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  • Ray(rakien) on Luke 2:11
    A sense of love, well being and protection has hovered in the mist of my life from a young child when I First discovered Jesus Christ to the old age that he has brought me too. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ, for the love you giving me and for carrying my sins, of whom I am not deserving of your love or forgiveness. I love you and continue to seek your will for me.
  • Robert on Luke 2
    Interesting that Jesus was now 12. Not alot of information between when he was born and now 12. Also shows his maturity between a small child and a young teeenager in the Holy Spirit. He knows who he is now and sets out to complete his mission.
  • SHIRLEY LUTES on Luke 2:36
    The passage in my opinion simply means that Anna became a widow seven years after she was married and she remained faithful to the LORD thereafter.
  • Matt on Luke 2
    Verse 4 is all awash with inconsistencies. First the city of David is Jerusalem and not Bethlehem. Secondly, Joseph and Mary did not go to Nazareth until after the birth of Jesus; to escape the wrath of Herod and thus fulfilling the prophecy that Jesus would be called a Nazarene.
  • Obehi Iyoha on Luke 2
  • Timothy Wayne George on Luke 2:6
    The will of God allowed the taxation to take place so that the Lord Jesus would be born in Bethlehem in fulfillment of prophecy.
  • New Covenant on Luke 2:17
    The birth of Jesus is unique from any other human birth,Marry had no physical relationship with Joseph yet she was conceived.She was conceived by the Holy Ghost.And this is miracle which God performed in order to bring the savior who would redeem the sinful man.
  • BSP on Luke 2:8
    This verse shows that shepherds were in the field at night with their flocks when Jesus was born. Many people believe that December 25th was when Jesus was born, but during that time it would have been very cold. The shepherds would not have been outside, at night, with their sheep if it was wintery cold. This shows that Jesus was not born on December 25th and we are not sure exactly when he was born.
  • Tim on Luke 2
    Notice besides parents the only people that knew about the birth are shepherds. Where was the mayor! Where were the religious leaders? The ruling body? You would think the brass would be there to see The King born. verse 18 says all that heard "wondered" just like today! People today still "wonder" about That Birth. God KNEW those would not believe. What a Savior we have in The Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Maureen Turton on Luke 2:12
    Luke was writing to the Gentiles and signs of the babe, a firstborn,writing about his divinity in a cosmic sense and echoing Isaiah's prophecy he knew his audience needed to hear this aspect of his swaddling representing the one who came to redeem us not only as the Son of Man, but the manger that represent where the flock ate their food as He too, becomes our Bread of Life.
  • John on Luke 2:19
    I am teaching a lesson on Zachariah in the temple and this verse came to mind. He would have done well to "kept these things in his heart and pondered them". We don't always have to "tell the whole world".
  • Kunle on Luke 2:40
    Not a comment on Luke, but a correction on the verse Luke 2:40 King James Version (1611). "Upon" was written with a "V" it was written as vpon. Is this correct with the translation or just an error?
    Hhmm.. D key 2outstanding perfeormance(intelligience) is to first settle down,know what you want and then make consistent right step via the help of the Holy spirit
  • Randy on Luke 2
    I think that Jesus, parents lost sight of his mission in life due to the cares of life.That can happen to us too and JESUS warned us about it in the book of Mark.
  • Wendell on Luke 2
    Why is it that Mary and Joseph didn't understand Jesus when he told him that he was about his Father's. business? They had been told that he was the Son of the Most High.
  • Opeyemiisaiah on Luke 2:11
    we shuld serve him in holiness
  • Rob on Luke 2:11
    Lord Jesús
    Thank You for every answered prayer, ever parable I have understood, and every sin you carried on the cross. I love you.
  • Christy on Luke 2:11
    my onlycomforter and shepherd.
  • Tsebiso on Luke 2
    GOD is good all the time, thank GOD for saving us through his son Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
  • Shaibu Negedu Israel on Luke 2
    I bless God a bout the life of Simeon who waited for the fulfillment of God's unfailing promise. He saw Christ and he was comforted. We shall all see the promise of God for our lives before we leave this world if we have faith in God.
  • Kadia on Luke 2:37
    This is a woman of strong faith.
