand of God upon them, their Child & the nation.
  • Sue Watson - in Reply on Luke 2
    Thank you!
  • Sandra D Long on Luke 2:9
    This Is Sandra Long Wife Of CIA & Pro'Se lik Attorney . God Through Jesus The Christ and Holy Ghost The Comforter Reveal Do Not Put RFID Chips In No Humans Being Body Our Body God Said Is the Temple Of The Living Holy Ghost . Made In The Image and Likeness Of God ,God Said He Not Going To Share His Glory With No Other Man . In Our Earthly Vessel Of Clay . Jesus and Holy Ghost Live Within Side . So Many Word Been That's Was Not Been Pronounce Using It Correct Sound . .... P salm , J esus , Je ru salem , . God Is Created In Righteousness and True Holiness . Let Us Be Just Like Our Father Which Art In Heaven . Amen ()
  • Glenda on Luke 2:46
    who were the doctors and teachers they were referring to in Luke 2:46?

  • [Comment Removed]
  • Daughter of Christ on Luke 2:14
    Luke 2:14

    "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men."

    From google:

    On earth peace, good will toward men.

    He's saying we can experience peace in our souls, peace with the Lord and peace toward our fellow humans. God's intentions toward us are kindly, and if we take that revelation to heart, it will enable us to show good will toward our neighbors.

    Now this part its me and the holy spirit writing:

    So when we have a peaceful mindset, and have peaceful feelings in our hearts, we will have a better life and joy, because the joy comes from God, and what better peace and joy than that? And actually having peace and joy help us to be better to others, and be nicer to them an have good wills towards them. /and we would create a good environment around others. And God will helps us to always be there, where we need to be, if we are on his ways, and he fills us up with his peace and joy.

    And every day we should be thanking God that he gave hos only son to die for us, and go through all that pain for us to save us, and that he thought of us first because he loved and loves us. We should love God because he loves us first, and because of who he is, and because our God is awesome, and really cool, and his everything good, because our God has nothing to do with evil, but with good only, and that what he wants for us, good only in our life.

    Bye, God bless you all.
  • Frank Garcia - in Reply on Luke 2:14
    Please share those wonderful words of God's love please pray for the unsaved God wants everyone to be saved . Bless you.
  • Carleton - in Reply on Luke 2:14
    Thank you! Henry J. van Dyke song comes to mind this morning:

    "Joyful Joyful, We Adore Thee"

    Joyful, joyful we adore Thee, God of glory, Lord of love; Hearts unfold like flowers before Thee, Praising Thee, their sun above. Melt the clouds of sin and sadness; Drive the dark clouds of doubt away; Giver of immortal gladness, Fill us with the light of day!

    All Thy works with joy surround Thee, Earth and heaven reflect Thy rays, Stars and angels sing around Thee, Center of unbroken praise: Field and forest, vale and mountain, Blooming meadow, flashing sea, Chanting bird and flowing fountain Call us to rejoice in Thee.

    Thou art giving and forgiving, Ever blessing, ever blest, Well-spring of the joy of living, Ocean- depth of happy rest! Thou our Father, Christ our brother, All who live in love are Thine: Teach us how to love each other, Lift us to the joy divine.

    Mortals, join the mighty chorus, Which the morning stars began; Father-love is reigning o'er us, Brother-love binds man to man. Ever singing march we onward, Victors in the midst of strife, Joyful music leads us sunward In the triumph song of life.

    From me- :)
  • Sunday Alaka Ogechi on Luke 2:14
    The peace that God's people will enjoy is clearly linked in prophecy to the destruction of those who oppose God. It is undeniable that the lives of godly people would be more peaceful if there were no wicked people on earth. The people of God will enjoy peace in the future in part because Jesus Christ will destroy the wicked and unrepentant. Scripture never says that the ungodly or unsaved have peace with God. Romans 5:1 says, "we [Christians] have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ." It does not say, "Everyone" has peace with God. The Church Epistles thus echo what the Old Testament and Gospels proclaim: that the peace of God is for those who have believed in God.
  • Obbie Beal on Luke 2
    11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a SAVIOUR, which is CHRIST the LORD.

    Note: This SAVIOR /CHRIST the LORD is born and HE shall establish SALVATION for all of us /mankind. Through CHRIST (see John 3:16-21) the opportunity to be SAVED is made available to all, thereby we can rightly return to JEHOVAH /GOD and avoid Revelation 20:15.
  • Job on Luke 2
    And he went down with them, and came to Nazareth, and was subject unto them: but his mother kept all these sayings in her heart. Was subject unto them? Did they spank his little butt for worrying them?
  • Sharon on Luke 2
    Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

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