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  • Andria for verse 28
    When things are tough in our lives we should remember this verse to keep us strong and know he cares. In these times and the way things are in life- tough. They were bad years ago too, in the years Jes
  • Royal
    My understanding is that we are living in the latter days and as Christians we need to be vigilant, holy and vocal on things pertaining to the Kingdom or the world will eat us alive
  • Aby
    i like Mom's comment here GOd Bless you maam for the thoughts you expressed are the same i have. Lord make me humble make me doer and not just a listener may all those who come in contact with me be able to see your love through my actions i just wish and hope Holy Spirit rains down on each of us believers who then can go ahead and tell the good news
    should be prepared because Christ will come like a thief no one the hour or time except God himself so we should keep on watching.
  • Mom
    We become so focused on the things we have; even some church people get really materialistic about clothing, cars, other marks of prestige and prosperity. It's great to try to look your best, but doesn't all that showiness intimidate and discourage other people from wanting to be a part of the body of Christ? And, like in the parable, you and the things you have acquired can come to a swift parting of the ways. We need to get our focus off the material and onto the spiritual. We need to be reaching out with the gospel to those who haven't heard it, or those who have but haven't taken a step of faith and taken Christ as their Savior. "Only one life, 'twill soon be past; only what's done for Christ will last."
  • I was shocked that alot of people didn't know there was an unforgivable sin in my church. this should be used more in sermons.
  • J.O. Smith for verse 5
    Interesting that only Young's Literal Bible has capitilized Him. The person to be feared is OBVIOUSLY GOD. I think I had either spent my preaching years overlooking this verse or understanding the "him" as being the devil, who,of course, does not have any power to cast offenders and breakers of God's Law into Hell. It is a Judgement reserved for the ONE that has been offended,namely THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.
  • Les Noll
    the government shall be upon his shoulders tells me should be into politics we are his body so we better get into gov. or else lose our voice

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