  • Jay on Luke 2
    @Brad Holland,
    To study the differences between the King James Version 1611 (authorized version) and the other versions is something you should do with diligence ( Hebrews 11:6; 2 Timothy 2:15) and I believe you will conclude that the King James Version 1611 (authorized version) is the only inspired word of God as I have. As for the vulgate text it is from the Alexandria manuscripts (Egypt) Latin based that the catholic church uses for their version translated by origen and others that is proven to be corrupt by most honest and true bible translators. The King James Version 1611 (authorized version) is translated from the manuscripts of Antioch ( Acts 11:26) (Textus Receptus) where you will find that most honest and true translators conclude to be correct. As for the original text there are no original texts and when someone can produce them I might start altering my thinking on this subject. God is never to concern about the originals, see what god does with originals and how he preserves his word ( Exodus 32:19, Exodus 34:1; Psalms 12:6,7; Matthew 24:35; Peter 1:19) more original writings ( Jeremiah 30:1, Jeremiah 36:27, 28, 32). God has preserved his word in the King James Version 1611 (authorized version). When a person comes to conclusion that all versions are of God they have not studied the scriptures with diligence. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways ( James 1:8). There is a way that seemeth right unto a man, but the end there of is the ways of death ( Proverbs 14:12; 2 Timothy 2:15).
  • Brad Holland on Luke 2:14
    The difference in the King James Version of Luke 2:14 to the Vulgate is worth studying. Wikipedia says it is based on inclusion or omission of a "genitive" vowel at the end of Greek versions of the verse. I have not yet found decisively strong evidence supporting one translation over the other or (alternatively) allowing for both interpretations as would be possible if the original text was not explicit in it's use of language. I would be happy for information explaining the King James interpretation or translation of this verse.
  • Vincent on Luke 2
    Every time I read Luke 2, my heart is filled with joy and peace settles over me, knowing that this child lives in my heart and is my Salvation. Then I read people trying to figure out what the lineage of the Christ was/is. And I just have to marvel at the ignorance expressed in these conjectures. What difference does it make and how is it any of our business? God sent his son to be born of Mary, a virgin. That should be enough for any believer.
  • Evalena Latham on Luke 2
    This blesses us to know that Jesus is the Christ, the son of the living God. He came as the scriptures said, to give life unto the world. Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, good will to men.
  • Eli Gingerich on Luke 2
    I believe all of the Holy Bible. What we read in Luke 2 is the entire truth. So as some one that has experienced the truth "Word of God" I know there is a true and living God, "Father of Jesus Christ", The only begotten Son Of God.
  • Helen on Luke 2
    I can't help feeling sad about some comments written about these scriptures demonstrating their unbelief. It is like Paul said the god of this word has blinded them lest the light of the glorious Gospel of Christ who is the image of God should shine unto them. The scriptures say 'but if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost' 2 Corinthians 4:3,4.
  • Sonny on Luke 2
    Just because Mary was impregnated by the Holy Spirit, doesn't mean that Joseph was not the genetic father of Jesus. The other half of the DNA had to come from somewhere. It probably came from Joseph. Otherwise, Jesus would have been a genetic clone of Mary. I would try not to get too hung up on this issue.
  • Dean on Luke 2
    This is awesome I wish I had this in a letter I would show to some church members, my God all Israel is related I wish I had all this in a letter. God bless you, in Jesus’ name. Dean Harris 5716 w. 43rd st Indianapolis Ind 46254
  • Truju on Luke 2
    Ok I am going to try to answer the question of Jesus's davidic lineage. The relation does not start with Mary or with Joseph. We have to go way back to the three sons of Noah, Ham, Shem and Japath these brothers are responsible for repopulating the earth after the flood. Therefore all nations that are came from these three brother and are realated. So lets take a look at the isralites, starting with the twelve tribes of Israel. The sons of Israel where all related because their father was Jacob and therefore all of Israel in one form or another, they are nieces, nephews, cousins etc.. and are related, which means that more than likley Mary and Joseph are distant cousins. Since all the tribes of Israel are related Jesus did come throught David's line from Joseph and his mother's side because they where all realted. Do you remember where Jesus stated I have no mother or brothers because in reality his cousin gave birth to him. Now I know this may sound odd Mary was impregnated by the holy spirit i.e artificial insemenation happen all the time today. Therefore Christ truly being both flesh and divinity did come throught David's line because all Israel is realted and all twelve tribes came from the same father Jacob I'll give you the scripture in a moment.

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