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  • Robert heavner on Luke 18
    If JESUS is not GOD then nobody wii be in heaven but GOD and the angles.
  • Larry Busdriver on Luke 18:1
    To me, who has fainted, it seems this fainting refers to more than just physical exhaustion but to more like being "overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life " so that as we desperately battle these cares in our own strength or else avoid them though various preoccupations becoming like the ones in the first chapter of Romans who had forgotten to or who "did not like to retain God in their knowledge " and so have fainted in their spirit. Then all that remains is their own fleshly limited understanding and strength. I have the testimony that one day I was jarred awake finding my hair and nails grown out like the brute beast that I was and with all my spiritual faculties stiff and numb through disuse. He came for me and lifted me up onto His shoulders made me realize how little of what I thought I knew I actually remembered. One thing that had remained though had been a smoldering flax within me that He would not put out. So, it is possible. He rescued me when I did not deserve to be rescued. I am, I think, a less arrogant christian than I was before!
  • Deborah on Luke 18
    GOD is love and who so ever believes in HIM shall have everlasting life. Please put your trust in HIM today and accept HIM into your heart as your Lord and personal Savour.
  • M on Luke 18
    just think of all of the people that could be healed if we would truly believe and take GOD at HIS word and not doubt for one second, I would love to see allot of people healed of diabetes and cancer while here on this earth.all that i can say is GOD PLEASE heal so that people like some doctor 's and people that do not know you will believe that there is a GOD that heals and delivers people.
  • Blessed on Luke 18
  • Libby&Dolen Waxwood on Luke 18
    That 's right god is good I gave you our situation and now I let go I have cry to my father god now its in your hands to give me victory father god. Thank you.
  • Grant on Luke 18:19
    Trinitarian Alert By his own admission, this clealy shows that Jesus is not God. There is One who is good, not two, or for that matter three. Notice there is no King James web explanation on this verse like all the others versus. I wonder why?
  • Punishka Pawan on Luke 18
    With god everything and without god nathing is life.
  • M pratap kumar on Luke 18
    Treasure of the Heart should be for OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST all things will be handed over to you.Perfecting Faith by continuance in Meditation of the Holy Word Pray.
  • Christian on Luke 18
    It is clear. God only demands that we fully trust Him for our past, present and future. He demands and is looking for childlike faith and trust
  • Topel Sweeney on Luke 18
    Repentance towards God and faith towards our Lord Jesus Christ Acts 20 21 is required to be saved A man that is clutching anything so much that he cannot turn to God will not be saved Be it self righteousness vs9 love of riches vs22 or fear of man vs39 until one lets go of such distractions he cannot truly turn to and call upon the LORD Free your hands from everything reach out to the Lord Jesus Christ Then He will give you His righteousness make you His royal child in no wise cast you out That is what it means to call upon Him in truth Romans 10 11 13 Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed 12 For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon him 13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved
  • Robert on Luke 18
    A child shall enter and or those who have a childs attitude.
  • Offisong alamanihi uno on Luke 18:22
    jesus is the only man that knws the end from the beginning, He knws the man more than the man itself, He was testing the men to knw if the world cld have been safe if the man was in His shoe and if salvation wld had come to the world.
  • Debra Galloway on Luke 18:16
    Let the children come to me also. Anyone with a child's trusting heart that will receive God will enter the kingdom of heaven.
  • Zuali on Luke 18:18
    We have to sell our greed, lust, all the earthly bodies
  • Kemoh Fornah on Luke 18:16
    Jesus is calling all the little children unto him. All over the world the Lord is moving.
  • Anonymous on Luke 18:15
    Why does Luke use 'infants' when other Gospel accounts use 'children'?
  • Win Gen;oe on Luke 18:16
    Think of little children......they are trusting, and do not bear even the smallest bit of ill-will towards anyone.
    Absolutely, these are heavenly traits.
  • Georgia Chance on Luke 18
    Wow... How off track is that! Really? These were hand picked disciples who were the ones who set up the 12 tribes of Israel in which we celebrate our Church Christian Families today. Our Christian Families our Church Families! Jesus tells us to have these relationships (remember Paul setting up the church's like the Corinthians for example. Maybe you need to read Romans and Acts a little more carefully before you make a comparison of Christians to Manson. Yes we tithe but we are tithing to help the elderly, poor, and missions in order to spread the word of the Bible which is a guide book of how to live our lives correctly. Some, like the disciples, are called to "give up" (which I would say are blessed to serve) to go into the mission field and serve those who don't have. I will pray for you that the Word of God will open up to you as you study further. My love in Christ is with you. I hope you will take my message in Love. Georgia
  • Gregory lindsey on Luke 18
    we have to cry out to the Lord daily.and he will respond thats with worship and prayer
  • Jay on Luke 18
    1. Your comment is a classic example of a person who is bitter most likely at a Christian who has wronged her or some so called Christian in the news that has done something unbiblical;
    2. Even bitter toward God himself because God failed to perform something for her and it did not come about ( Hebrews 12:15);
    3. We have seen such bitterness before in earlier comments and this is a promising act on your side, because of you still being in the scriptures means you are putting yourself in a more encouraging position to have an encounter with Jesus ( Acts 4:13);
    4. Like the rest of us born again believers you will need to come to the end of yourself, and then you will meet the one who died for you and the one who will purge you of your bitterness;
    5. Letís all put you on our prayer list for your salvation.
  • Clint on Luke 18
    Fiona, why are you so bitter? Christ will change you if and only if you want Him. He will not force anything on you! Taste and see if The LORD is not good to you?
  • Mike Rogers on Luke 18
    Luke 18:13
    very true and powerfull.
  • Dibo Ekoko on Luke 18
    Ask after confession in prayers and it shall be given on to you, and when you pray summit totally, and consider your self a no body.
    We should get ready to deny our selves for Jesus
  • Jason on Luke 18
    Yes I look at this blind beggar in verses 35-43 and think sometimes God wants us to seek him and not take no for an answer like this blind man didnt shut up when they were telling him to but He cried out louder. I wonder how many times as christians we ask God for something but when He wants to see how much we want it we dont scream out all the louder. I think about the women in matthew 15:22-28 and she did not take no for a answer. Even after the Lord called her a dog. But she would not take no for a answer and Jesus said great was her faith.
  • Fiona on Luke 18
    No-one seems to notice that what Jesus preaches is essentially Buddhism. He is telling you that you must give up and detach from everything to pursue the Kingdom of God, which, he says elsewhere, is within you. There is no such thing as Christian Family Values. There is no Christian family. You must do as the apostles did and leave everything, immediately. Look how when they were called, they just dropped everything, dropped their nets, their fish, their amazed families, and walked off with a total stranger.
    Interestingly, Charles Manson had the same effect. His follower Pat Krenwinkel left her car, paycheck, everything and followed him, so did many more, and he preached the same kind of things, about appreciating nature and living day by day, trusting that food and shelter will turn up, which it did. People believed Charlie was Christ then, he gave off so much love mixed with so much force.
  • James Wilde Ingle on Luke 18:20
    Absolutely holy and true, of course.
  • JEMIMAH MWENDWA on Luke 18
    Luke 18:1-7 The word of God is encouraging us to be persistent in prayers because our heavenly father He is more than the judge who adhered to the windows requests and God will adhere to our request as continue to persist.
  • Danl on Luke 18:11
    it is better to be humble and ask God for forgiveness for we are all sinners than to think of one's goodness exhalting oneself.
  • Clement on Luke 18:2
    in this chapter & verses let all no that if will save God in faith is going to collect all what belonge to us from wiked people as he did for the people of isreal when about to leave the land of egypt

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